Sunday, 31 May 2015

Scandalous FIFA and bosses who get away with it

Politics of FIFA Scandal

The ongoing FIFA Coruption scandal has now landed several countries' sports officials in hot water. Corruption and double dealings in FIFA are nothing new and go back further than 1990. Even the family friendly World Cup isn't free of dirty tricks and politics. The head of FIFA Sepp Blatter has yet to be punished despite being one of the top men accused of corruption. Blatter was widely elected again (beating Prince Ali) by several Asian, African and American countries from their respective regional football confederations due to Blatter bringing the World Cup hosting to the majority of the world outside of Europe. It still does not excuse his actions and the blatant impunity he is leveraging as he begins his third term as FIFA head. The legendary French footballer Michel Platini just shrugged off the news of the scandal at first. However, Platini has also urged Blatter to resign.

Anyone who has witnessed the aftermath of a corruption scandal or murder trial for that matter knows that any business leader or head of a corporation faces punishment or more get a lower sentencing due to arm twisting. The point is even the businessman and corporation aren't free from facing their well deserved punishment for taking bribes, insider trading, fixing matches or worst. The fact that Blatter hasn't been punished but receives a slap on the hand, says a lot about the preaching of integrity and democracy often hyped by FIFA at the World Cup, confederation cups and other sports venues. Trinidad and Tobago and other American confederation heads were among the first to be called out and currently being chased to be arrested despite the corruption going well to the top of FIFA.

The irony with the United States' interest in wanting to capture the corrupt officials in charge has brought complaint from across the world. It is seen as U.S. hegemonic double edge sword of law commanding the rest of the world what to do and how to carry out a proper trial. Football or as it's known in the U.S. soccer isn't as popular as basketball, baseball and hockey coming in top three.

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