Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Pluto has a Heart!

Pluto to Earth: "I Heart you" Photo from New Horizon

After 9 years of racing through the solar system, New Horizon's has arrived at Pluto. For the next year, New Horizon space probe will be snapping pictures and collecting data on Pluto as it semi-floats and glides through the Kuiper Belt. The molted planet has sent even the most hard facts scientists and New Horizon team somersaulting and dancing for joy. Pluto is no longer mysterious and its close up photo shoot has raised the demand for Pluto to be reconsidered a planet. Pluto is also unique for its geology and colors. Its reddish brown, includes ice capes, has a near perfect heart shaped area on one side of it and it is tidally locked to its gray moon Charon. Also surprising is Pluto isn't as heavily created as other moons and planets in our solar system. Charon has far more craters and even a small canyon across its surface. By the lack of heavy craters, Pluto might be younger than it actually looks. Still, Pluto has tiny craters, mountains, possibly liquid and its surfaces resembles a cantaloupe. For those interested, Science Channel will be featuring a special show "Direct from Pluto" tonight and PBS Nova will feature images of Pluto from the Flyby also tonight at 9pm.

Pluto and its dark moon Charon with black polar caps or anti polar caps

Across the world everyone has been celebrating Pluto's close up and its heart felt greeting to the New Horizon probe. The excitement is still continuing. NASA is enjoying the limelight since it has halted its famed manned mission to other worlds. NASA has been working for months to spark the American public's interest in astronomy, planets and stars. Science fiction has kept everyone's interest in the cosmos and future. The ecstasy that comes from seeing a controversial dwarf planet with a heart for the first time, is a surprise no sci fi novel could quite capture. Pluto's funky geography will get names based on nightmare characters and the lords of the underworld. The mission is still not over. Pluto's other smaller, potato shaped moons will eventually come into focus over time.

Astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson and comedian Steve Colbert talk Pluto

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