Friday, 1 May 2015

Africans catching hell all over

Baltimore Explained by Spanish cartoonist Miguel Villalba "El Chicotriste" 

Pan African fight against global racism 

Whether in the United States or in the Mediterranean to the Motherland (ie Somalia, Libya and Sudan) and Israel, African people are catching hell all over the world. American police have shown their true colors over the past year with the murders of several unarmed African American men ranging in age from their 20s to 50s who were shot, beaten or had a part of their body broken. The heaviest pain came when 12 year old Tamir Rice was shot dead by the police playing with a toy gun. Baltimore to Philadelphia and Minneapolis are rightfully up in arms and rising their anger to the world against the mass killings of African American men and boys. The media hasn't helped with replaying the old, negative stereotypes of African American men as violent thugs, as African migrants to Europe as an existential threat and demographics.

 In Israel, Ethiopian Jews, one of the oldest Jewish communities in the world isn't seen as Jewish enough along with Sudanese are seen as "cancers and infiltrators" in Israeli society. The Western countries want Africa's resources to keep their societies propped up but don't care for the people who are caught up in the man made wars and chaos caused by NATO led and proxy wars by Western allies. Jewish Ethiopian Israelis have been segregated, discriminated against across Israel in the same manner as occupied Palestinians. Ethiopian women have been forcibly sterilized while Israel insists that racism against non European Jews does not exist the Middle East's only democracy. After all how can Israel be racist towards non white Jews including Arab Jews when the country is Jewish itself? Israel's subtle racist legal system towards Palestinians and Ethiopian Jews as well as African migrants is also showing its own colors. The world is hearing more about Israeli treatment towards Africans. Ethiopian Israelis are protesting today against long standing police brutality against their community in Tel Aviv and Negev where many Ethiopians live.

Afrisynergy News: 
Fox News Gets Deserved Whipping From Baltimore Residents-Must Watch!

Europe and Asia once admired Africa

Just reading history, one will notice that several centuries backs, African rulers, travelers and writers interacted on equal or higher footing with the wider world. Many African peoples were going in and out of Europe long before the Renaissance. Ethiopia was one of the earliest countries in Africa known to Herodotus, Greek historian. . Medieval Europeans were interacting with Africa and African Diaspora beginning in Greek and later Roman times. European admired the wealth and fascinated by the stories of a rich Saharan Africa prior to Colombus, slavery and colonialism. Mansa Musa, the Malian Emperor whose large empire and impressive entourage became legendary for giving away so much gold during Musa's Hajj to Mecca, is regarded as one of the riches men in human history. Moroccan traveler Ibn Battuta traveled across half the known world in his lifetime surpassing Marco Palo. Battuta became one of the earliest medieval travelers to reach West Africa and spend an extensive time there. China and Africa were trading with one another in the 15th century as well. The first human migrants leave Africa and pass through Asia were Africans which makes them the parents of humanity. Its amazing to see how African people and African continent have drifted over time from being the first to the last. The current chaos or frascaso in Africa and Middle East does not mean the world is coming to an end. African and Asia peoples are trying to create solutions to local problems and wars facing them. If the US/EU and Israel could stay out of the way of independent regional economic/social banks and systems that are currently being planned.

The Young Turks on Nigerian Army's rescue of 300 girls and women

PS: On the one year anniversary of the 300+ Chibok girls kidnapping, African Americans raised their voices and protested for the release and safe return of the young girls and students still lost with Boko Haram. The Nigerian Army has finally stepped up and rescued close to 500 kidnapped women and girls from Boko Haram in hops of finding the Chibok girls. Many Americans across the U.S. are continuing to protest against the murders of African Americans in cities as far from each other as Minneapolis and Orlando. It is a wonder why the African Union and Ecowas or Codesa have been mute on the recent killings in the United States. Where is the Pan African condemnation of violence against African migrants in Europe, African Americans in the United States or discrimination towards the African Diaspora in many parts of the world? 

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