Sunday, 5 March 2017

Trump regime as a dictatorship: Orwell rolls in his grave

Remember that most business people who act out as Trump does would be reprimanded for their misconduct and unprofessional behaviour by both customers and investors.

The Trump Presidency is proving to be exhausting and stressful for all Americans. Beyond politics, most Americans are literally exhausted by the month long Trump presidency. It feels as though Trump has been in office for a year already. The pundits, journalists and ordinary people long ago anticipated Trump turning the White House into a reality show a la Celebrity Apprentice. But no one anticipated the Mussolini like persona of Trump or the need to publicly curse the media as "the enemy of the American people."

White House bans top media outlets including BBC from White House press briefings

The United States is currently witnessing what many countries have witness and continue to when economic crisis and political instability do long standing harm to society, a prelude to a dictatorship. This is not an exaggeration or a joke. Trump has so far been following the steps toward a dictatorial regime. Trump himself is the clinical definition of a narcissist who sees no fault in his actions or public outbursts nor has shown any remorse. He blames everyone else like a spoiled child. These are some of the personality traits of stubborn leaders who eventually become leaders for life. He takes charismatic passion to another level. George Orwell, the author of the Magnum Opus 1984 and Animal Farm is spinning in his grave. The book 1984 has become a best seller once again. It is required reading in schools and is quoted for its warning on "newspeak" government propaganda (which is not new even in the U.S.) to quiet society's worries over the uncheck power of a corrupt government. Orwell who often wrote about propaganda and society's fear of Big Brother have come to fruition in a country he would've never guess would experience some of his two books' woes, the United States. Unfortunately, Orwell is not around to offer his take on the likes of Trump or his regime. He passed away in 1950 just as the Cold War was heating up. As expected, Trump has not let Orwell down in his use of newspeak aka "alternative facts" when referring to defence and national security state. The topping of the cake, Trump and his councillor Kellyanne Conway have been making up terror attacks Bowling Green Massacre and a non existent terror attack in Sweden that had former Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt scratching his head wondering if Trump had smoked something. Most Swedes just laughed at the failed attempt by Trump to terrify his supporters with images of terror abroad that could harm the United States.


Nixon, Republican not like us

Former Sen. Bob Dole, "GOP is too Extreme" on today's GOP


Richard Nixon, who is regarded as one of the worst presidents (alongside G.W. Bush) in recent American history, at least had the decency to hold back on being vulgar in public and acknowledge the Watergate scandal's far reaching consequences and resign in the middle of congressional hearings for impeachment. Nixon also cursed the media but again did it in private by referring to the press as the enemy. In 1970s America, Nixon was regarded as a conservative Republican yet flexible when it came to compromises. Flexibility is what Trump appears to be avoiding. It is worth mentioning, Nixon wanted to create an Affordable Care Act some 40 years before the current program, he also created the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) in response to the burning rivers around the U.S. at the time. The Cuyahoga River had become so polluted from the combined steel mills and industrial waste that it literally caught fire in 1969 and was America's most polluted river. It sits east of Cleveland, Ohio and feeds into Lake Erie. It was well known then that environmental problems were a national priority. Decades before climate change become part of everyday vocabulary, environmental protectors and advocates (not protesters), warned of future consequences of ignoring environmental destruction and damages. OSHA came into existence under Nixon and he supported Lyndon Johnson's Great Society programs. He criticised various government agencies but knew when to be diplomatic. During the 70s, Liberal Republicans still exists under the term Rockefeller Republicans. Nearly 45 years later, Liberal Republicans have nearly disappeared from the party. The history of Liberal Republicans is unknown by many Americans today even the historians. By today's conservative standards, Nixon would be too moderate for Trump and his supporters. Ronald Regean, Bob Dole, John Kasiach, John McCain, even Mitt Romney are moderate Republicans who listen to ordinary people and their Democratic opponents. They have criticized the Trump supporters and Tea Party as being so far right that they refuse to hear the other side and dismiss the left and moderates as weak and in some instances emasculated by feminism. They are perhaps the last of the Eisenhower Republicans. Trump is indifferent to the EPA, doesn't believe in climate change despite the evidence and is currently seeking to crush Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare as quickly as possible.

Nixon's Resignation Speech compared to politicians of today

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