Monday, 27 April 2015

Tremors and Tears in Nepal

Nepal sandwiched between China and India has a unique culture and history tied to both countries and local area. 

The Ring of Fire aka Pacific Ocean region shows no signs of stopping. The fault lines that crisscross the coastal regions and four continents along with the dormant volcanoes have caused long standing anxiety to over billions of people who call the Pacific Rim their home. Earthquakes are still difficult to predict despite the advances in predicting climatic change or early warning systems for hurricanes. Earthquakes seem to elude all forms of Earth based and satellite technologies. Mother Nature has been cruel to humanity. When the earthquake struck picturesque capital Kathmandu, including its historical and cultural buildings were reduced to rubble and debris. Residents and visitors woke up to horror. Some 4,000 are confirmed dead while 5,000 people are injured. Many people, men, women and children are still being pulled from the debris. Climbers are being airlifted from the base of Mt. Everest after racing against an avalanche. It will take months if not years to clean up the 7.8 terrormoto destruction. Bringing back normalcy in Kathmandu will take a gigantic effort. The aftershocks are still coming and can be felt in India, China, Tibet and Bangladesh.

A Nepalese village surrounded by the Himalayas with Mt Everest in the background.

Nepal is famous around the world for its culture and beauty. It is the birthplace of Siddhartha aka Lord Buddha or "the" Buddha. It's where Buddhism and Hinduism melt into a unique mixed of Indian, Chinese and Tibetan to form the Nepalese people, Nepali Language and its unique culture. The Himalaya Mountains cradles Nepal and its capital in valleys and ridges. It has given the country its trademark . Kathmandu is one of many high altitude national capitals built and developed along mountain ranges that have served as security and as a threat thanks to Mother Nature. Its in Nepal where the majority of Mt Everest is located. It can also be seen from Tibet.

CCTV footage of earthquake hitting Nepalese restaurant EuroNews

For a 100+ years, many restless climbers have rushed to Nepal to get their opportunity to do a once in a lifetime accomplishment, reach the summit of Mt. Everest. It is the tallest mountain in the world and has long been regarded as the Mecca of hiking and climbing. Sherpas have taken hundreds of people to the base and only a few have reached the summit. 

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