Friday, 20 January 2017

Inauguration Day and protests

PBS News Hour: Trump signs first official documents as U.S. president

Inauguration Day went off without any problems. The inaugural address was a more polished and less bombastic campaign ode than the usual inaugural speech. A third of the crowd on the national mall wore the famous "Make America Great" red caps and cowboy hats. The former presidents Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, George W. Bush were cordial with one another. Even Bob Dale made a rare public appearance at the inauguration stand sitting near the entrance. Dale was greeted by all the presidents including the new President Trump. For the millions of supporters watching at home and the under 1 million at the National mall, Trump's inauguration is the "ha ha" and "we told ya so" confirmation that Trump will get what he wants in the end. And that an outsider was long overdue to be the White House.

Inauguration Day Live Coverage plus protesters

Now Donald Trump will have a full plate of bills and signing to do on his first and in the next 100 days. Among the bills signed 30 minutes ago was a bill to make a national patriotic day and anothe rbill to waiver a general from serving. Reality is slowly going to hit Trump like a brick wall. Both Barack and Michelle Obama are on their way to Palm Springs, CA to begin their new lives as civilians once again. They won't be leaving DC for good until their daughter Sasha is finished with high school in the next two years. Bidens have gone back home to Delware. The whole Trump family will be bouncing from a fancy lunch at Congress to three different inaugural balls.

ABC News: Trump Inauguration | Protesters Blocking Passage to Celebration

There are ongoing anti-Trump protests in DC and across the country that have been ignored by the mainstream media thus far. Inauguration Day is choreograph carefully and extra care is taken to show the public and world a united country despite the political and social divisions brought on by Trump's win. Remember, the protesters are not Democratic supporters. Most of the protests aren't even about rather or not if the U.S. would be better off if Trump wasn't the final choice. The election debate has long been over. Many protesters are union workers, human rights activists, health care workers, pro education, socialists, Marxist, moderate, anti-capitalist, anti-corporation and most apolitical as far as the two parties are concerned. They are interested in real and genuine justice for all people and want human rights to be protected for all Americans. Environmental protesters tried to block some public attendees' entrance into the inaugural grounds while chanting to protect Mother Earth.


RT News: Protests against Trump’s inauguration in Washington, DC

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