Sunday, 14 May 2017

Suffer the people, new U.S. healthcare bill is an insult those in need

Did Marquis de Sade write This Healthcare Bill?

Last week, the House of Representatives at last passed a new healthcare bill that seeks to kill with no pun intended, the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare for millions of Americans. The new healthcare bill would charge everyone from cancer patients, elderly, children and people in need of continuous medication for congestive diseases thousands of dollars in premiums, hospitalization, doctor visits and surgeries among other necessities. Millions of Americans have or had one of the many "pre-existing" conditions that are no longer covered by the new Trump/Republican health bill that is now bouncing around the Senate. Among the conditions not covered by the bill are heart murmurs, AIDS/HIV, cancer, post portem depression, hospitalization, pregnancy, diabetes, heart conditions, domestic violence, sexual assault and rape and mental disorders. These are just a few of every diseases and health problem that each American has experience at least once their lives. This goes for both the cities and villages. It will affect some health care systems at the state level. Every major medical organizations across the country opposed the bill AARP, American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society, Physicians Association, local doctors and hospitals. People have been protesting non stop outside of Congress. Of course, the congressional families and leaders have their own specialized healthcare that gives them immediate access to the best medical care and doctors in the country. While their constituents have to jump through fire or bleed money to get the same treatment. Until congress members experience some of the health problems faced by their constituents, they will never comprehend just how important access to low cost and effective healthcare is to ordinary Americans.

The Jimmy Dore Show: Trump on Australian health care system and Dore comments on U.S. health care system

To add a cruel insult to injury, during a meeting with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Trump turned to Turnbull and said, "You have better healthcare than we do." Turnbull was beyond shocked by the comment and seemed to nervously smile not missing the irony in what Trump had said. The United States is one of the few if not the only developed country to not provide full universal healthcare to all its citizens. In the rest of the Western World including Japan, healthcare is seen as a human right for all citizens not just a privilege. No one would even think of changing the health care law and systems to match America's failed system without thousands coming out onto the streets. The bill and struggles of millions of Americans to afford healthcare while trying to live a healthy life is seen as wickedness outside the United States. There is nothing funny or harmless about the bill sitting in the Senate. The senate might change some provisions but overall, the damage to ordinary people have been done. The irony is the United States spends the most on healthcare out of all their counterparts. Australia, New Zealand or Japan for the most part pay far less and the emphasis on health in these countries are linked to quality of life as well. Even Cuba, which has had to fight a 50 year old embargo, still has a better health system that covers all Cuban citizens, health system emphasizes preventative care and patient recovery and medications do not cost an arm and leg. Again no pun intended. In most countries including African countries you can find pharmacies (not the brand named corner store but actual pharmacies) on every other city block with necessary medication for most illnesses and diseases.

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