Friday, 21 August 2015

Konza City Kenya's Silicon Valley takes root

Konza City: Kenya wants it own Silicon Valley/Savannah

Kenya has been doing well economically and politically. With the exception of post 2007 elections violence, Kenya has been building itself up as the model African greatness and success. The country is also racing to become the technological hub of Africa as a whole. Kenyan government has invested in upgrading infrastructure, electric grid in both Nairobi and other regions emphasizing social development in rural Kenya. In the coming decades, the country will become the newest, rising middle class nation and thrive as a technological driven society and the world's fastest growing economy. Kenyans are hitting the ground running. While neighboring East African countries are dealing with their own instabilities and ongoing regional wars, Kenya is leading the way in innovative growth and societal development that is serving the epitome East Africa's future. Kenya has been tipped as the new growth market in Africa surpassing South Africa. It is not stopping in its quest for local created technological evolution.

Kenya sandwiched in between Somalia, Ethiopia, Uganda and Tanzania. Kenya was once part of the Swahili Coast and traded with Medieval sultanates from Yemen, neighboring Zanzibar and Medieval China.

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