Saturday, 12 November 2016

USA the people already want an end to Trump regime

Not your mama's protest: Pinta Effigy of Trump with a noose around its neck featured at one of the anti-Trump protest in Columbus Circle in New York City. Photo originally published on Naija News Rave.

Following the meeting between President Obama and President elect Trump on Wednesday, he stated his top priorities once he entered office. Among the priorities are immigration, borders and healthcare. Trump will also begin the long task of picking some 800 posts as part of his cabinet and White House team. It is no longer a shock that there is such a backlash against President elect Donald Trump. It will continue throughout his presidency. Post election protests across the country has become more common around the world. It is no different in the United States. The country is not immune to political fracasos. Recently Ukraine's Maidan and Egyptian commander Abdel Fattah al Sisi's presidential election in 2013. Hong Kong protests following the pro independence movement's push for more autonomy and less Beijing influenced elections. Brexit comes to mind and it is used as the most current example of mass protests via votes and protests. Unlike the 2000 elections when former President George W. Bush entered the White House, the night-time protests around the United States are far more intense but peaceful. Donald Trump was not a popular choice among any political saavy and non political people. Despite President Obama calling on Americans to come together for unity and respect America's "peaceful transition of power," ordinary Americans aren't having it. The media too has been harping on the peaceful transition of power not mentioning much about how the United States interrupts other nations' peaceful transitions of power via CIA coups, lopsided elections, wars of democracy, proxy wars and overthrowing leaders that don't comply with American exceptionalism or U.S. interests. Nor leaders who don't fit into the real politik of Washington Consensus and NATO. Many people are still trying to piece together the How of Trump's electoral victory.

Trump responded to Thursday's protest in Portland, Oregon by saying via Twitter the "protesters are being very unfair." He also argued that the media is inciting the anti-Trump protesters. Fox News and other independent media right wing channels have also pointed to an accusing finger at the mainstram media ie MSNBC, CNN and even the Democratic Party itself for encouraging the protesters after Hillary Clinton's campaign slogans of "Love Trumps Hate." Fox News has instantly labelled the protesters as "Liberal and anarchist protesters."

Tonight's Anti-Trump protest in Portland that include people shouting, throwing flares and smashing store front windows are now being called by the Portland police as "a riot." Riots generally involve heavy use of violence and physical assaults against protesters and buildings. Portland and Oakland's protesters have mostly been peaceful and involved shouting against Trump and marching on the highways. Protests are also happening in Denver, New York (originally organized by Socialist Alternative) and NYC is also Trump's birthplace, San Francisco where high school pupils walked out yesterday and today in anger. Protesters are emphasizing that the marching and chanting are mostly focused on respect to for all Americans and to fight against hate. This is minus the curses aimed at Trump.

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