Friday, 13 January 2017

Australia Uluru National Park closed after rare rain storm

The famed Uluru rock formation (aka Ayers' Rock) in Uluru National Park in Central Australia experienced a painting like waterfall over the otherwise dry rock formation caused by a rare freak rainstorm.

Delayed news story originally written December 21, 2016

Australia is famed for its natural beauty both on the coast and in the plain. Despite being one of the smallest of the 7 continent, Australia has some of the most unique landscapes in the world. Australia is mostly desert except for the large coastal cities and inland towns. AMong Australia's well known national symbols and landmarks is Uluru Rock formation or Ayers Rock. It is located in the Uluru National Park more than 300 kilometers Southwest of the town of Alice Springs in the Northwestern territory where the coastal city of Darwin is located further North. Yesterday, a rare rainstorm in the area flooded the top of Uluru Rock formation transforming the dry sandstone from its usual rust red color to a beautiful waterfall. As beautiful as the waterfall streaking across Uluru was, it led to flash flooding and evacuations of the small town of Kintore, Papunya and Yular. Fortunately no one was killed. 

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