Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Converging anniversaries: It's not just coincidental

May 15th and 16th marks very important milestones anniversaries for this year.

Rabbi  speaks on Nakba Day in Montreal in support Palestine and Palestinians' rights and return

May 15th is Nakba day across Occupied Palestine. Nakba Day is the day of mourning commemorated each year since 1948 by millions of Palestinians and the world's people mourning the death of Historical Palestine and the creation of Israel. Nakba Day is similar to the Native American Day of Mourning in United States also known as Thanksgiving.

Israel since its creation has transformed itself from being a self declared refuge for Zionists into an apartheid state who can't listen to anyone or any superpower to put an end to the violent and oppressive military occupation on Palestinians across East Jerusalem, Gaza and West Bank. To halt the dehumanizing treatment of Palestinians. The United States continues to be Israel's biggest supporter and cheerleader. Israeli Hasbara propaganda media and PR films and Israel First no matter what supporters continuously work overtime to drive home the Israeli perspective and narratives on bombings in Gaza, illegal settlement/colonies in Occupied East Jerusalem and West Bank at the expense of the Palestinians. Netanyahu gets his way every time. Even though the UN has tried and warned Israel to abide by International Law and at least allow Palestinian refugees to return home.

Apartheid in South Africa and poverty

Ironically it has also been 68 years since apartheid came into existence in South Africa. South Africans today are celebrating their democratic government but are also remembering the thousands who died fighting against apartheid. They are also commemorating the Palestinian Nakba.

Sykes-Picot Agreement 1916 History narrated in Kurdish

It is also a 100 years since the Sykes-Picot Agreement that created the modern Middle East. Like the Berlin Conference in 1884, the Sykes-Picot divided up the Middle East (North Africa is NOT part of the region it is part of the African continent) into various states by drawing lines in the sand. It also allowed France and Britain to rule over the newly created countries as manadates which were really colonies of the British Empire. Only a few pro-Western ally leaders in Syria, Saudi and Iraq had a vague of idea of the borders creations. As usual, Western imperialists did not consult the majority of ordinary people in Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Saudi Arabia or Yemen or UAE. The imperialists knew full well the people would've revolted. ISIS has vowed to undue the Skyes-Picot Agreement by creating a borderless Caliphate. ISIS' 5 year plan has semi succeeded by has chased away millions of people in multiple countries and has killed millions more. Is it little shock than that millions of refugees' great grandparents only learned after the fact that their homelands were divided up, lived on the wrong side of the border and now had colonists from a world way ruling over them, did not want anything to do with Europe and would fight against the colonist system? Now a 100 years later, the great-great grandchildren are experiencing a mass exodus to other countries.

50 years after the Cultural Revolution DW News

May 16th is the 50th anniversary oft he Cultural Revolution in China. Taking place in 1966, the Cultural Revolution was seen by Mao Zedong and the larger Communist Party as a path to leading China into a new revolution of success if you will. It was meant to correct some of communissm's flaws and short coming that led to protests and disatification with communism. Zedong and the government attempted to educate millions of Chinese under an indigenous Chinese communist ideology  or "communism with Chinese characteristics." In short it would benefit the majority of society to have a politically and culturally yet successful communist state that could work independently in the world. For communist system to succeed in the way Zedong and the party wanted, the critics would have to be muted. Some 16 million Chinese were killed including students, children, farmers and critics of the government. The cultural revolution is regarded as both one of the infamous government programs ever launched but also one of the surprisingly successful societal shift that had a lasting impact on China. China was able to avoid having its government collapse in the same vain as Vietnam at the same time. It allowed China to work outside of the Soviet sphere of influence for the most part and led to China's 1970s opening and economic growth beginning in the 1980s. It took China only 30+ years to complete its own industrial revolution and lift some 600 million people out of poverty. The two greatest economic achievements in recorded human history that has yet to be repeated anywhere else. 

 Discussion on the effects of the Cultural Revolution in Chinese

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