Friday, 20 January 2017

Inaugural Anxiety on protests and trials

Tomorrow is a big day for Donald and Melanie Trump. The whole country is both nervious and anxious. Trump is now in DC and literally brought his entire family including the grandchildren to the inaugural gala. Inspite of the cries and protests by many anti-facist and anti-racism groups who will be in full force on Inauguration Day and weekend, the U.S. will swallow the bitter reality that Trump will be the 45th President. Trump will soon be facing mountains of stress and anxiety tat comes with being president. He also has the codes to the nuclear codes. He has not entered the White House yet and we already see signs of nepotism, crony-ism and an administrative oligarchy. This is not new. The U.S. presidency has a long history of the later two. The pundits are still pouring on accolades for First Lady Michelle Obama, the Obama Presidency. Mother Nature has so far behaved herself. There will not be a freak storm or blizzard heading to DC tomorrow. It will be cloudy and slightly raining but the rain should clear up by Trump's swearing in. One million people are expected to be at the swearing in ceremony rain or shine. Trump supporters, Fox News analysts, reporters, pundits and rural American have been incredibly excited over the inauguration. They are looking forward to calling Donald Trump president. Andrew Card, the former Chief of Staff for George W. Bush has been visiting the MSNBC and CNN studios to share his experiences on past inauguration while hoping that Trump will not do anything unusual during or after Inauguration Day. On the security front, DC metro police, homeland security and FBI have set up barricades in and around 1600 Pennsylvania Ave from Blair House all the way to Congress. The barricades ranging from metal gates and cement blocks are meant to protect everyone from copycat truck attacks in Berlin and Nice. Some news channel have also indirectly hinted at the hanging fear of a worst case scenario for tomorrow: assassination attempt. It's a legitimate fear that is constantly invoked whenever a president and vice president is in a massive crowd. So far, such a shocking inaugural assassination scenario is the fiction of the hit tv series Designated Survivor. However, the designated survivor position is real but has rarely been used as featured in the show. With the exception of September 11th attacks. The post was originally created during the early days of the Cold War in case of a debilitating attack on U.S. soil. Fears aside, the anticipation is building all around.

Inaugural fear: CNN: Who is 'designated survivor' at inauguration?

ABC News Arizon The Real Designated Survivor and Continuity of Government

Euromaidan dejavu in US? Jan20th Protests ignored by the mainstream media

For the other half of the United States, men, women and children are boycotting Inauguration Day by not watching or attending it. Interestingly, over 30+ Democratic congressmen and women publicly refused to attend Trump's inauguration. They are not obliged to attend. Obama will be attendence. Over a million Americans will be joining various Jan 20th protests across the country and in DC itself. A large kaledescope of diverse groups under the banner of Disrupt Jan20th, are protesting against Trump's Mussolini 2.0 personality and his fascist populism. No, not all the protesters are left wing or liberals as many right wing and neo nazi groups point out. People are marching with their feet for the human rights of African Americans, children, women, Muslims, immigrants and migrants, victims of abuse, etc. Among the groups mentioned are the Woman's March on Saturday Jan 21st, the unions, Answer Coalition once the largest anti-war group will also be present during the protest. Trump isn't the first sworn president to face massive protest. George W. Bush was met with protests and people hurling objects at Bush during his inaugural pride in 2001. The Disrupt Jan 20th protests have been planned weeks ago. The majority of the protests will be peaceful unless disguised saboteurs infiltrate Jan 20th groups and start violently clashing with police. Even the anarchists are not missing their opportunity to join the Trump protests. Russian President Vladmir Putin has compared the building anti Inauguration protests already occurring around the country as the United States' own Euromaidan. It's in reference to the Euromaidan protests in Kiev that overthrew the Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych in November 2013. While the protests won't transform into an American colour revolution, it hasn't stopped right wing news analysts and pundits such as Alex Jones for blaming "Global elite" or "Globalists" for the nationwide protests against Trump.

Cabinet on Trial: Trials of Tillerson, Carson and Devos

Many more news networks are meditating on Trump's cabinet picks, Rex Tillerson, Betsy Devos, Ben Carson, have all gone through the usual Congressional and senate hearings that can last for weeks and sometimes months. Oddly enough, the senators dishing out the harsh trials are Trump's own opponents. Marco Rubio grilled Rex Tillerson. John Lewis grilled Jeff Sessions. Bernie Sanders is currently questioning Betsy Devos, the soon to be Education secretary who can't answer a single question related to mathematics and her own experiences. Tom Price, a healthcare stock trader, whose against government sponsored health system, is also a senator from Georgia and the current Chairman of the House Budget Committee was also questioned by Elizabeth Warren. Price will be heading the Department of Health. As with other political events, the various senators launching the questions at the cabinet picks are not coincidental. The trial will be halted for Inauguration Day.

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