Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Global Reactions to Trump's transition

UKIP leader Nigel Farage (Right) met with Donald Trump at his residence in the Trump Tower in New York City on Nov 13th. Farage has been the most supportive of the now president elect Trump from last year when Farage made a cameo visit to Mississippi following the Brexit vote. Farage is hoping to work with Trump on U.S.-UK relations. Keep in mind Farage is NOT the Prime Minister of Britain.

As national protests continue around the United States, the world has continued to react to Trump's win and now ongoing transition into the White House right before Inauguration Day. From Asia to Africa and Europe and Latin America, many politicians and ordinary people are voicing their justified concerns about the future of Donald Trump's Presidency and what it means for Americans.

Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte welcomes Donald Trump Presidency

The future of what a Trump Presidency may look like might resemble the Philippines' current President Rodrigo Duterte who is a near mirror image of Trump. He recently congratulated Trump on his win. Prior to becoming Filipino President, Duerte served as the mayor of Davao City in the southern province of Mindanao. Like Trump, Duerte says what is on his minds, rambles on during press conferences, cracks crude jokes and has taunted President Obama and declared that he was going to cut Phillipines' ties to the United States and do away with multiple U.S. military bases on the islands. He is leaning towards China like many non aligned countries. He has a no nonsense approach to handling major issues and problems in Manila and elsewhere across the Philippines: zero tolerance. Duerte has launched his own War on Drugs across the country to combat anyone connected to the drug trade in the cities and towns. His administration has gone so far as to purposely kill hundreds of innocent people connected. This is something Duterte himself has admitted to unapologetically. He also stressed the importance of fighting terrorism including the ongoing Bangso Moro insurgency in Mindanao, one of the Philippines' longest running local insurgency that has been incorrectly linked to the Global War on Terrorism. Many Southeast Asian countries are struggling with an underground drug trade. Phillipines have been struggling with Crystal meth epidemic and other naroctics for 2 decades and have jailed thousands of ordinary citizens. specifically in Myanmar with the Golden Triangle trade, poppies that are grown in Afghanistan and in Southern Thailand with its own lesser known southern insugency.

 Indonesians worried about Trump's post election win

Next door, Phillipines' larger neighbour Indonesia is worried over Trump's election win. Being the world's largest Muslim country, ordinary Indonesians have already braced themselves for Trump's impending Muslim ban policy. Trump hasn't made a larger effort to call .

How Trump was elected: Slovenian Philospher Slavoj Žižek breaks down US elections

Anti Obama Protest in Greece: President Obama's final overseas trip is met by protest 

Greeks protest in Athens during Obama's visit Nov 15, 2016

Greeks are still asking Obama to explain how Trump got elected and if he is somewhat responsible.

Global Right Wing nationalists are elated

No other group appears to be enthralled by Trump's transition than the Right Wing in the United States and Europe. America's oldest terrorist group the KKK or Ku Klux Klan have again applauded Trump and even endorsed him in the official group's newspaper the Crusader. The Trump Campaign has decried the move and downplayed the newspaper endorsements. Other smaller right wing groups and news channels such as Fox News and Breitbart have been excitedly looking forward to Trump's entrance into the White House.

Understanding Trump: Rise of the Far Right in American & Europe

Marine Le Pen on Trump's win and her own future presidential runs

 Across the Atlantic, European Far Right has been following the aftermath of the U.S. elections with a "I told you so" congratulations for Trump's victory. Nigel Farage, the leader of UKIP and long time campaigner for the successful Brexit vote, has welcomed the news. Farage is also the first British politician to visit Trump since last week's U.S. elections. had even made a surprise stopover in Jackson, Mississippi during Trump's earlier campaign days in the immediate aftermath of the Brexit to emphasize the need for United States' to move away from the status quo of the "establishment" and embrace political change via Trump. In France, Marine Le Pen, leader of the Front Nationale, has also send her congratulations. She has repeated that the French people are fed up with the socialist government and the EU that has done little to help alleviate austerity measures or crippling trade deals. Le Pen is looking forward to next year's national elections for French Prime Minister. Alongside France, th Czech Republic is expecting to hold their own presidential elections while Germany is gearing up for parliament elections. Alternative for Germany is a popular Far Right political party. PEGIDA, another right wing political group has been successful in organizing hundreds of thousands of ordinary Germans against new immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers while promoting a Fortress Europe and Germany under attack. Catalonia is also awaiting it's second Independence Referendum to separate from Spain once and for all. In Poland, right wing nationalists marched across the country to commemorate Poland's own independence day from the Soviet Union in 1991. Nationalism and xenophobia has been rising in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and famously in Hungary. It has given the local far right nationalist groups equal boost in local elections and popular support among ordinary citizens of their respective countries.

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