Sunday, 7 May 2017

No bread and butter programs for all: White House budgets cuts necessary programs

This is an earlier article that wasn't originally posted on the day it was written. Here it is and enjoy the read.

This week (March 16), the new White House budget was finally revealed after much anticipation and speculation over what programs and necessities that will be cut to make way for a $54 billion expenditure on military defence. This is not a joke. The United States has held the record for decades now for spending more on defence the next five countries combined Russia included. Even during the Cold War and World War II after Russia, the U.S. had the more costly military. It still has the most military bases of any country in the world putting the Genghis Khan and Roman Empire's far reach militaries to shame. Trump made it clear from the beginning of last year, he was going to spend money, resources and tears on military defence to fight ISIS and terrorism at all costs. Trump comes for a military background minus the fighting in Vietnam. As a youngster, he attended a Military boarding school in Queens, NY. He loved military discipline from a young age whereas most children would've been seeking to leave the tough environment. Also remember, Trump's father Fred Trump Jr. was a social darwinist who instilled the same mind and idea into his children and snubbed the idea that America is an unequal society.

Art and food feeds and heals the soul

Now the country knows which programs will be axed. The EPA, climate intiative, Meals on Wheels, National Endowment for the Arts and Humanities and Public Broadcasting will loose funding for this year. All the mentioned programs important for millions of Americans and all relate to mental and healthy development for babies and adults. The Meal on Wheels provides thousands of necessary assistant to seniors, disabled and immobile people who can't leave their houses either to work or to buy food. Meals on Wheels provides a helping hand free of charge for its receipts. PBS has been providing children and adults with renowned educational programs on literacy aka Seasame Street, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, Frontline, POV docuseries and various children's programs teaching children the alphabet and grammar, maths, science, engineering, how to interact with the world, to be good citizens, to treat people with respect and treat the Earth with care. Than there is the ARTS: televised musical concerts, opera, Broadway, world travel series that humanizes the countries that U.S. has issues with in ways that the mainstream media can't, natural and nutritional lessons, local culture and society in a fun and interactive way that is open to the general public via television and radio and not just to the extremely wealthy and snobby businessmen.  The EPA has been helping protect the ecosystem within the United States for the last 40 years. It is due to its existence, that the United States' has been able to recognize systems and methods to avoid environmental destruction, take climate change seriously, put in necessary environmental regulations to reduce CO2 emissions and releases annual reports on the environment and climate changes impact. The EPA isn't all about tree hugging and placard waving students.

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