Tuesday, 8 November 2016

American elections global views

Political mudslinging by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and the exhausting elections. By Sean Delonas. First published at cagle.com

Now American voters have their blood pressures hiting the roof and their hearts pulsing more than usual, Tomorrow November 8th, 2016, Americans will go to the polls to decide between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The world is watching the election with opened eyes, ears and minds. Just like the U.S., many international viewers are undedicated, bemused and are wondering who in the world will the United States choose as president. Many countries are biting their nails, crossing their fingers and toes and praying to higher being who could bring relief to the United States' current anxiety. From Asia to Africa and Europe, the U.S. elections has become a joke as much as a testament to anxiety.

Kenyan Journalist on the U.S. elections 

Chinese interest in U.S. elections from Beijing

How China reports on the elections

Secret World of U.S. Elections: Julian Assange Interview with John Pilger

Donald Trump, America's African President

Daily Show with Trevor Noah compares Trump's personality with that of some African leaders and presidential candidates on the continent 

How Mexico is covering the U.S. elections

Russian boogeyman blamed for hacking the elections without no evidence 

Ever since Donald Trump said he would get a long with Putin if president, the mainstream media around the U.S. has made Russia and Vladmir Putin into public enemies of the U.S. Not only that, the media has gone further to say that Russia is somehow interfering by hacking the DNC, helping to release thousands of Clinton emails and might potentially intimidate voters at the poll. All of these claims are false and egregious. Why would Russia want to go to great lengths to screw up the U.S. elections? Putin would have no reason to support such sabotage. He has said that the U.S. is not a banana republic for such things to happen. The U.S. has constantly intervened and made sure that global elections produce world leaders that would be loyal to U.S. and its interests at the expense of ordinary peoples. 

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow on Russian Hacker story effecting the U.S. elections

Who needs evidence? RT News on Russian hacking

Vladmir Putin denies Russian Hackers interferring in U.S. Elections

PBS Newshour: What the World Thinks about U.S. elections from Europe

Canadians on the U.S. elections and presidential candidates 

Will the next U.S. president be an insane millionaire with a loud mouth or the secretary of state, former first lady who is popular. Yet she is unlike by a good amount of people (including the feminists) for her email scandals, her husbands' previous scandals, going the extra mile to win the votes, overemphasising the fact that she may be the first female candidate. There are third parties candidates such as Gary Johnson and Jill Stein but they are marginalized. In particulary, Johnson was showcased as a brainless politician Foreign policy problems and issues. The media has already made it seemed that Hillary has won the elections by default due to the positive polls. However, polls and electoral maps are mostly predictions and estimations not necessarily the final result.

Al Jazeera: Clinton and Trump on Palestine

Clinton caught admitting she wanted to rig Palestinian elections

A Brutally exhausting elections for the public and candidates

This election has been one of the craziest in every sense of the word compared to any other U.S. election. Only the 1828 election between Andrew Jackson and John Adams comes close. Both Adams and Jackson traded gabs and cursed one another. But even their debates and words were milded compared to the name calling, childish taunting, foul words, sex and email scandals produced by both Trump and Clinton over the past year. Bernie Sanders was more of a favourite for a majority of young Americans but was bumped out of the way by Hillary Clinton who insisted on being the ultimate and only Democratic choice for President. Donald Trump, who is by trade a media personality, has benefited from non stop free publicity for his campaign and himself. Everyone knows the life stories of both candidates and what makes them who they are. Their scandals and mal educados (bad behavior) do not need to be re emphasized or restated as every American media networks and radio station has covered those areas to death. The political ads have annoyed many voters and undecided as well.

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