Tuesday, 22 September 2015

People's Pope in Cuba and the United States

Pope Francis in Cuba: The whole three day visit

Pope Francis or the People's Pope, is back in the Americas again this time making special pit stops in Cuba and the United States for the first time. Forget what the historians and analysts say about Cuban government and religious figures not mixing. The Cuban people were most enthusiastic and excited to meet the Pope. Other neighbors both religious and secularists from Argentina (Pope Francis' home country), Honduras, Colombia, Venezuela and neighboring countries ran to Cuba to meet the Pope. Francis had visited Brazil, Ecuador but has yet to make a quick appearance home. He is one of the few recent Popes other than the late Pope John II to reach rock star status and draw in hundreds of thousands of people. When Pope Francis who is now landing in the US completed his trip in Cuba he stopped in Havana, Holguin and Santiago. Ordinary Cubans and international travelers came in the hundreds to greet and meet him, sing songs, tell him their concerns and he held mass and prayed over 200,000 people gathered in Revolution Square for peace, reconciliation and a brighter future. He even took the time to meet with both Castro Brothers mainly with Raul and than a brief visit to meet Fidel at home with his children and grandchildren present as well. These are the reasons why Pope Francis can draw hundreds of thousands and even millions of crowds to him. As though he is the personified second coming. He tries to listen and hear from everyone even people that are ostracized, condemned and infamous political leaders.

Blessing the City of Holguin, Cuba

Pope meets Fidel Castro and Havana Mass

As for the U.S. with all its problems, Americans are looking forward to meeting the Pope for his first visit in the United States. Its not an accident, the Pope visited Cuba first. He was influential and not the only instrumental person in the rapprochement between the Cuban and American governments. The Pope will be stopping in Washington DC first to meet with the President, bickering politicians and address Congress. Hopefully the congressmen and women will keep quiet and listen to what the Pope has to say about the country and world affairs. Federal workers have been required to work from home to avoid traffic and delays. Than its off to New York City to St. Patrick's Cathedral and a parade in Manhattan possibly. NYC is preparing and anticipating every scenario imaginable to make sure the Pope's visit is peaceful and calm. The Pope's journey through Cuba was relaxed and no incidents was reported. Do except ordinary Americans (religious, secular and pilgrims) to walk miles to see the Pope and the more uncontrollably joyful people to trip over themselves, hang out windows, maybe climb cars and stand on other people's shoulders to get a glimpse of the Pope in DC and New York. The U.S. media will be covering the visit as well the world press who are just as eager to see how the visit will go down after the successful Cuba visit.

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