Monday, 12 December 2016

Marrekesh Climate Change Summit COP 22, Moroccan beauty and Great Green Wall

Morocco and its place in the world. A kingdom for the last thousand years, Morocco is in Africa. North Africa to be exact. It borders the Atlantic Ocean to its West and Canary Islands. To the South is the occupied country of Western Sahara, to East is Algeria and South east is Mauritania. To Morocco's North is Spain and Corsica.

Marrakesh, the historical and famous city in Morocco is currently hosting COP 22 short for the Conference of Parties on Climate Change. The North African country has been dealing with its own climate change and is currently home to one of the largest solar power farms in Africa. The Sahara Desert is expanding south below Senegal, Mali and Chad. Many African countries are facing climate changes. Flooding and coastal erosion are huge problems in countries such as Liberia, Sudan, Senegal, South Africa and Ethiopia. Drought has historically been a reoccurring problem for many  countries from East to West and North to South. Johannesburg, South Africa's largest metropolis just experienced one of the worst flash flooding in years that swallowed thousands of homes, destroyed bridges, highways and left many people homeless and stranded. Major African leaders are currently in Marrakesh to attend COP 22. Also in attendance is outgoing UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon who hoping that climate change will be at the top of many country's agenda. Among the African leaders at Marrakesh are Uhuru Kenyetta Kenyan Prez and Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf of Liberia.

International Festival of Culture and Language Senegal and Morocco

Morocco and Senegal are ancient neighbours. Both countries share centuries old trade and diplomatic relations going back 500 years. Senegalese Islam and some architectures was influenced by Morocco and Morocco by Senegal. Outside Senegal, the Moroccan government has been reaching out to its other West African neighbours lately as part of its push to revive Moroccan interest in the wider African continent. Morocco is not part of the African Union although Moroccan history, culture and language is tied to Africa. It was originally kicked out of the African Union in for its illegal occupation of Western Sahara, the last remaining colony on the African continent.
Senegal and 10 other Saharan countries have been working on the Great Green Wall in Widou, Senegal to stop the spread of desertification from heading south towards Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and DR Congo. At least once a year, West Africa experienced mini sandstorm wind known as the hammatan winds that travel from the sahara to the cities and towns south of Senegal and Mali. 

Great Green Wall Al Jazeera

Morocco is known around the world for being a beautiful country. It has been featured in many movies, TV series and documentaries on Africa and the Middle East. Many authors and travellers of the past and present have commented on Moroccan beauty. Moroccan cuisine is a blend between African, Asia and slightly European. Most famous being the Coucous and targine. While the architecture and mountains is unique. There is also the cities of Tangier, Fez and Casablanca, Essouia not to forget movie studios. Marrekesh is famous for its ancient city, Jemaa el fna markeplace which led to the launch of UNESCO in 1980s (Jemaa is a UNESCO World Heritage site), its non political local culture and traditions going back to Almorovids and even before Islam. That's why Marrekesh was chosen because it is apolitical and more cultural and friendly face of Morocco.

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