Friday, 25 September 2015

Pope Francis' Speech to American Congress and UN

Francis full speech C-Span

Pope Francis' earlier speech to Congress provided by C-SPAN. Its in English and the Pope speaks three languages Spanish, Italian and Engligh. For once Congress was silent as he spoke for roughly an hour. Pope Francis makes history as the first pope to address both houses. Vice President Joe Biden looks like he is going to cry in the background but doesn't. The Pope's speeches so far have focused on climate change, the poor in society, migration and human compassion.

A Pope in New York

In case you miss it. Here is the Pope's UN Speech today at the UN HQ in New York from this afternoon. No doubt many of the UN members were equally excited about the visit and just being able to see the Pope live. Many ordinary people also got to catch a glimpse of the pope during his travels around New York even with the NYPD trying to hold people back. He also visited Ground Zero and handle mass near by praying for peace and calm.

Pope arriving at JFK Airport on the outskirts of New York to joyful New Yorkers

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