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"Necrophilous" Part 4
From the independent documentary series Counter-Intelligence examining the recent and historical origins of the role of violence, racism and psychological warfare in US Foreign Policy in Asia and Latin America including the Middle East. The rest of Counter Intelligence can be viewed here.

Dehumanization, desensitization and distance: makes viewers unmoved to by "bad news" from abroad

Manufacturing Consent: Benard Henri Levy and war
Bernard Henri-Levy, the French "new philosopher" selling military adventures of Global Elite

Cult of killing and Symbolic Order of Western Barbarism

Burning bodies does constitute a war crime:
Recently released graphic photos from the 2004 Siege and battle of Fallujah show American soldiers burning the bodies of Iraqi insurgents and even posing next to Iraqi skeletons. The photos were released by TMZ.

Hollywood and CIA: Covert Politics

Screen Propaganda, Hollywood and CIA

Dangerous Games: Why is the West Criticizing Sochi games, bashing Vladimir Putin

Journalism, floods and Climate Change: Bias towards power is corporate media

Angolan Civil War Documentary Film

   CIA and the Angolan Civil War Part 1 1975

Documentary: The New Great Game - How Western Domination is ending in the Middle East. From Press TV

Western influences and power that has kept the Middle East and Africa in a tight grip is loosening in large and small ways. The imperialist game of control intimidation and fear via economic sanctions and political bullying has been shaken to its foundations by the millions of people during the regional spring, anger at Western foreign policy and wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. The role of strategic waterways and trade is greatly affected by the demise of hegemonic imperialist powers and a possible multipower world or new regional economic-political blocks. The end is near but it will happen gradually and be replaced by the power and rise of peoples across the Global South.  

Making killing machines into "Cool gadgets and awesome machinery"

The Legendary Kalashnikov via RT

The world's most well known defense machine AK 47 created by its namesake ex Russian general Mikhail Kalashnikov whose recent passing a few days before Christmas has both stunned and relieved millions of people around the world who had first hand experience with his machine. Its origins based on defending soldiers in battles when he himself was injured during a gunfight in world war 2 and why its still regarded as the weapon of choice for most of the world including rebel groups to special elite forces.

Rise of the Drones on NOVA program PBS

Some defense companies and American military hope that drones can replace infantry and military airmen in the future to reduce the cost of human deaths (soldiers) and equipment. Drones are regarded as a cost effective way of overcoming an expensive military budget. The drones appropriately named "Reaper" ie Grim Reaper (Death) and "Predator" loaded with Hell Fire missiles are controlled from trailers and other buildings by American military men and women with a video game like joystick via satellite. But it comes at a high expense to civilians in the countries it is used in. The future use of drones have been dubbed, "Terminator Planet"

Anybody's son will do 1983 Pt 1

A documentary on how military and other armed forces recruiters overlook or sugar coat warfare and actual life in the military when recruiting young men and women. Many new recruits have had a rude awakening once entering the force. The remaining parts can be watched here

The Other side of American Democracy

The US has long prides itself on having an exceptional Democracy one that has not been changed or collapsed through foreign occupation or outside pressure. The US Constitution is over 200 years old and its amendments has changed due to a combination of social unrest, movements and nation wide protest. For the most part, the political system has remained stable even in political tensions that would lead to coups or military takeovers in other countries. There has not been any dictators or regimes equivalent to the fascist regimes in Europe in pre and post War years sitting in DC or other states. However for all the pat on the back that Americans give themselves for having "the greatest Democracy in the world," the rights and humanity of some American citizens have been ignored by the very system and institutions set up to protect them from government violations of human rights, violent discrimination and opposition to them. For the constant championing of being "a nation of immigrants," for decades immigrants from Southern Europe, Latin America (Central and South America), Asia and Africa were discriminated against on a local and national bases in the workplace, schools, media imagery which aided in alienating and demonizing immigrants as not only swamping the US education and health services but in the age old context of "them not following our way of life nor comprehending our values and society." Even religious minorities such as Jews and Catholics were negatively discriminated against and treated as existential threats within the US society which was a Protestant majority country for most of its history until 1800s. JFK, remains the US' only Catholic president and also faced discrimination for being Irish as a child in Boston. Despite being new money in the 1920s, the Kennedys found Boston to be a hostile place so much so that the Kennedys relocated to New York. When Republican candidate Mitt Romney ran in the 2004 Presidential elections, he also found American society equally skeptical of his religion Mormonism. Some voters outright said they would not vote for a Mormon president. Despite women and African Americans' enshrined rights, women still face violence on the streets, schools and homes in addition to machismo that subtly fills the media and culture across the US. The mainstream media and white American often accuse African Americans and other Americans of color of playing the race card or seeking racial entitlements for rightfully demanding further equal rights and protection against institutionalize racism.

Help the US to comply with International Law

Children in American Prisons 

Young prisoner learning in prison

 A justice system that still sends a majority of people of color to prison for a variety of broken laws and non violent offense. Some prisoners are wrongfully accused of violating the laws under numerous circumstances ranging from minor to larger crimes. The US has the world's largest imprisoned population in the world at 2.2 million, roughly the size of a small or medium size country. Even children from 14 years old are being sent to youth prisons known as juvenile prisons or "Juvy" and dubbed "juvenile delinquents." The school to prison pipeline has been growing for years. Juvenile prisons is a method to straighten out misbehaving or disruptive children. A Pennsylvania judge was recently found guilty of sending local Pennsylvania children to prison for cash. once serving a prison sentence, many former prisoners or ex convicts are marked for life. Many former prisoners find the job market nearly closed to giving them a second chance in finding decent work or pay. The stigma associated with prison life although glorified in films and culture follows millions of Americans who are release after serving a long sentence. The stigma also extends to children who leave Juvenile prisons. The United States along with Israel, UK and countless other countries have sent children to serve prison sentences or having police deal with teenagers in the same manner as college students or adults.

Prime Time Juvenile Prisons 

Protest against child prisoners from Iraq and Afghanistan imprisoned in American military camps

Stone Cold Justice: Israel abuses and torture Palestinian children than use them to gather intelligence  on Palestinian groups in the occupied territories

The Origins of the World Citizen and Pacificism

JFK, Civil Rights and Internationalism

East New York City square renamed African Burial Grounds

European cultural imperialism in Neo Colonial Societies: The Non universal nuclear family 

African Americans must pursue their full human rights

The colorblind being led by the blind

Top 10 Countries to be a woman: 100 Women

Since when? Gay rights the Sochi Olympics

Strange Color Revolution: More "Gay Protests" at Russia's Sochi Olympics

Sochi: Bringing Olympic Spirit back to the Games
A photo gallery of Sochi's Olympic site

No talk of Gay rights please, we're Olympians

Shoot the President: 50 Year Anniversary of the JFK Assassination

50 years has passed since President John F. Kennedy was killed in Dallas. However, the Kennedys still remain the most popular of Presidencies and first family. The assassination of JFK one of the first televised shootings of a public official and confusing events at the time, has spawned its own conspiracy theories for decades. The image of the lone gunman (as Lee Harvery Oswalkd came to symbolized) was still uncommon and unheard of in the media. In the 1960s, Oswald was an unusual assassin not the general rule. Violence in the US was not at the level it would be today. Gun violence was also not at an alarming rate.

The Brothers Dulles: The Architects of Modern US Foreign Policy
Allen Dulles

John Foster Dulles 
John Foster Dulles (whom Dulles Airport near Washington, DC is named after) and his younger brother Allen Welsh Dulles, both lawyers, transformed the military industrial complex and US intervention in Asia, Africa and Americas among other  developing world regions. Allen Dulles served as the Director of the CIA in 1950s while his older brother John served as Secretary of State. The first and only times two brothers served in such prominent government positions with the exception of the Kennedy brothers JFK and RFK as Attorney General. By coincidence, the Dulles' uncle Robert Lansing was the previous Secretary of state. John Dulles believed that the only solution or source of political, economic and cultural system in the world needed to be as as close to American through as possible. Dulles' real politick contain communism and countered anti American sentiment at all costs later influences Eisenhower and succeeding presidents. Under the Dulles brothers, the CIA and US military carried on coups, assassinations, conservative and violent left wing militants and purposely unseated popular presidents to maintain American influences and protect the US interests regardless of long lasting consequences. From John F. Dulles, former President George W. Bush reworked the phrase, "You are either with us or with the communists (ie terrorists)

Famed artist and/muralist Diego Riviera interprets Dulles' Foreign Policy in Latin America and abroad
Violence in American Society
American children with guns part of a scouts training against terrorists  read here. Children playing junior policemen or cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians, etc are part of every American child's "growing up" in the States considered as normal games. However these kids in the photo are part of a border patrol training program for teenagers and young adults.
In the aftermath and coverage of brutal massacres of innocent children at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut no one seems to ask the question, "What is wrong with America?" And "why are some Americans (ie white men) irrationally violent?" Is there something inherently wrong or dangerous about the American psyche which does not think about the effects of a culture that has long normalize guns as part of everyday life (guns, rifles and other deadly weapons equaling manhood, rites of passage or being mucho men taking full control, etc)  and an ends to justify a means? Not only in media: broadcast news, common phrases & adages, radio, video games and art but even in the minds of young adults and children who have grown up seeing weapons as a necessity in their lives even in situations ie confrontations and arguments where words, brains and diplomacy are preferable than violent standoffs long glorified by the media and masses. Bullying and violence too plays a significant role in American society. It has become so normalize most parents and other adults consider it as part of growing up and expected normal workplace behavior that victims usually have to handle on their own. Children in particular are also told that words do not hurt or to simply ignore the bully. Is it than little wonder, bullying victims (included the archetype "loner") decides to respond to their bullies with unnecessary violence often in the form of guns after their pleas and complaints for interference from authority figures have failed to be dealt with urgency. Police violence and brutality as seen in Los Angeles this past weeks where an ex LAPD Cop Chris Dorner went on a shooting rampage (going postal in American slang) further illustrates the need to not only review but reconsider the cherish belief that the right to bear arms (arms that have long morphed into efficient killing machines since the 2nd amendment was written) is sacrosanct.

In the context of the war on terror: American christian and right wing fundamentalist have no regard for human life, America's gun culture creates a breeding ground for terrorists going back decades and Americans have been killing their own people (including women and children) long before many dictators and militant groups in the Middle East and Africa.

America's Child soldiers: The Junior ROTC and Militarization of American children

Systematic integration Military Power: Obama's National Security State

The Whole Imperialist Soldiery against One Man'

Aurora shooting: What's Wrong with White Men?

Desperate mother shot dead by police

During the first week of the Government shutdown, Mariam Carey a depressed mother and dental hygienist who was laid off the previous month led the Capital and DC police on a high speed chase from the White House to Congress located on Capitol Hill. Like the Navy Yard shooter, she was originally born in Brooklyn, NY but moved to Connecticut after high school. She was fired from her job as a dental hygienist in her hometown in Stamford, Connecticut. Many Americans are laid off from their jobs each year. Depending on the person's anger, their actions are usually peaceful or vengeful. Losing a job is devastating for many people without mental problems. It leads to high stress especially for workers who have children or large debts to pay. It makes a person also feel shame that they are not financially independent and must either rely on the government or others for financing. In the US, people are taught from the crib that one develops best through independence financial and social. Anger from job lost and a feeling of failure adds to daily frustrations. Both depressed and fearing that the President was monitoring her, Mariam Carey drove from her home in Stamford, CT to Washington, DC with her eighteen month old baby daughter. She went first the the main barricade leading to the White House's main entrance where she exchanges some words with secret service than drove at high speed a mile and half from the White House down Pennsylvania Ave to Congress in a high speed chase that was treated more as a threat to the city and the politicians. At Capitol Hill, Carey was cornered briefly by capital police who tried to force open her car door only to speed off again perhaps out of fear of being shot at by police. She was shot dead when her car came to a second final stop by police. Her daughter is now without a mother. Despite being seen as an "isolated incident" by police, Carey was treated as a potential terrorist throughout the ordeal that lasted less than an hour. A bomb squad was later sent to her house to inspect an envelope left on the living room floor with a sugary type substances.

Nasser al Al Awlaki to Obama: "Why did you kill my U.S. born son and grandson in drone strikes?"

A Family Terror: Tsarnaevs and Boston Bombing

The State killing of Ibragim Todashev: In connection with the Boston Bombing suspects

Tsarneav parents speak with son for 1st time via phone

American woman killed fighting with Syrian insurgents

When terrorism isn't terrorism: 3 gunmen shot 19 people in New Orleans isn't terrorism

Tsarnaev brothers why did "The Week" draw them in Brownface?

Gulag America? War on Terror has dismantled freedoms across the country

Homeland Security defense: making war on Americans

The Tangled meaning and misuses (abuses) of radicalization 

Bomb suspect's uncle, "No one wants to associate with this evil"

No one wants bury Boston Bombing suspect Tamerlane Tsarnaev. The city of Cambridge where he lived said no most of the funeral homes in the state said no. Most protesters outside the funeral home do not want him buried on US soil. It is not easy to fly the body back to Dagestan either. 

Massachusetts funeral director considers burial offers

Bombs from Boston to Baghdad: What's the value of a human life?

UN Special Rappatour on Human Right in Palestine & International Law Emeritus Professor Richard Falk: Commentary on the Boston Murders

Boston bombs produced familiar and revealing reactions

Boston Cowardice and America the Blind

Domestic Terrorist Threat in America 

Let's Hope the Boston Bomber is White American
The Double Standards of White terrorism, white privilege & heinous crime and scapegoating whole ethnic groups, peoples and nations

Real Talk American terrorism

Post racial society: only for Liberals!

The Religious, Social crisis and Political consequences

The Ultimate Logic of a Society built on Mass murder

Freedom Rider: Killing Children

Newtown kids v. Yemeni and Pakistanis: Why the difference in disparate reactions?
The author asks the question if some children's lives are valued compared to others particularly the Yemeni and Pakistani children who have been witnessing and experience massacres due to continual drone attacks by US military in their home countries. 

"Americans Kill People" Michael Moore

Bath School Massacre: One of the deadliest and unknown school massacres in American history occured in 1927 in Massachusettes.

The Killing of America: A documentary about the history of the violent and disturbing decline of American society prior to 9/11 and 21st century as a result of the culture of violence that has long gone unchallenged and somewhat ignored in society. Interesting fact: The documentary has never been featured in the US but has been broadcast in various countries around the world.

Terrorism in the US before September 11th 

The history the media ignores or chooses not tell.

Wall Street Bombing September 1920
Los Angeles Times bombing 1910
1919 Anarchist bombings

United Snacks of America: 
American History explained by way of snacks

Revolution and Social Media
2 Child Limit placed on Muslims in Myanmar
Sundance 2012: SPike Lee's Cowriter joins race discussions
Real technological impetus for change in Arab world was never facebook
Koran Burning Dehumanizing Muslims
Youtube: Muslims Imposing Sharia Law in East London?
Extremist vigilantes in the video do not represent the majority of Muslims living in East London who are not extreme or violent but are trying to live their lives like other Britons. As the article writes, these vigilantes give ordinary and everyday Muslims a bad name.
Celebrating Magaret Thatcher's Death in London

The Boogeyman of Hollywood

Axis of Evil: Hollywood smear North Koreans with Olympus have fallen

Video Games: Representing Islam, Arab world and reality

Can We talk? The Middle East "Peace industry"
Digital Arabs: Representation in Video Games. Must read
Serious Games Interactive Game developers in Denmark create video games to educate gamers on current events, cultures, issues & wider world.
Video games in the Arab World & Beyond
Straight but narrow: LGTBQ rights in Middle East  

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  1. Media has so greatly out-grown as an institution that its leaders as well as ordinary journalists can not now sit down and introspect on the rationale of the foundation-principles of the profession. They blindly choose news that would interest people !Any question beyond this angle and priority is blasphemy to their ears. Better such preachers call upon prostitutes, or underworld operators to review the rationale of their professions ! All are same as far as institutionalization of their professions are concerned.