Sunday, 11 October 2015

Global News response to Mecca stampede deaths in Saudi Arabia

Millions of pilgrims will never forgive the Saudi authorities for the tragic deaths that occurred at Mina near Mecca during the final days of the Hajj on September 24th. Some pilgrims and journalists have suggested that the crush might have been due to a Saudi royal's convoy passing in the area during the Stone the Devil. Even so, many people wonder why Saudi authorities who have dealt with millions of crowds annually are not more prepared and take additional safety measures to avoid unnecessary deaths. Why the continuous mismanagement instead of better cooperation between the various countries' hajj organizations and Saudi Arabia? Below are eyewitness accounts and investigative reporting from several news channels around the world on the Post-Mina Crush that killed over 1,450 people from different nationalities particularly Iran, Uganda, Egypt, India/Pakistan to name a few nations in Mecca and Medina for the annual hajj. A good amount of pilgrims are still missing. Many countries ie Nigeria and Iran are justifiably criticizing Saudi Arabia for its lack of communication with foreign governments still searching for their missing citizens in Saudi, blaming the victims and what many see as deadly negligence.

Press TV's 10 minute report with eye witnesses on Mecca Stampedes 

Pakistani New broadcast investigating the crowd and following deaths by SageMadinah

Indonesian TV Berita: Metro TV News interview on the Mina events

Euronews Italiano: Recounting the Mina events and Saudi responsibility to protect pilgrims

SaharTV amateur video footage of the Mina crowd before the tragedy (Warning Graphic footage) Fars New Agency provided the footage for SaharTV

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