Saturday, 18 April 2015

South Africa migrants xenophobic violence a break down

Afrisynergy News breaks down the social factors and geopolitics behind the recent xenophobic violence against African immigrants in South Africa. Millions of immigrants from across the continent from West to East Africa and neighboring Southern African countries such as Zimbabwe, Namibia, Mozambique have been migrating to South Africa for decades. Many non South Africans worked in the former diamond and coal mines during Apartheid era. Renown South African singer Hugh Masakela's song Stimela tells the story of African migrants driven to work in the mines for no pay despite harsh living and working conditions. Some 5 million diverse African immigrants have lived in S.A. for decades, have raised families there and know no other homeland. Many have been welcomed with opened arms. It was a political leader's inflammatory remarks that sparked the rise in violence.

Afrisynergy News: Charity Starts at Home, The South Africans Killing of Black Immigrants

Hugh Masekela Stimela the Coal Train

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