Friday, 19 April 2013

Suspect captured seriously injured but in Hospital

In the last four hours the 2nd suspect wanted for the Boston Bombing, Dhozkhar Tsarnaev have been captured by police (a combination of SWAT, FBI, Boston police, etc) in Watertown, a suburb of Boston. Dhozkhar was sent to Beth Israel Hospital in Boston. Dhozkhar has not been read his Miranda rights which is usually casted aside for terrorists or enemy combatants. The police ignoring the Miranda rights for the time being has rised the question of how America treats terrorists even when they are American citizens (read Anwar al Awlaki in Yemen). The police are receiving a hero's applause and thank you from Bostonians especially in Watertown as they celebrate an end to a week long ordeal. Now the analysis on how a 19 year old Dartmouth student part of the University of Massachusetts based in Cambridge,MA (across the river from Boston) could aid in terrorism and violence against his fellow students and his own city, the debate on gun battles and thorough background checks in order for Americans to purchase or own new guns which has been ongoing long before the Boston Bombings and immigration reform also an ongoing and decade old debate as it relates to the events in Boston began.

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Family in Dagestan still shocked by Tsarnaev brothers actions

A recap of the events in the last 24 hours. 
In the aftermath of the Boston Bombings, one of the two suspects are dead and the second one is on the run.  The two suspects have been identiifed as Chechen American Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19 the suspect in the white baseball cap and his brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26 (also Chechen but not an American citizen) the first suspect in black baseball cap who was later killed in a shootout with police in Watertown, a suburb of Boston. Both immigrated to the US in 2003 as children, having been born and grew up in Kirghistan in Central Asia bordering Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. Josef Stalin had expelled nearly all Chechens from Chechnya in 1944 to Kyrgyzstan and Siberia to stop a rebellion from turning into a demand for independence in Chechnya. Most of Boston and its surrounding suburbs ie Watertown, MIT campus and Cambridge has been placed on a 24 hour curfew and lockdown. The last night in Boston, MIT, the renown technology institute and also the alma mater the famed linguist and American foreign policy critique Noam Chomsky, reported an on campus shooting that killed a security guard. In the aftermath of the shooting, the two Tsarnaev brothers had managed to carjack a van and rob a 7-11, later free the car owner unharmed than briefly hide in a home in Watertown that led into a gunfight with the police in a short but reasonable space of time. Today, all of Boston is still unlock down as Dzhokhar's whereabouts are still not confirmed. The uncle of the two bombers  has firmly denounced his nephews' actions and pleaded his living nephew to turn himself and that their actions "brought shame to all Chechens."  Mainstream media channels ABC News still try to link the bombings to Al Qaeda or like minded terrorist group. A combination of US Marshalls, the FBI, SWAT, New York Port Authority, New Hamsphire Police, Boston and Massachusetts state police are going door to door to try to locate the wanted suspect.

Chechnya and its capital Grozny in North Caucasus. Chechnya borders Dagestan and Ingushetia. The Chechens have been fighting for independence from Russia since the Russian first conquered Chechnya in 17th century.  Chechnya has its own indigenous culture, language and traditions, Islam the major religion that borrows both Sunni and Sufi elements. When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, Chechnya declared independence but was crushed by a ground and air invasion that led to a decade long brutal war by Russia that destroyed Grozny from 1991-2002. Since 2005, Chechnya has experienced some peace despite instability and terrorist attacks in parts of Chechnya outside of Grozny and in Dagestan. Russia considers halting the Chechen independence movement one of its greatest achievements.

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