Monday, 15 April 2013

Boston Bombs: 3 killed and 170+ injured during bombing at Boston Marathon

Two suspects identified by FBI as persons of interest in bombing.

Cartoon tributes to victims & heroes of the Boston Bombings
Carlos Arredondo: The man in the cowboy hat

On April 15, (Patriots Day in Boston), at 3PM EST (Eastern Standard Time) Three bombs exploded at the finish line at the Boston Marathon. Bombs also went off in Iraq killing 75 people across the country. The explosion caused mass confusion among both police and local peoples as well as international visitors in Boston. Keep in mind that the Boston Marathon is both a local as well as a well known international event that takes place annually in Boston, Massachusetts  United States. Historically, Boston holds significance across the US, it served as one of the main nerve centers of American revolution, the Tea Party (not the modern pretenders) protested against British taxes at the Boston harbor, the late President John F. Kennedy was also from Boston while his brother Robert and Ted Kennedy represented Massachusetts as long term senators in 1950s-60s. Boston is also known for its large Irish American population and its connection to cultural events.

CCTV captured both bombs exploding at the finish line of Marathon. A third bomb was discovered and disarmed by police while a small explosion at the JFK Library was caused by a mechanical fire. No injuries were reported at the library. The person or group responsible has not been identified or caught. The explosion is being ruled as a possible terrorist attacks most likely carried out by an American terrorist instead of a foreign terrorist (note Al Qaeda). This wouldn't be the first sporting event in the US that has been bombed. The 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics were bombed by an American terrorist Eric Rudolph. The injured have minor to critical foot and leg injuries. Explosions such as this are not taken with chances particularly on the East Coast of the US where the 9/11 events and recent terrorist threats and rumors have made security tight but on edge. This goes to show that terrorism is not tied to a specific region, ethnic group or religion. The Boston Police, FBI, ATF, National Guard, etc have been carried to aid in the situation

Bombs from Boston to Baghdad: What's the value of a human life?
Please Don't be Muslim: Boston Marathon blasts draws condemnation & fear from Muslims around the world.
The predictable media's rush and quest to automatically link Muslims and Islam with terrorism by default as the main perpetrators of the Boston Bombings caused real fear among American Muslims as well as Muslims around the world from Northern Africa to Pakistan to Malaysia who feel the aftershocks of every attack since September 11 with the reoccurring stereotype of terrorists=Muslims. The language used by reporters (CNN, Fox News) with descriptions of potential suspect/s being "dark  skinned, brown/black man" or "Non suicide bomber." Now that two possible suspects have been id whose ethnicity is obscure, CNN reporters insist that there is some foreign connection despite "looking like typically everyday American." Again associating terrorism to unanimous foreigners hurting Americans in the same vain as Al Qaeda. American Muslims and their co religious around the world as everyone else have condemned the Boston bombings as heartless and horrific attacks. Interfaith prayers have been given for all victims of the bombings regardless of religion or ethnicity. That the value of human life and empathy extends to Pakistanis, Iraqis and Afghans equally who witness terrorist attacks (drones, vehicle bombings) on a near daily basis.

Saudi Marathon man

Can the Boston bomb increase our sympathy for such victims in Syria, Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan?
Boston Marathon: Planting seeds of Distrust & Seeds of Fear
The Science behind the Pressure Cooker Bomb NPR

Boston Explosion Raw Footage

Shocking images Boston explosions

Bombings across Iraq kill 75 Iraqis from Baghdad to borders of Iraqi Kurdistan
Monday April 15, 2013

Deadly Raid by US troops kill 11 Afghan civilians including children RT news 
a week before Boston bombings

Top 10 infamous bombings in the Western World by WatchMojo
A highlight of terrorist attacks and bombings in US, London, Spain, Scotland carried out by Western (American and Irish, IRA) and Middle Eastern terrorists.

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