Monday, 7 September 2015

Fear of a migrant continent: EU Locals stepping up for migrants

The EU's response to the migrant crisis thus far except for Germany

Germany has welcomed Syrian migrants who have managed to reach Germany and will grant asylum to migrants. Germany is expected to receive 800,000 migrants this year alone. Also fighting against the alarmist pundits, the popular right wing organizations and protesters across Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel has put her foot down in handling the migrant crisis in the Balkans. The EU migration policy states that illegal migrants (or irregular migrants) seeking asylum and resettlement and register in the first EU member state they arrive in. Many migrants as exhausted as they are do not want to register or seek asylum in Hungary or Greece. Some migrants have been waiting for weeks and even months for their asylum application to be process in Greece, Italy, UK and now Hungary. Many people want to continue traveling North to Germany, the UK, France, Netherlands, Scandinavia and even Switzerland. Greece, Italy and Hungary (the governments who are right wing or embraces xenophobic nationalism and racism) have shown no remorse or consideration for the legal limbo and human/psychological stress many migrants find themselves in. Popular political leaders and media pundits still believe that the consequences of disastrous foreign policy and military interventions in Africa and the Middle East have no immediate effect on the global north countries. As a classic saying goes you will never understand something or someone's pain until it happens to you.

British Muslims take aid to Calais Migrants

On a human level

Local volunteers in each country have reached out to the multinational migrants with food and solidarity, exhausting the little resources that local towns and cities have where the migrants land. Ranging from elderly to graduate students many ordinary Greeks, Germans, Italians and Hungarians have responded with kindness to migrants and refugee families. British volunteers of all faiths have been crossing to Calais, France for a few years now reporting and offering aid to migrants in Calais' infamous refugee camp the jungle. The migrants themselves have also reminded the world via the media that regardless of their illegal entry into the EU they are human begins. Both the migrants and European civilians know that the current migration was caused by the chaos in Syria, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and Sudan. The butterfly effect created by NATO bombings and Western government mantra of Democracy via humanitarian or military interventions or proxies. The migrants equally understand the long term effects of social breakdowns and choking economic destabilization in Greece. Even necessary agricultural land (which are displacing local families and towns by multinational companies) and safe environments are becoming inaccessible to ordinary people. The longer the wars last, the longer socioeconomic instability continues the more people will become fed up and migrant to neighboring countries and abroad. The few remaining nomadic peoples around the world understand migration in all its facets and meanings.

Austrian volunteers greet migrants with aid and normalcy

RT News Crosstalk Western Refugee Crisis

Debating appropriate policies, Lesson in empathy

The massive influx of migrants (many are refugees) has caused the EU government to review its migration policy and figure out how to and share resettling hundreds of thousands migrants with member states. The United States and Canada have resettled thousands of asylum seekers, refugees and economic migrants. Its not impossible to do so in Europe especially if multiple countries will be absorbing the large numbers equally. Germany is taking the lead in addressing the current migrant wave while neighboring Western countries are blasting the Balkan countries, Italy and Greece for allowing the migrants to enter the EU borders.

Anti-Migration protests in Slovakia

Groups such as PEGIDA in Germany, Front National in France, Golden Dawn in Greece, English Defence League and UKIP in UK, right wing groups in Hungary, Austria and Slovkia have condemned the continual migrant crisis as a death sentence for their respective countries' social and cultural identity and be darned if European countries absorbed even a small number of migrants. Marine Le Penn have joined the condemnation seeing the arrival of thousands of Syrian Muslims as a clash of civilizations. Islam has been painted by the right wing and even moderates as incompatible with Democracy, freedom and human rights. ISIS' uncontrollable use of fears, violence and intimidation against civilians under its rule in Syria-Iraq, high quality propaganda and psychological warfare and violence against the wider world and Kurds has further confirmed to right wing popular groups that their fears are true. Historically, Islamic scholars and societies have encourage debates, criticism and multiple perspectives on human rights, law, theory and culture even in the early days of Islam.

No consideration or thought is given to the fact that the migrants have faced multiple traumas first a global economic crisis than regional war, terrorism and social collapse than fought and in many cases died with human smugglers and traffickers to even reach the shores of the Mediterranean. Many Syrians and Eritreans are well aware from personal experience that the EU has one of the strictest migration policies in the world. However, when every other means to live in their countries has been exhausted, the people will go where there is safety or opportunity. The push and pull factors outweigh the dangers.

Protecting Syrian refugees in Lebanon

From One Refugee group to another

The Middle East has played host to the world's oldest refugees and stateless people. The Palestinians have been waiting over 65 years to return home. A right that Israel has denied every year passing it on to the 5th generation Palestinian refugees. Palestinians have not forgotten their lost homeland and constantly remind their children and future generations that justice hasn't even begun and the failure of the UN Security Council to end the unequal Palestine-Israel conflict is betrayal of human compassion. The Palestinians have been caught up in the ISIS chaos and Syrian-Iraq war. They are joined by millions of Syrians and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis scattered in their home countries and spread out in refugee camps in Jordan, Syria and now Turkey. There are millions of refugees currently living in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey and displaced internally in Syria and Iraq. Lebanon is now home to the 2nd largest refugee populations in the region and the world. Over a million Syrians alongside hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees now call Lebanon their home. The Lebanese Civil War from 1975-1990 was said to have started due to Palestinian Refugee problem. . The Kurds, one of the largest ethnic groups in the world without their own homeland have been fortunate in avoiding mass migration out of the region. It seems the opposite is happening to the Kurds they are going home to Iraqi Kurdistan at least. The Kurds have created an independently functioning Kurdistan in Northern Iraq and parts of Syria. All the while they continue to fight ISIS, free their countrymen and women from ISIS controlled territory and brutal slavery. Currently Kurds in Instanbul and across Turkey have been clashing with the Turkish military and the Turkish military in a self proclaimed Turkish Kurdish areas. The Syrian Kurds have been migrating back and forth from Syria to Turkey and further South to Iraq.

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