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Migration fears, Refugges, borders and out of place

La Ciudad Multicultural: La globalización, diversidad y el intercambio mercantil

There is an unwritten rule that everyone in the world has the right to free movement and can go where they please. Throughout human history people have moved from their homelands to new countries for a variety of reasons ie trade, war, economics, the urge to travel and curiosity among other things. Today migration is seen as mostly economical. Historically, migration was a combination of diverse factors. The way Europeans both politicians and ordinary citizens are acting, it would seem as though Europeans have never interacted with Asia and Africa. Interactions between all three continents have been going on for over 2 millennia in multiple forms. Western colonialism and imperialism began in the 15th century. That is another thing: Europeans have been going around the world colonizing and disrupting societies without permission or consultation from government to the conquered land. So called European settlers in the Americas, Australia and Africa would be condemned as illegal migrants or aliens nowadays. No one is pointing out the double standards today. Jean-Claude Juncker, the EU president did point out in an excellent plea, that it was only 70 years ago that Europeans themselves were refugees and were treated with scorn within their own borders. Past experiences would make one emphasized with equally traumatized refugees. Also remember there are millions of Europeans of African, Asian and American (vice versea) descent living across the continent. They are the Non European Westerners who are 2nd-fourth generation British, German, Dutch and yes Italians.

Britain's Multicultural Society told by British people themselves

National Identity: Who is French? And what does it mean? France 24 TV News

The European fear of a migrant continent or a Black Europe as Muamar Gaddafi once rightly prophesied is partly shaped by the media's play on the black and white explanation of world events. The kindergarten explanation of Good guys vs bad guys. Spun into the media playbook is orientalism, otherizing Asia and Africa, demonizing whole regions of people, cultures and religions and viewing the world through a paternalistic and condescending lens. Dehumanization equally condemns migrants and refugees for being stuck on Fortress Europe's borders or suffering from devastating wars and sectarian conflicts like Yemen, Syria fueled by Western powers, compliance corrupt allies ie Saudi Arabia and Qatar and proxy terror warriors used by both sides against civilians. It is only when millions of refugees and migrants race to Europe for safety that the EU politicians suddenly, scream don't come here. As though, the EU and U.S. were entirely freed from causing chaos.

Largest refugee populations in the Fertile Crescent

Keep in mind that Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan have each taken in over a million refugees and hosts hundreds refugee camps in their respective borders. Lebanon is one of the few countries in the world where 1 out of 3 citizens are refugees not only from Syria, but from Iraq, Palestine and many other countries. Jordan has been hosting millions of Palestinian refugees since 1948. It continues to  host over 2 million+ refugees from Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine and Sudan.

Sudanese Refugee child looks out his tent in Jordan. Photo by Telesur TV News.

A few months ago, Jordanian officials deported over hundreds of Sudanese refugees from Darfur and other marginalized regions of Sudan back to their home countries. Some 800 Sudanese refugees had been seeking asylum and a safe refuge in  Jordan for months if not years. Some Sudanese refugees have managed to make it to Israel only to be faced with Zionist racism and demonization by Israeli government (both the current far right and even liberals) and ordinary citizens. Many of the Sudanese living in Jordan have been deported to Egypt. There is a small Sudanese community living in Cairo, Egypt. They also face racism and discrimination and are denied any opportunities to work or attend schools in Cairo or other parts of Egypt. Many Sudanese see Egypt as a transit country. Some have decided to make Egypt their second home in spite of the Egyptian government's blind eye to their human rights, law of refugee status or pleas from local NGOs and Sudanese community groups. Once deported back to Sudan, the Sudanese refugees from Jordan often disappear at Khartoum airport, face torture, threats or they're condemned as enemies of the state. Should it come as a surprise for many, that some of the refugees than find a way to migrate to Europe or Israel? Where the refugees feel they will be treated better than in Sudan or Egypt?

One of Jordan's largest refugee camps Zaatari has transformed into a medium size city of nearly 80,000 people. This is from its initial function as a temporary refugee camp. That's the irony with refugee camps, they are meant to be temporary.

Life in Zaatari Camp, Jordan

Many of the well known Palestinian towns such as Rafah, Nusseirut, Balata, deshiesh started out as tent covered refugee camps. The camps are known for creating both dependency from NGO and foreign Aid and despair among long term residents. Even when refugees try to be independent and create businesses, they still feel isolated. Often times, camps are separated from the general population of a host country. Many Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon are not  allowed to work or attend schools in the host countries they relocated to. The Lebanese government was notorious for treating the millions of Palestinian refugees with a cold shoulder for several decades. All this was done in the hopes that the refugees would go home after a year or few months. No one for saw the near 70 year hold Zionism has on Palestine and what  remains of it. Human rights advocates couldn't have imagine the destruction currently happening in the Middle East by the Anglo-American invasion, Saudi/Qatari interventions and NATO allies in Libya and Yemen Libya's destructive destabilization has made it easier for many people and families to migrate to Europe. There is internal migration going on inside Libya, Eritrea and Yemen.

With the recent EU-Turkey summit centering on how to fix the ongoing migrations from Asia to Africa and Europe, the EU has been popping a collective blood vessel over the one million migrants and refugees within Germany, Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Serbia and Croatia. Summer is coming in the next three months. Even with the temporary to permanent border closers in Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia and Serbia, migrants and refugees will find a way around the borders. It's been public knowledge for years, that migrants have always found creative and insane ways  to go over and under borders. The U.S. Mexico border has many stories about  migrants riding inside the gas tanks and sometimes under seats of cars entering the U.S. In Europe, migrants and refugees have snuck abroad England bound trucks, ran across the Euro tunnel, coming by over crowded and dangerous boats, some bicycling from Russia into Norway and the fortunate people travelling by train. Africans and Asians (referring to the continent not a specific region) have moved back and forth to Europe for centuries. This latest migration is the most recent. Globalization has made migration more accessible and favourable for many people some migrating for a new life, business ventures and safety. Ongoing environmental and climate changes will make certain that migration continues.

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