Tuesday, 7 March 2017

La Nina partially halts CA's drought, year supply of rain is too much

La Nina's flood story in CA

The recent Oroville Dam spill and flood shook up the small towns and villages in Butte County North of California's capital Sacramento. January and February's cyclical floods across the state follows the old saying be careful what you ask for. For years, Californians had asked for rain no matter how large or small to end the drought. La Nina was predicted to come soon all last year. However, Mother Nature has a good sense of humor. The rains did come down early this year. No one in California anticipated literally one year supply of rain dumped on the state in the form of La Nina a large rain storm building up in the Pacific. La Nina delivered more than what ordinary Californians could've imagine in less than two weeks. The highest dam in the United States, Oroville Dam located in Butte County, was so back up with water and overwhelmed that the dam's few spillways had to be open to relieve the water's built up. The dam's few spillways couldn't hold back the water leading to 100,000 people in neighboring towns and villages being evaucated. SoCal or Southern California also experienced flooding in the flatlands and the hills to the shook of many residents. Once the shock of La Nina subsided, the state has been counting its fortunates. Farmers and reservoirs are happy for the time being. Los Angeles' reservoirs has been replenish. The diehard skiers and snowboarders have been enjoying the extra powder ie snow in the Sierra Nevada resorts Lake Tahoe and Carson City. People still have to conserve water as the drought is still ongoing. There has been few rains the last few weeks but they have been on and off. The soil is also overwhelmed with the water. When allowed and left alone to do so, the Earth can heal itself. It just takes time and the right opportunity of rain, sun, moon and oceans to cooperate. Everything in Earth's tandem ecosystem relies cooperation and interdependence from other living organisms to thrive. Changing it does more harm than is realized. As much as Mother Nature causes grieve in the form of floods and destroyed homes, she also brings new life.

Upclose Spillway coverage in Oroville, CA

Melting snow causes flooding concerns in South Lake Tahoe

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