Monday, 13 July 2015

Continental attacks by Boko Haram and ISIS

Even the Heavens are fighting against ISIS. Cartoon by Carlos Latuff.

A few weeks ago three continents experienced one of the worst terror attacks in the past decade. From Africa to Asia hundreds of people have been killed by coalition and terrorists bombings in the name of fighting against terrorism in all its forms. Both ISIS and Boko Haram have upped their gruesome attacks against innocent civilians in Sousse Tunisia a few weeks ago, mosque attendees in Kuwait, one of the safer Gulf countries, Chadians at the marketplace in Ndjamena, Chad, attacking Palestinians and duel with Hamas in Gaza, decapitating people in France and nonstop bombings of families, students, elderly and children in Jose, Maiduguri and small border towns of Northeastern Nigeria. ISIS fighters and terrorists have been pushed back slightly in Iraq and Syria. Boko Haram is also being backed into a corner by the Nigerian Army and with help from neighboring countries ie Cameroon and Chad. But both groups are physically bombarding civilians who disagree or fight against it. The Peshmerga and Syrian army are equally bombarding ISIS positions with aid from U.S. Coalition. Meanwhile, Egypt has seen an upsurge in the decade long Sinai insurgency. Its a local insurgency that ISIS is trying to insert itself into. 

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