Thursday, 17 September 2015

Mother Nature's terrorism floods in Japan and fires in USA

Mother Nature and her malcontents have been creating hell on Earth for the past five months. Japan, known for its technology, calmness and cultural beauty is now experience another ocean tragedy involving the Reign of Fire. Some 100,000 people have been displaced from their homes in small towns North of Tokyo following the worst flood disaster in nearly a century. Like Hurricane Katrina 10 years ago, many residents mostly elderly were left stranded on their rooftops as they flagged down the Japanese Army for rescue. The flood's currents were so powerful that whole houses were yanked off their foundations and carried straight into the Pacific Ocean. Mother Nature seems to torment the Japanese with natural disasters. From fires to nuclear destruction and now floods and the ancient oceanic threat Tsunamis, the Japanese people have bounced back from nature's onslaught.

California Wildfire

The USA too has experienced Mother Nature's wrath on multiple occasions. The natural disasters occurring in the country seem to follow the four elements of Earth, wind, fire and water. The Midwest United States is famous for its tornado and twisters while the Gulf states (not be confused with Persian Gulf States) often battle hurricanes and grow anxious over the hurricane threat. The Caribbean has absorbed many of the heavier and brutal hurricanes before they reach the United States mainland. The aftershocks often taking lives. In the Western United State, California has been battling wild fires in the hills and forests of Northern and Southern California. Fires have always been part of California's history alongside earthquakes. It was a massive firestorm that leveled and nearly wiped San Francisco off the face of the Earth in 1906 following the infamous Earthquake. Los Angeles has been loosing its forest for several years due to fires that are blamed on lone arsonists or climate change. The state is also arid and might be facing desertification as result of the drought which feeds the fires consuming the small towns in Butte counties, around the Sierra Nevada and the outer areas of the Sacramento metro area. Half of the tiny town of Middleton, CA has been destroyed in the ongoing fire. The local fire fighters can't rely on the rain to aid them as they have in the past. To add insult to injury, flash floods wrecked havoc on parts of Los Angeles, Utah and Arizona to shock of many local people. The more religious minded and orientated Americans see the climate change disasters as the End Times or revelations come to life.

Firey inferno: Middletown, CA burned down and nearly disappeared from the Earth

Driv tour of the aftermath of devastating fire

Climate Change was foretold and its effecting middle and poor people

Climate refugees will become common in the near future if natural disasters of magnetic size continue.

For over 50 years climate scientists and environmentalists had warned about the consequence of irreversible environmental destruction and Earth's growing difficulty to regenerate the acres of land and depleted water resources have been consumed. A lot of the destruction is not exhaustive. it has been brought on by the wealthier countries unsustainable consumption and materialism, urban careless use of fossil fuels, the need to find new resources under vulnerable land, dumping ewaste in African countries, draining natural resources from Africa and most of the global south, China's rapid industrialization. Than blaming all the CO2 emissions and reduce underground aquifers on population growth in the developing world. Keep in mind that not everyone in the Global South has instant access to needed drinking water or decent infrastructure. Yes many African and Latin American countries have middle classes but they are small compared to the millions who are fighting against poverty and government corruption and red tape that keeps many people in poverty. The same goes for the wealthy Global North there millions of poor people in United States, Canada, Japan and yes Europe but the poverty is hidden or treated as a source of shame to be overlooked. The politicians, media pundits and wealthy snob their noses at the poor claiming that "they don't look so poor" compared to other countries. It is often the poor and middle class who are battling both climate change, environmental destruction and environmental racism. Earth is trying to its best repair itself. It has not been able to save half its wildlife who have disappeared over the last 40 years. Climate change refugees and a possible war over water will no longer be the issue of science fiction.

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