Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Islam and migration effects on Germany

The documentary's title is originally in German and is slightly different from the English title. The documentary above comes from the German channel ZDF. While Germany is anticipating 800K migrants and refugees coming into the country annually, the German government and by extension media is looking at the long established Germans of migrant backgrounds who have lived in the country for over twenty to thirty years. They are the guest workers that Germany brought over from Turkey and other countries in the 1950s-60s. Other Western European countries also relied on a guest work program to reconstruct their societies and get their economies up and running. Many Western governments assumed that the millions of guest workers now living in the EU were going to return home after the reconstruction period but didn't. They stayed and became citizens. While many of the migrant children and grandchildren are native born Germans, they still struggle to balance their parents' cultures with German culture and society. Among the challenges the children and grandchildren face is language barriers, religious differences, some domineering fathers and brothers, familial abuse and lack of the family providing safe zones for family members caught in a combination of alienation from their birth country and village traditions from the old country.

La vida musulmanes en Alemania en espaƱol sin subtitules

Un documental corte (creo que es de espana) sobre alemanes musulmanes y sus relaciones con la dominante sociedad y asuntes globales y la migraciĆ³n.

The integration process includes learning the language, constitution, citizens rights, history and geography among other things. The process is much an ordeal for both new comers as it reminds surprisingly for Germans who are four generations removed from their parents and grandparents' home countries. Germany like many other Western European countries for all the references to acceptance of different cultures and interacting with non European world, haven't done as well as Canada or the United States in integrating some immigrant families and new comers into society. Canada is seen as offering practical solutions and methods for integrating and absorbing new comers and future generations into wider German society. 

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