Wednesday, 5 October 2016

After leaving Haiti and Cuba, Hurricane Mathew heading towards Bahamas and Florida

Hurricane Matthew in Haiti

Alerts and weather warnings have been issued for the Caribbean and the United States as Hurricane Matthew makes landfall. Hurricanes on the massive scale as Matthew usually pummel the Caribbean countries of Cuba, Haiti, Bahamas before heading North to either Florida and the Carolinas or to Texas. Despite the stereotype of popular culture, hurricanes are not as frequent in Haiti, Florida and the Carolinas as they are in the Caribbean. Most hurricanes do not turn into a category 4 or 5 when they reach land. Most threatening hurricanes generally reduce their speed and ferocity to a category 3 and 2. Cuba has a hurricane system in place to evacuate ordinary Cubans and prevent the local infrastructure from being entirely crushed by hurricanes. Haiti is still in the process of rebuilding it's own hurricane preventative system. Ordinary Haitians feared a mass loss of life and infrastructure if Matthew transformed into a category 4 or 5. Fortunately for Haiti, the hurricane did not reach a category 5 but did cause the deaths of 19 people. Power lines, a bridge, farmland and resorts and other apartments were destroyed. Most Haitians are cleaning up the mess left by Matthew and are waiting for the high flood levels to drain. Now the Bahamas and Florida is bracing for Matthew is it makes landfall sometime tomorrow morning on Thursday Oct 6th.

Many hurricane waters and meteorologists pointed out Hurricane Matthew's formation resembles a creepy human skull.

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