Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Justin Trudeau wins Canada elections

Meet Canada's new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Photo from CBC Canada. 

Justin Trudeau, a former boxer turned politician from the Liberal Party has won the Canadian elections after Steve Harper's government ended up distancing itself from the majority of Canadians. While many issues did come up during the recent Canadian elections, Canadians had enough of the now former Prime Minister Harper's policies both foreign and domestic. Not to mention the Conservative Party's yes man attitude to going along with the U.S. on NATO intervention in Syria and Libya that created the refugee/migrant crisis.

Hijab, Niqab top election issue in Canada Al Jazeera

Surprisingly, the issue that took centered stage was the hijab worn by Muslim women and migration over economics, healthcare and the proposed Trans Pacific Partnership deal. Some people smell another NAFTA with the TPP. It's been twenty years since NAFTA came into existence and the verdict is still mixed on its successes. The most important issues for most Canadians are of course the economy and environmental issues. Canadians especially First Nations people are protesting against fracking and oil field exploration that cut into indigenous lands or disrupt the ecology of local neighborhoods and towns in rural Canada. The various political parties have been taken to task on their record on environmental issues and climate change.

Trudeau election win in French

Trudeau has promised to make some important changes as he settles into the PM's office. Among the changes would be welcoming more Syrian refugees to Canada, legalizing Marijuana, ending Canadian air campaigns in Syria, rebuilding relations with Iran and taking action to halt the deaths of Aboriginal women. He is the son of Canada's three termed Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. He does not have huge shoes to fill but does have massive expectations he will need to manage.

Missing Aboriginal Women

Canada has a larger indigenous population than the United States, who have survived genocide and cultural oppression  and continue to fight for their human and environmental rights. Aboriginal or First Nations activism is alive and well. They are at the front of protests on rights and environment. Still, First Nation peoples are witnessing large number of mysterious deaths and disappearances of Aboriginal women across Canada. Activists both adults and youth are letting Trudeau know that the fight for missing and murdered women is not in vain.

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