Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Migrant crisis causing break up of EU?

While the migrant crisis has drifted from the headlines of mainstream American media, its still large news across Europe, Africa and Asia. Over 700,000 migrants from Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Eritrea, Sudan and Libya via West Africa, Turkey and Iraq have arrived in Greece, Hungary, Slovenia, Austria, Germany and now to Russia into Norway via bicycle. The Syrian migrants crossing the Russian/Norwegian border on the Arctic Circle on bicycles are seeking asylum in Norway. Slovenia and Croatia are still being overwhelmed by thousands of migrants and refugees crossing from Serbia. Hungary has all but turned its borders into a walled fortress inspiring Austria to threaten the EU with building its own border fence if the migrant stream doesn't end. The Greek island of Lesbos near Western Turkey is both overwhelmed and swamped by incoming migrant families and individual people terrified and dehydrated from nearly drowning and being abused by human smugglers who have abandoned them on their torturous journey. Germany's earlier open arm welcome of migrant families and children is waning too. The German Interior Ministry is warning that migrants will be sent back to the Balkans if their application for asylum is not accepted. The migrants have had to wait in Slovenia and Croatia borders in anticipation and boredom.

Talk to Al Jazeera - Voices and stories of the refugees. Must watch

After traveling through half of the former Yugoslavia, the migrants and refugees are now fighting off an incoming harsh winter, indifferent local populations and reinstated border checks in Eastern and Central Europe. In Czech Republic and Slovakia, both right and left wings have been protesting against accepting any refugees to Bratislava or Prague. Despite the history of being locked behind border walls and being repressed by Soviet proxy governments, Czechs, Poles and Slovaks see no irony in not sympathizing with the migrants' plight of being pushed out of their home countries. The cultural hertiage of Syria continue to be destroyed and the population purposely displaced.

Migrant Crisis threatens cohesion warns Donald Tusk and Schulz

Most European governments egged on by the far right and even the annoyed moderates see the migration flow as an apocalyptic invasion and nightmare. EU President and former Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk suggested that the crisis threatened the cohension of the European Union during a press conference at the Balkan Summit. In short, it will cause the collapse of the EU member states.

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