Monday, 12 September 2016

Trump actually went to Mexico

On August 31st, R Wednesday, Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump wrapped up his brief and last minute visit to Mexico. He was invited by the current Mexican President Enrique Pena Neto on Tuesday. He'd told the media and wider public on Tuesday he would visit Mexico and most people dismissed it as a bluff or joke since Trump regularly says grandiose things that don't come to fruition. Considering all the insults, epitaphs, stereotypical and racist commentaries he made about Mexico, Mexicans, Mexican-Americans and tried to link the entire drug and immigration issues in the United States to Mexico solely, many people on both sides of the borders are scratching their heads wondering why President Neto would want to even meet or entertain Trump on a visit.

He met with President Neto to discuss among other things the border wall, perhaps trade and future relations if Trump does become the next U.S. president. Former President Vincente Fox was against the visit. Trump's press conference speech with President Neto in Mexico City was not as impressive and was lacking gumption since Trump read directly from the paper instead of being more upbeat. There is no rule against presidential candidates visiting other nations or even meeting with foreign leaders during the presidential elections. Many other presidential candidates across the world have done it. Depending on the candidate's personality and diplomatic style, it may be a boost for the candidate. However, Trump's brieft stop in Mexico City was a bust from the ground up. He was met unsurprisingly by thousands protesters holding signs saying, "Trump no eres bienevendo" and "Go home Trump!" The last minute timing is unique since it generally takes months of planning and coordination with both the politician's security detail and entourage and the host country's security cooperation. Not to mention ongoing scheduling, meeting points, further location security preparations and logisitics alone is a nightmare, gathering up the press on both sides of the borders and more miniscule detail that goes into diplomatic visits.

Ironically, both Donald Trump and Enrique Pena Neto are extremely unpopular in Mexico with ordinary people. Neto's current approval rating is only 27% compared to Trump's 2% among the Mexican public. Many Mexican citizens have been following the U.S. elections like the rest of the people of the world from the beginning. Many have no love or empathy for Trump. Most see Trump as a Joker and Clown. Among Mexican Americans and larger Latin American population in U.S., Trump's approval is 51%.

Yes, Trump is a media man by profession. The recent Republican National Convention was the Donald Trump show in everything but name. Despite the recent resignation of his campaign advisor and Hispanic outreach director, Trump is not backing down from the media and public outrage against him. He feeds off of controversy and knows how to play the media against itself to a point. He drives the pundits nuts yet, he still gets all the free publicity both local and international more so than his rival Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton

PS not every illegal immigrant to the U.S. is Mexican, there are also Central Americans, Caribbean, Asian and Europeans

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