Monday, 19 September 2016

French official: Calais migrants should be allowed into UK

Xavier Betrand, a President for the Calais region in France said that the current 9,000 migrants still stranded in Calais' infamous jungle should be allowed into the UK under a new border policy agreement that re shifts border control back to UK soil. Last year, Britain moved its border from Calais Port to the Port of Dover, England to avoid the large influx of migrants that died down once Fortress Europe began erecting and reinforcing it's internal borders in Hungary, Austria, Germany, Macedonia and UK/France. There was even talk to get rid of the Schengen Zone that allows free movement across 27 EU member states. This year, the flow of migrants and refugees is a fraction compared to last year.

Last year's influx of a 1 million+ migrants and refugees into the EU particularly the Western countries shocked and surprised the world. The migrants and refugees were as diverse as the countries they were heading toward. Families and men majority from Syria, but also from Iraq, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Somalia, Eritrea, Libya, Sudan and long time migrants from Senegal and Gambia. The people were protesting with their feet in search of safe havens and refuges coming to Fortress Europe by way of the Mediterranean Sea to Italy, Malta, overland through Turkey, Greece and up through Macedonia, Serbia and Hungary. A few refugees and migrants came by bicycle through Russia into Norway. Many did not pay any attention the rules of EU migration policy that usually requires migrants and refugees to settle in the first EU country they land in. Millions keep going North towards France, Germany, Austria, Scandinavian countries and UK. Some Syrian refugees were aware of the economic crisis in places like Italy and Greece. However, many refugees and migrants were mostly grateful to be in a region where they could at least relax for the time being while they planned their next journey or reconnected with missing or lost family members and friends.

From the Middle East & Africa: Millennia old migration and geopolitics into Europe

Migrants from Asia and Africa coming to Europe is NOT new to Europe or Europeans no matter what the pundits and right wing would have society believe. European countries and city states have interacted, traded and intermingled with Middle East and Arabian Peninsula for thousands of years even before the rise of Arabic language and Islamic empires in North Africa. DNA researchers have discovered to their surprised that the ancestors of modern day Irish people originally came from the Middle East and Russia/Ukraine some 10,000 years ago. The ancient Middle Eastern migrants' contribution to Ireland and England was farming. Remember, farming and agriculture was first developed in Africa and spread to the Fertile Crescent than to the rest of Asia and Europe via Arabia. It is well known that the Iberian Peninsula and Sicily were part of Moorish rule (coming from North Africa) and the wider Almorovid Empire during Europe's Dark Age but Islam's Golden Age.

Britain suggest building an Israeli styled border wall around Calais Jungle Camp

Melange of Video clips from a Video titled the "disturbing Islamic Invasion of Europe"
Since the video was posted last November 2015, its earned over 2 million views

Fear of Atilla the Hun invasion drives Europeans' fear of more migrants 

Artwork of the most feared warrior and barbarian in European history: Atilla the Hun

 The Right Wing in France, Germany, Hungary and Austria, even Slovakia and Czech Republic saw the mass migration of people as an apocalyptic nightmare come true. Many right wing bloggers, reporters and pundits refer to the ongoing African and Mideast migrations as an "Islamic invasion" of innocent Europe, Western Civilization and nodded their heads to the Clash of Civilizations. Most of the right wing fears are both alarmist and over exaggerated. Remember that not all the migrants are Muslims, there are also Christians and even non religious migrants and refugees. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Obran has criticized the EU's request for migrant quotas across Europe including the Balkans and Eastern Europe. Obran also reiterated from his earlier anti-migration stance that migrants and asylum seekers are a "poison to Europe" and are "not needed." Hungarian government has called for a referendum on October 2nd on rather or not Hungary shall accept the EU migration policy of migrant quotas in the country. The Hungarian Right Wing members have been working along the Hungarian border to hunt, search and arrest migrants and refugees as part of Hungary's reinforced border policy. Bulgaria, who hasn't even received any migrants have vigilante right wing border patrol groups hunting, arresting and beating migrants along the border. Bulgarian government has since investigated the migrant hunter groups after receiving criticism for turning a blind eye to the vigilantes.

The Right Wing's panicking reaction to African and Syrian migrants is similar to the terror Europeans felt hearing the horrors committed by Atilla the Hun during the Fall of Rome. Ironically, Atilla the Hun was born in Hungary but his family had migrated from Central Asia. He was the ruler of the Hunnic Empire that invaded both East and Western Europe. This was some 800 years before the Mongol Empire, Genghis Khan, Kublai Khan and Timur the lame or Tamerlane. The English name for Hungary might have been named after the Huns.  The Mongols attempted to invade the rest of Europe from Hungary but found the continent with nothing to gain or plunder so made a U turned back to the Middle East and Asia. In another historical parallel, the Mongols destroyed Baghdad known as the Siege of Baghdad and Iraq mirroring the current destruction of Iraq by the ongoing war from the Anglo-American invasion, and ISIS. The Huns charged towards Rome indirectly led to the Barbarian Invasions. Fearing the Huns, Germanic Barbarians and Slavs ran towards Germania, Rome and further West to Gaul (France) and UK for safety. Sound familiar? Fast forward to 1453 A.D., modern day Istanbul then known as Constantinople was finally conquered by the Ottoman Turks who also came up out of Central Asia. The ancestors of Ottoman were originally were part of the Seljuk Turkish Empire. Unlike Atilla and the Hunnic Empire or Mongol Empire, the Ottoman Empire managed to conquer Eastern Europe and control the region for nearly 500 years. The Ottoman Army twice reached the Gates of Vienna but was stopped by the Hapsburg, Polish-Lithuanian and Holy Roman Empire based in Germany. Not exactly NATO but a Pan European army. Oh yes, the Battle or Siege of Vienna began on September 11th 1638. The Ottomans didn't massacre civilians en mass and completely destroyed entire cities to the extent that the Mongols and Huns had before them. The Ottoman Empire transformed in the early 20th Century to Modern day Turkey. The new Turkish Republic beginning in 1923, heavily Westernised society, promoted and emphasized secularism. Turkey has been trying for over 30+ years to join the European Union to no avail. Some of the xenophobic fears of migrants, lack of human rights for the Kurds and other minorities in Turkey, the seesaw politics of Turkey following the recent failed coup and Turkey's questionable involvement in Syria against ISIS are some of many reasons the EU has been weary of letting Turkey become a full member.

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