Thursday, 16 June 2016

Sudan water shortage

Water shortage in Korodofan in Arabic

Shortages in fuel, pollution of parts of the Nile and long queques for bread and basic commodities have been on going in Sudan for a few years now. Despite the self proclaimed president of the people, Omar Bashir and his government have not kept any of the election promises to at the very least fix many of the problems facing ordinary Sudanese and society at large. While Khartoum is slowly transforming itself into the "Dubai" of North Africa, other major cities and regions around Sudan are facing on going water shortages. It has been predicted for decades that the next world war will be over the most precious commodity on Earth: Water. In desert countries where water is a necessaity to live and thrive, water shortages can lead to many problems. It has already caused protests against the government in cities such as Port Sudan. Access to water and grazing lands is and remains at the root cause of the Darfur war and the Sudanese civil war between the North, South and the East. Port Sudan has faced ongoing water shortages while in Western Kodofan bordering South Kordofan, many people have had to queque for water for the past weeks. Many in West Kordofan rely on specific wells, portable water trucks and water stations for daily use. The shortage doesn't ease the rising tension between neighbors in the locality of El Sunut who feel that the local governemnt has done little to help residents. In Port Sudan, Beja Congress (a human rights and activists group fighting for the rights of Bejas and other Sudanese) have called on the Red Sea state governor to do more to find a workable solution to the water shortage before it turns into a crisis and lead to larger protest.

Water Scarcity and conflicts connection

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