Thursday, 19 January 2017

Fear the boogeyman: Russia's Everywhere

Trump on Inauguration Day. Cartoon drawn by Mike Luckovich

According to the news pundits the last two weeks, the end is nigh. By tomorrow, Donald Trump, the loud, rude, orange haired businessman from New York will finally be in the White House. The news pundits and journalists have been in unofficial mourning period since Trump won the elections with the help of the Electoral College's undemocratic method of picking the loser of the U.S. elections. No other country in the world has an electoral college system. No other local or regional election in America uses the college to confirm their votes.  Even when it comes to international elections, the U.S. government generally has the first and last final say on how Democratic an election or government are ie the War for Democracy. The mourning is for the now once criticized Obama presidency and for what could be last of the relaxed, liberal democratic society aka the U.S.

Vin Armani Show interview James Corbett on Russia as a Boogeyman and geopolitics

Not Russian hacking, it's malfunctioning technology stupid

No one knows what Trump will do further down the line and what kind of craziness he will spew in impromptu interviews and diplomatic meetings with other heads of states. One thing the pundits do know is that Trump is surprisingly comfortable and at peace with Putin and Russia. His Secretary of State pick Rex Tillerson is a little more cautious about Russia's friendship. Trump and Putin have been relatively cordial with one another. The foreign policy analysts, CIA, FBI, Senate Intelligence committee, news casters and neo conservatives (ie Brzezinski, Rumsfeld, ) are nervous about the U.S. getting close to Russia. The only neocon foreign policy head who isn't running for the hills is Henry Kissenger. He is the same former Secretary of state who gave the world RealPolitik foreign policy. Russia has been rebranded in the media stereotype as gulag country and Putin as a second Josef Stalin. By the way, Stalin was paranoid megalomanic who didn't trust anyone including his inner circle. He was regarded as extreme even by Soviet standards. Putin doesn't even come close Stalin if the comparison must be made. President Obama actually said nothing happens in Russia without Putin. Ordinary Russians are getting on with their daily lives without paying any attention to Putin. Trade is still going and for the most part, citizens can get away with critiquing Putin and the Russian government as a whole. Contrary to the pundits' belief, Putin's power is limited to the presidency. It is actually the Russian Prime Minister Mededev who has more power across the country like his PM counterparts around the world. Mededev has to deal with more public and diplomatic backlashes over the smallest mistakes.

MSNBC interview with Kellyanne Conway: "CIA and FBI need to get over themselves about Russian hacking"

So the intelligence agencies particularly CIA, FBI, Homeland Security and NSA insist that Russia is responsible for Trump's recent electoral win to a random electric grid outage in Vermont. Putin has been single-handedly blamed for costing Hillary Clinton. There were reports and complaints from voters and election poll workers about voting machine failure throughout election day in multiple states. It was not caused by Russia. This has been a reoccuring complaint for many years alongside voter disenfranchisement. Investigative reporter Greg Palast has dedicated many years to reporting and speaking up on election malfunctions and voter disenfranchisement. Many electoral commissions across the country has suggested the U.S. scrap the electronic voting machines and stick to paper ballots. Keep in mind, Russia wasn't blame for tempering with election machines in any other electoral race prior to 2016 elections. In any other election, the same pundits and journalists would've dismissed the Russian hacking bandwagon accusers as conspiracy theorists.

It is worth asking why would a president or prime minister of a country personally oversee the hacking of another country's electoral system? Why go to great lengths in the first place? What world leader has that type of hacking skills? Or what country would want to make it known to the entire universe that their office or ministry of defence committed such an egregious act without a sincere apology? Why leave voting machines wide up to sabotage that easily? Where is the evidence and hackers themselves? First rule of any criminal accusation brought to trial emphasises that the accuser have some type of evidence for the alleged crime that took place. It's what students learn in mock trial proceedings at school. Evidence is what can help or kill anyone's chances of getting through a rigorous trial. As fate has it there are no Russian hackers to be seen. Not even names have emerged. The media pundits and journalists still point three fingers at Russia and even try to blame kids with hoodies to show how easy it is to hack into anything. CNN had to apologize for using a screen shot of Fallout4 computer screen to demonstrate what the supposed Russian hacker's screen would look like. Now that the Russian hacker story is falling apart, the pundits have moved to accusing Russia of planting fake news on the internet and even accusing RT News (Russia Today) of spreading "Russian propaganda" to ordinary Americans. RT has been as critical of Russia as any other news channel. Again propaganda is the CIA's area of expertise. The agency actually admitted to spreading propaganda to the American public in 1975. The news outlets themselves have used propaganda from time to time to keep the public quiet or from avoiding massive criticism on topics such as terrorism,health care price gauging, police brutality, racism, unbelivable selfishness of corporate ceos and bosses towards their own employees, wars for democracy and corruption in the electoral system. In previous years, when propaganda is mentioned, most ordinary Americans tend to turn on their heels or want to run for cover not believing that the media and indirectly government could spew propaganda on their TVs and radios. Not any more. Americans don't need the news dumb down for them nor told that American exceptionalism can save them for the horrors of the world. Nor is the USA the centre of the universe. Most Americans don't believe the media or the pundits anyway. Independent and alternative news has been gaining popularity for decades now. Early today, social media exploded when C-SPANs regular live broadcast on Congressional voting was interrupted for ten minutes by RT's live newsfeed. It was an accidental channel routing. Interrupted broadcasts happens on other channel networks sometimes with commercials interrupting live feeds or screen freezes. Technical problems occur many times on CNN, MSNBC, BBC, Al Jazeera, etc. No one accuses Russia of tampering with news feed.

George Galloway comments on the recent CSPAN feed cut and replaced by RT News

Occupation of the American mind: Documentary on how Israeli leaders, media and propaganda want to keep the American people confused and silenced on the Israeli occupation of Palestine and it's illegality.

CIA has three fingers pointing back at it

The CIA too has jumped on the Russian hacking elections accusation. The ironies abound. If one remembers American foreign policy throughout the cold war, the CIA was purposely sabotaging the governments of many countries around the world. Castro and Gaddhaffi were witnesses and survivors to multiple CIA operations that weren't mere coincidences. CIA aided assassinations of popular democratic leaders via military coups, protected dictators and armed factions, bombing countries, demonizing popular liberation movements, pro communist revolutionary and rebel forces, turning half the Global South into an unnecessary tug of war conflict zone. For a time, CIA was also comfortable with Mujahideen fighting the soviets. The agency still does this now. It's common knowledge and known by the media pundits now accusing Russia of hacking.

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