Thursday, 10 December 2015

Cameroon, Tunisia and Egypt terror attacks

Cameroon: The horror of Boko Haram

Cameroon is another calm and stable African country being dragged into the path of Boko Haram's gruesome terror attacks. A suicide bomber murdered 10 innoncent people in Nigue, a Cameroonian suburb in the border town of Fotokol in Northern Cameroon. Nigue's residents had been going about their day and business as many border towns do on a daily basis. Suicide bombings and terrorism is nearly unheard of in Cameroon or other Western African countries outside of Nigeria. Boko Haram like ISIS makes no distingution between armies and civilians in their violent strategy to win territory or new recurits. Boko Haram uses coercion and pyscology terror to kidnap and attack its victims from students at school to women and children in marketplaces. The Cameroonian army has been searching town to town and house to house.

Shaped like a rooster and named for shrimps, Cameroon has been aiding Nigeria in its fight against the takfiri and wahhabist Boko Haram in Northern Nigeria particulary in Maidiguru, along the Cameroon-Nigerian border towns and even Lake Chad region. Cameroon has been political stable for a few decades now. It is a former French colony that was once split into two countries along superimposed colonial lingustic lines, a French and English speaking Cameroon parts.

Tunisia: Killing shepards

From Cameroon to Tunisia, takfiri terrorists are attacking people in rural areas who have no connections to politics or the events happening in the cities. In the Tunisian province of Sidi Bouzid, a 15 year old shepard Mabruk Soltani was brutally beheaded after warning his neighbors about a suspicious ISIS member in their town. Mabruk was first kidnapped along with another 14 year old shepard. Already traumatized by the beheading, the 14 year old was ordered under duress to carry Mabruk's head to his family wrapped in a plastic bag. The murder/beheading has horrified and disgusted Tunisia as a whole. Even Tunisians who are religious have condemned the young teen's murder as a vile crime. The murder was claimed by ISIS' Tunisian affliate Jund al Khalifa. Jund is also based in Algeria. ISIS has attacked Tunisia before in June during a shooting at a hotel in Sousse, the resort town on Tunisia's east coast. The attack left 36 people dead both tourists and Tunisians dead. The Tunisian government has vowed to not rest until every ISIS and takfiri militant and terrorists in Tunisia and neighboring Libya are dead. While karma may take awhile to catch up to ISIS and Jund al Khalifa, the Tunisian army has been doing its utmost to halt future terrorist attacks in Tunisia. It has also been fighting takfiri militants and insurgents in Libya who have crossed into Tunisia. Libya's current instability (caused by NATO war) as Gaddhafi warned, has given the worst kind of takfiris a green light to caused damage and chaos in Tunisia and further south in Mali, Nigeria and Cameroon too.

Egypt: Sinai culture overshadowed by forgotten insurgency

In the Sinai Peninsula on Egypt's triangle shaped piece that connects the African country to Asia, Egyptian police are dealing with an ongoing low intensity insurgency. The Sinai insurgency is local and began originally after the 2011 Egyptian Revolution. The Sinai is known more for the resort towns along the Red Sea particularly Sharm El Sheik. Also included on the usual visitor's list to the region is the St. Katherine Monastery located on Mt. Sinai. It is also the entry and exit point for Egyptian and foreign ships on the trade routes between the Red and Mediterranean seas. The Israelis occupied the Sinai Peninsula with illegal settlements and colonialists from 1967-1973 following the Yom Kippur War. Historically, the Sinai has been known for its Badawi or Bedouin people, culture and history. The Sinai Bedouins have existed for centuries but are on the fringe of Egyptian society according to geography. Many Bedouins are being generalized and associated with local ISIS and Al Qaeda affiliated groups who have been attempting to overthrow local government and cause chaos in the Peninsula. Like Yemen, Sinai civilians have been on the receiving end of heavy handed counter terrorism measures by Egyptian police and government. On the other hand, local Egyptian police who have been praised for fighting against the takfiri terrorists and groups are also being killed just the same. Sinai's local culture and image as a tourist destination has been transformed by the recent downing of a Russian airline and ISIS threats. Similiar threats are being repeated by Boko Haram in Cameroon and Nigeria. 

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