Monday, 28 September 2015

Viva Catalunya, 1.4 million and political party demand Catala independence

Catalunya Wants: The Catalans have made up their minds with its relations to Spain.

While the world is following the migrant crisis, the war in Syria and UN speeches by Pope Francis and Vlad Putin, Catalunya has put its foot down on pushing for independence. No this is not a rumor via word of mouth or a whisper. It is well known for decades that the Catalonian people have been calling for independence from Spain. Along with the Basque Country's demands for independence, the Catalans have been fed up with the Spanish government's failure to grant the wealthier Catalunya province in Northeastern Spain independence. Among the grievances Catalunya reiterates to the Madrid government is the economic drain the rest of recession hit Spain puts on the economically stronger province, being marginalized in national representation and having their independent voice repressed, the physical and political distance between the national and local governments, ordinary Catalans' strong pride in their unique identity and culture, not wanting to be part of a broad Spanish identity. The Spanish Constitution purposely makes it illegal for any of Spain's autonomous region who have their own languages, history and cultural identities to declare independence from Madrid. Even if the Pro independentistas become the ruling coalition in the local Parliament as the Pro-Catalonian Independence party did in Barcelona, the Catalonian capital.

We Are Rebels: Catalonia Press TV Doc on Catalonian independence

Anyone who has visited Barcelona will see Catalonian flags, the language used everywhere in the streets and on signs. The accent is distinct even from other regional accents. The city and wider region is cosmopolitan and regarded as the most globalized compared to other regions of Spain. If you leave out Andulacia that is. Catalunya's call for independence goes further than just pride. If Catalunya unilaterally declares independence it will also be an inspiration for long time separatist groups in other parts of Spain (most famous being the Basque) and other parts of Europe to follow in toe. It is no accident that it has been one year since the first independence referendum was casted. Last year, the Catalans symbolically voted for independence from Spain sending Madrid and the wider European Union into stress mode. Depending on what happens in the coming weeks it might be for real.

Catalonia independence Pros and Cons via RT News

PS Although Scotland was scared into voting against independence last year and a month before Catalonia, the Scottish parliament and ordinary people would still consider holding another referendum on breaking away from the UK. Yes, the Scots are watching what Catalunya is doing even if the media is still mute on the recent events.

Alex Salmond, Scottish politician, "We should respect Catalunya's Choice"

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