Thursday, 2 July 2015

7 African American churches attacked

Mt Zion AME Church in Greeley, North Carolina is the 7th church to burn following the Emmanuel church massacre

In less than two weeks, 7 and counting African American churches have been attacked by unknown assailants following the Charleston Massacre. These latest in a serious of attacks on small and medium size historic African American churches across the South from Texas to the Carolinas and Tennessee among other states. Often time the arson attacks are carried out by White terrorist groups in local counties and towns where the churches are located and mostly at night. No group has yet claimed responsibility for the attacks. For decades, domestic terrorists and lone wolves have been burning down churches. The Ku Klux Klan and its neo nazi cousins still continue to burn wooden crosses and taunt to purposely intimidate and terrorize African American families and neighborhoods. Burning crosses no longer terrify the people. But destruction of historical and cultural buildings by the white terror groups or lone wolves has shocked many African Americans and the wider United States. Half a century ago these church burning were called terrorist attacks. But the U.S. security agencies have been hesitant to call the non coincidental arsons/burning terrorism. The KKK have recently been given the green light to rally in support of the Confederate battle flag at the South Carolina capital building. To add insult to injury that has yet to be an international solidarity March with African Americans saying, "Je Suis Charleston" from international leaders. However, the world has outright condemned the US for the Charleston massacre and racism.

Yvette Carnell: As black churches burn, Christians fight with forgiveness?

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