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Fortress America? Border Walls and people who rely border trade to live

Parts of the Rio Grande Valley with distant hot air balloons. In Texas, the valley is both a place of beauty and an unofficial natural barrier along the Tex-Mex border. Thanks to Mother Nature and topography, building a wall is far more complicated.

Recent talks and interviews have already stated that President Trump is targeting sanctuary cities and going ahead in building his near 2,000 mile border wall along the Southern United States and Mexico border. The only problem is that there is already an existing border wall made out of iron and as high as 24+ feet. Unless Trump is seeking to build an exact replica of Israel's 24 ft high cement apartheid wall that doesn't even follow the 1967 border with Occupied Palestine, the White House's $5-15 billion wall  will be a logistical mess and is going add on more debt for the country. It will also be environmentally destructive as part of the proposed wall will run through the Rio Grand Valley  including its snaking rivers, protected floodplains, Big Bend National Park and privately owned farmland on Texas-Mexico border. In South Texas, many border cities McAllen, Tx, Brownsville, El Paso and Laredo, TX rely on cross border trade, trucking, tourism and currency flow for their livelihoods. Even if some residents of the mentioned towns and many more cities agree with the security aspect behind a new wall, a physical barrier would harm local businesses' survival and trade not to mention tourism industry. As now there would be additional charges and transportation costs for going through the border. Oh yes, Trump's 20% import tax on goods and products coming from Mexico to the U.S. high border tax will also apply. San Diego is a large border city and metropolis that extends to San Ysidro and Otay Mesa, CA. Both city's southern borders are hemmed in by the existing 18 ft high border wall. Like their Texas counterpart, the small cities are also anxious about a new wall effecting cross border business. Georgraphy and nature itself already serves as natural barrier on parts of the border where there is no wall such as the Sonora Desert that cross both Mexico and the United States. Big Bend is also a rigged and jagged barrier to any brave person attempting to cross the Rio Grande Valley.

Must See: CNN rare report from border wall in South Texas and Big Bend National Park

In response to Prez Trump's recent call for a new border wall construction

Interview with Former Mexican President Vicente Fox: "Wall is stupid and a Wast of taxpayer money" by Anderson Cooper

At certain times it is understandable that countries want to defend their borders be it through the state or armed groups. There is no law forbidding border defenses. However excessive force at border crossings is a cause for legal scrunity. It's worth noting that one of former President Obama's departing acts was ending the Wet Foot/Dry foot policy that has allowed thousands of Cubans who would be illegal immigrants under normal circumstances, to settle in Florida. Some are granted legal status in Florida. There are many who are now in limbo with Trump's new strict, no-nonsense immigration policy. Trump's supporters and pundits exclaim, "he's doing what he promised. A man who keeps his word." While half of the United States is applauding the move as quickly as its occuring, the other half is both reflecting and protesting for some sort of amnesty for illegal immigrants in the country and fighting against deportations that will effect some 11 million people in the U.S. illegally. Even border state governors expressed concerned about massive deportation from the United States. Most of the illegal immigrants coming through Mexico nowasays are from Central America: Honduras, El Salvador, Guatamala. Many times, immigrants have to cross two or three countries to arrive in the U.S. The terrain that the men, women and children is just as brutal ranging from rivers, deserts, vallies, riding freigh trains nicknamed "La Bestia", are sometimes chased by gangs tied to some drug cartels both at home and within Mexico. El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras are still feeling the effects from their brutal civil wars of the 1980s-1990s where the U.S. backed death squads, police and military governments massacred hundreds of people and sent thousands of people fleeing North towards the United States for safety. One consequences of the Salvadereno war are large gangs who take advantage of the war's traumatizing effects and unresolved causes of it to wage war on civilians until today. It's not just Central America. Illegal immigrants also come from Asia: China, South Korea, Phillipines and India. The four countries now lead the large number of illegal immigrants who are entering the countries. Among the most well known of immigrants are prize winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas who speaks out on behalf of immigrants wit and Korean American Adam Casper from Vancouver, Washington state. Casper's story is particulary heart breaking. He was adapted at 3 years old along with the sister by an American couple from Korea. His fairytale future didn't have a happy ending. Casper was abused by his adoptive family, dumped into foster care, arrested and abused again and joined a gang as a form of self protection. He was able to be rehabilitated from his past abusive life and start his own loving family. Just as his life was turning around for the better, he was deported from the U.S. due to his criminal background despite attempts by his friends and neighbors to have him stay. Jose Antonio Vargas has not slowed down and continues to fight for illegal people living under stress and out of the .  Remember, the modern United States' founding was based on illegal white European immigration to North America and Australia. Trump does not see the irony nor pay much attention to the personal stories of Jose Vargas or Adam Casper. He most likely forgotten the story of Elian Gonzales.

Is this what Trump meant by constructing a new border wall? Israeli Apartheid Wall in Occupied Palestine? The wall cuts 10% of the West Bank off to Palestinians living in Occupied Jerusalem and from privately owned Palestinian lands on both sides of the wall. Netanyahu would no doubt be happy to advise the White House on a similar wall.

Border walls have always been breached asked the historians

It has been proven throughout history that contrary to popular sayings, border walls do not and have never truly work. There is only one exception being Israeli wall with Palestine but even that people have found ways around it. China's Great Wall couldn't keep out the Mongol Empire or Ghenghis Khan and his descedants from conquiering China. The Berlin only lasted 30 years but didn't stop people from attempting to criss-cross between two Germanies. The double fenced border wall between Morocco and the Spanish colonial territorities of Cueta and Melila has been scaled by so many migrants in the past and recently that the Spanish border patrol has now used SWAT tactics to deter African migrants away from Cueta and Melila, one of the entry points to the EU. Saudi Arabia is currently building a wall on its northern border between itself and Jordan to keep out its own created ISIS frankstens that will probably work for a short amount of time.

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