Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Trump Presidency no it's not a Dream

Cartoon by Carlos Latuff. This will be the first time since 1928 that the Republicans have control of the White House and Congress.

No you are not dreaming. This is not a hilarious late night comedy show skit. No you aren't drunk and your ears and eyes are NOT playing tricks on your mind. The pundits and journalists have not made a miscall or wrote typos. It has happened and there's no recount vote or double check that could correct what is happening. Donald Trump, the joker of every late night comedian, the one who polls could not predict winning any primary let alone huge votes, has won the Presidency of the United States. Until last night's elections, the mainstream media, the pundits and geopolitical analysts swore on their parents' common sense that there was no way in Heaven and Hell that Donald Trump would win the White House. Hillary Clinton had all the polls on her side, Wall Street and global markets were betting on her landslide victory. Clinton supporters, Democrats and anti Trump Republicans were so relaxed with a sure Hillary Clinton victory that people were celebrating ahead of time. Clinton had even stashed a huge amount of fireworks to celebrate her assured victory. Ordinary people were  visiting the grave of Susan B Anthony until the late night in a posthumous salute to her and the fight for voting rights for women. Her gravesite was covered with "I Voted" stickers. It seems that the United States would finally join the rest of the world in having a female leader.

When the Southeast except for Virginia went to Trump, the media said it was luck. Not coincidental. The Southeast tends to be Republican and often swings Red. Millions of Americans the world are wondering how in the universe could the United States vote in a known nationalist (borderline fascist), misogynist, racist, narcissist millionaire and attention grabbing media tycoon. Despite Trump's scandals and disrespect for women, white women and the suburban women voted for Trump to the shock of Democrats, Clinton supporters and women rights activists. Now, half of Americans are still overcoming their shock and numbness especially in the West Coast and North east. The mood from Clinton HQ flipped from pure joy to one of a solemn memorial service.

Reaction of Clinton Supporters during election night

But after Trump won Ohio, the rest of country fell like a house of cards.  With the exception of Clinton's wins of California, Nevada, Hawaii, Washington State, Oregon, parts of Main, New Hampshire and Vermont, all of New England region plus New York and its brother New Jersey, DC and Maryland, all of the States turned Red. That is 2/3 of the country. Even Utah, that the pundits and polls predicted would go to the popular independent candidate and local Utahan Evan McMullam swung to Trump and the remaining votes of 44% broke evenly between Clinton and McCullum. Even the key states were switched to Trump at the last minute. John Snow and Wolf Blitzer on CNN spent the night calculating Democrat vs Republican votes by counties on each electoral map. Fox News was visibly happy but muted their celebrations. Meanwhile MSNBC couldn't believe what was going on. Neither could BBC and RT News. Independent American and wider global media are equally shocked. Trump billed himself as an anti-establishment "outside the beltway" leader, who fights for the industrial and coal mining workers. But it was his promises relating to economic revival of the Rust belt, preaching a protectionist economic policy while pushing aside trade deals such as NAFTA and the highly unpopular TTIP=Trans Pacific Partnership doing away with a lot of ObamaCare and a harsh and strict immigration policy. One constellation is Trump will be heading to court for fraud over his Trump university. Another possible trial would be for another gruesome crime: alleged child rape.

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