Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Apartment explosion in Maryland not terrorism

Washington, DC and its place in the world. Silver Spring is to D.C.'s immediate North. Unlike some national capitals, Washington, DC is not pat of an autonomous region nor part of a specific county. It has it's own county the District of Colombia but DC is not it's own state. There has been campaigns for years to make D.C. the 51st state to no avail. As a result D.C.'s independent city government is tied to the national government.

While the world and fanatic sports fans have been distracted for the time by the Rio Olympics, events continue to go on around the world. In Silver Spring, Maryland, a late night explosion and fire in August 11th levelled half of an apartment building that killed 2 residents and injured another 30 people. The apartment residents were more shocked and confused. One apartment resident referred to the explosion as "un temblor" an earthquake. This is not a terrorist attack. It is most likely a gas leak set off the explosion. The ATF sprung into action is now investigating the cause of the explosion alongside the local Silver Spring Police and Fire Department. Several families have been made homeless as a result of the explosion. Silver Springs is a bordering suburb of the U.S. capital of Washington, D.C. It is part of the wider D.C. Metro system. Silver Spring like Bethesda and other Maryland towns bordering D.C. is home to multiple government employees, agencies, hospitals and shops tied in some form to the national government. There is Pentagon City and the underground Crystal City across from the Pentagon. Any explosion or loud noise makes D.C. paranoid no matter how small. Keeping the United States' capital city and the home of U.S. president protected at all cost is not taken lightly by the local D.C. police, the Pentagon, the FBI, ATF and Homeland Security. At times, all of them work together to ensure the city's safety. However, it is worth noting that apartment explosions are not unique to Silver Spring or D.C. alone.

Massive explosions that levelled two apartments in New York 2015

It's common to hear about apartments being levelled by gas explosions across the United States. Many apartments and houses in cities and towns use gas stoves powered by propane, butane, natural gas, etc and gas for heating. Electric stoves are also popular and common but for many older infrastructure, gas is still king. It is not uncommon to hear apartment residents complain of gas leaks for weeks to landlords prior to dangerous apartment explosions. 

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