Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Terror attacks in Nigeria and Baghdad

Continual terrorism in Nigeria

The New Year is only 12 days old and already various countries are seeing horrific terrorist attacks. Northern Nigeria particularly Adamawa and Maidugari and smaller villagers on the Nigerian/Chadian border, Cameroon and Chad are witnessing more terrorist attacks by Boko Haram. the attacks have been on the rise for years now. Since pledging alliance to ISIS last year, Boko Haram have been amping up their attacks against innocent civilians men, women and children through suicide bombings and gruesome beheading. Boko Haram's tactics are meant to purposely cause psychological trauma and fear among civilians. Despite Nigerian President Muhammadu Bahari's sworn pledge to destroy Boko Haram, attacks have increased and the terror group's taunts towards the government has not eased Nigerians' minds on the president's delivery. Nigeria's north eastern countryside has faced the most attacks including massacres. The most infamous terror attack being the ethnic and religious cleansing in Baga, the village nearly wiped off the Earth a year ago by Boko Haram's scorched Earth attack. The Cameroon and Chadian armies and police continue to aid Nigeria along with the AU in beating back Boko Haram terrorists and their militants who have felt a revival of a sorts in strength. Britain has offered help to Nigeria to halt Boko Haram's threat, viewing the terror group on the same level as ISIS. As a regional and global threat, African countries are helping to defend themselves and civilians from facing similar gruesome terrorism within their own borders.
 Kenya is also facing renowned attacks by al Shabaab, another terror group still based in Somalia that have kept with their cross border terrorism ranging from suicide bombings to attacks on Kenyan university students and gatherings. Both al Shabaab and Boko Haram are using wahhabism to justify attacks against civilians both Muslim and Christians.

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Some 2.2 million Nigerian civilians have been displaced by ongoing terror attacks (). Many Nigerian families especially school children have spent months to years living in internally displaced and refugee camps in neighbouring Chad and Cameroon. Many Nigerian IDPs and refugees want to return home to their home towns as soon as terror threats and attacks are completely if not permanently ended. 

 Politics of Boko Haram


Baghdad & Iraq: Destroying the cradle of civilizations 

For centuries, until recently, Baghdad was known as the cradle of civilization and the centre of learning across the Middle East. The city between the Tigris and Euphrates is still home to historical monuments, cultural centres and holds archives of the earliest human civilizations in the world behind Egypt and other African/Asian empires. While ordinary Baghdad residents have done everything humanely possible to give themselves and families normal environments of calm and peace, ISIS has also been threatening them, the Iraqi national government and cities outside the Iraqi capital with further threats. The Iraqi army are currently pushing ISIS back from the outskirts of smaller towns near Ramadi. The city was laden with explosive IED traps that Iraqi soldiers are cautiously attempting to remove even as they chase after ISIS sympathizers and lookouts. After winning Ramadi, ISIS terrorists and their copycat systematizers attacked a shopping mall in Baghdad which killed 17 Iraqis. Without regard to civilians' religions or ethnic origins, ISIS has continued to see Baghdad and Iraq as its personal battleground in the same manner it views Syria. Baghdad has been fortunate on several occasions to avoid a complete takeover by ISIS' remorseless foot soldiers and American made military weapons. To upend its own cruelty, ISIS recently put several of its own fighters to death by burning them alive for loosing Ramadi to the Iraqi army. 

Tourism in Iraqi Kurdistan-No Joke from Unravel TV

The Peshmerga in Iraqi Kurdistan along with their brethren in Syria and Turkey are also fighting to keep ISIS from further encroaching on Kurdish lands. In spite of the massive spike in terrorism and violence across Iraq, Iraqi Kurdistan remains relatively peaceful and prosperous to the chagrin of ISIS and neighbouring countries facing the same fate as Iraq. Iraqi Kurdistan functions as its own independent state with its own autonomous government providing social services and infrastructure. This hasn't stopped the Kurds from helping their neighbours to defeat ISIS. Even self proclaim independent Christian fighters from the United States, Canada and the EU have made it their own personal mission to aid Iraqi Christians in local militias in fighting against the terror groups. Iraqi Christians like their Syrian counterpart continue to flee Northern Iraq. The Yazidi Kurds are also searching for safety within Kurdish areas. Many Yazidi women and girls still face the horrors of attacks, rapes, sexual slavery and massacres by ISIS in Mosul and Syria. Some of the Yazidis who have escaped from ISIS and returned home are getting their revenge on the terror group. The United States hasn't ruled out sending ground troops to Iraq again and Syria for the first time. The idea alone has given ISIS its willpower to threaten the U.S. and Western Europe with attacks if ground troops were to appear in Iraq. 

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