Sunday, 24 April 2016

Prince 1958-2016 In Honor of the Purple Reign

For the past two days, the multi talented, genuine artist known as Prince (And formerly known as Prince) has shocked the world with his passing. Few musicians' death of stun not only the whole of United States but the wider world. Born in Minnesota 1958, Prince born Prince Rogers Nelson, was both a music genius and deeply private and genuine guy. He first made his d├ębut in the music world in the late 1970s. His first hit was Erotic City followed by a string of hits in the 1980s. Oh Shelia, When Doves Cry, Purple Rain, Kiss, Let's Go Crazy and the list goes on. Prince was known for both his mysterious and yet tasteful blend of sexiness and unique fashion. Beside playing the electronic guitar that is and now was his signature instrument in most of his music, he also wrote music for many artists such as Chaka Khan (I feel for you), (Manic Monday) the Bangles, Shelia (one of his many muses) and inspired many other musicians. In-spite of  the fame, Prince remained a humble person. Especially in today's world of the instant celebrity, where ordinary people, musicians and singers will not think twice to do the most insane stunts or share every second of their lives with the world (no matter if the people or mainstream media are interested or not) on every piece of social media. Prince didn't chase down scandals or put himself into the middle of unwanted controversy. As a matter of fact, he wasn't much for the red carpet spotlight. Even when being interviewed, he kept a calm demeanour and remain a quiet guy even among close friends. He was known for inviting people into his home and giving private concerts. He also worked on humanitarian projects outside of his music career. He refused to let the music industry and media define him or his music into a single box. He leaves the world with praise and respect from everyone who shared his life, love and music. Prince is the rare musician that is loved by both ordinary people and the media. There is no hard feelings toward the singer nor is his image any less classy. He was mysterious yes. But he was also regular guy who took time to share his world with everyone. The doves are crying and the purple rain is coming down. To the Prince in royal purple, enjoy your final journey. Rest in Power Prince.

Prince performs his signature Purple Rain during a downpour at Superbowl 2007 Miami, FL

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