Thursday, 29 September 2016

False alarm terror attacks and Islamophobia

New York City more specifically, Manhattan from the perspective of the Empire State Building. The new World Trade Center building also known as the Freedom tower is in the background and is located near lower Manhattan not far from Wall Street. Manhattan is the largest of the 5 boroughs and the main hub of NYC. It is the borough that is featured alongside Brooklyn and occasionally Queens in various films, media and imagery of New York.

New York City as with many large metropolises receives a lot of calls for false alarm shootings, explosions, suspicious packages, train derailments caused by mechanical and human errors and nervous people. The city witnesses more explosions from gas leaks that often level whole buildings and occasionally kill residents and a top ranking fire chief than terrorist attacks. The NYPD and FDNY are more likely to deal with gas explosions throughout the year. Most are accidental but a few are caused by arsonists. The recent false alarm pressure cooker explosions in New Jersey and New York have again revived the mainstream media's fear of an ISIS style attack and enemy within. Ordinary New Yorkers and New Jersey residents are not as perplex. False alarm attacks are often reported following a large terror attacks. It is well known that multiple people can give different versions of the same story in a tense and frightening environment. When the pressure cooker bomb exploded injuring 29 in Chelsea that resembled the pressure cooker used in the Boston Marathon bombing, less than half of Chelsea neighbourhood's residents were panicking. The majority of Chelsea residents went about their business. Given that house fires and gas explosions are more common in Manhattan and in the wider city (NYC is an archipelago) and New Jersey, local residents are not quick to have cardiac arrest when an explosion is heard. When the makeshift or amateurish bombs were discovered on the Marine Corps half marathon route in Seaside Park and later Elizabeth, NJ, residents and reporters were more confused initially and wanted to know why rather than connecting the found bombs to terrorism. The pressure cooker bombs were linked back to Ahmad Khan Rahman, a resident of Elizabeth, NJ. He was discovered sleeping in a hoodie in front of a local grocery store. It interesting that as soon as Rahami was captured and dubbed the "home grown ISIS sympathizer" of the breaking news of the mainstream news network faded away by the following morning. Oddly enough, Rahami still has yet to speak while he reminds hospitalized and in custody. In the meantime, two mysterious men considered to be Egyptian airline pilots who the media tried to link to Chelsea explosions were said to have deactivate a second bomb that was planted in Chelsea and left NYC for Egypt. It is also worth noting that ISIS didn;t take responsibility for any of the discovered bombs despite a few ISIS supporters sending tweets about the explosions. Neither has any other terrorist groups claimed responsibility nor even reared their heads.

Terrorism fears increases Islamophobia

Nameriq al Hinai, a Scottish Muslim tourist had her sleeves of her blouse and nearly clothes lit on fire on Saturday September 17th as news of a dumpster explosion literally rocked Chelsea neighbourhood in New York. Al Hinai survived the attempted burning but was shocked that in an attack like that by a stranger would occur in such a posh area of Manhattan, where she was window shopping outside of Valentino's on 5th Ave. She like many other international visitors to New York City, expect the city to be opening and welcoming to all visitors regardless of religion and origins. After all, NEw York has always prided itself as being a global city, financial hub and a magnet for international tourism and businesses for more than a century. The suspect who attacked al Hinai also attacked two other women in the past. He has yet to be identified.

Islamophobia isn't just happening in the United States but also across Europe. Even in European countries that have not received refugees and migrants.

Just before this latest attack on Al Hinai, another NYC resident Emirjeta Xhelili insulted and assaulted two Muslim women in front of each woman's child in a Brooklyn Park. She cursed the women out and attempted to topple the strollers. She even tried to pull off one of the woman's hijabs. The NYPD managed to arrive on the scene and arrest Xhelili even as she screamed that Islam had no right to be in the U.S. and that the two women shouldn't be different if they are in the U.S.

Trump's fascism isn't just clownish it is real

 It is not a coincidence that Xhelili also happens to be a Trump supporter. The Republic Presidential candidate has been retching up his rowdy, self proclaimed red blood, educated yet racist and far right nationalist supporters at nearly every rally, press conference and spare of the moment media sound bite. The "Don't say it just do it " mentality of his supporters and the few allied politicians (Trump is popular among Europe's Far Right) to Trump's campaign has worried ordinary Americans and even the pundits. Some wonder how Mike Pence would manage with Trump if they do reach the White House. How would Trump's cabinet staff deal with him? Even the more conservative Republicans and media are distancing themselves away from him including former President George HW Bush. Even the warmongering President George W. Bush looks far more reasonable when placed against the Donald. Trump feeds off his own controversies, scandals and unapologetically says what's on his mind and unscripted. Nationalist sentiments among ordinary Americans gives him more material and ideas to push his platform (or lack there of) to the wider American public especially to the still undecided voters who are not leaning towards Trump or Hillary Clinton. There will not be a day where Trump doesn't stop to consider the coincidence of pushing his supporters to call for the head of certain politicians or saying that certain Americans and visitors should be barred from entering the country based on religion or deported for their origins. Now, Trump denies he ever said to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. The non political correctness of Trump is what appeals to many of his supporters and admirers. The mainstream media, the pundits, the tabloids, the social media gurus and self reporters have all jumped on Trump's predictable phrases of the day and speeches. He has not let an opportunity to receive free publicity  from a slow news day pass. Trump is a textbook case of a narcissistic socio path. Tony Schwartz, his own co author of his book the Art of the Deal confirmed that Trump has no remorse of any sort when it comes to other people. He is perhaps the first presidential candidate to insult and be alienated by everyone including military personnel. Yet even his supporters have refused to abandon his campaign en mass. Many people have compared Trump to Hitler. However, the comparison falls a little flat. Trump shares more in common with the often overlooked fascist leader Benito Mussolini than with the notorious Adolf Hitler. Some of Trump's mannerisms and speeches mirror Mussolini's speeches and charisma in disturbing ways. He actually twitted a quote by Mussolini only to realize it's consequences much later. Although the word hasn't been thrown around Trump does lean towards fascism where his ideas and platform is concerned. His populism shares some characteristics with Mussolini's fascism. Trump's son Donald Trump Jr doesn't fall far from the tree in comparing Syrian refugees to skittles. Many Americans wonder how anyone can support someone like Donald Trump. Than again, America did vote (although the vote was decided through nepotism and shady judgement) for George W. Bush.

A comparison of Benito Mussolini and Donald Trump. The hand gestures and stances are interesting.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Sudan, war against children and farmers

No time for Hide and Seek: Nuba children and parents hide from ongoing bombs in Nuba Mountains, south central Sudan.

A lot has been happening in Sudan over the past months. There are ongoing floods from the Nile that has left 160,000+ people homeless and many roads going to villages and towns across several Sudanese governorates are cut off from one another. Ordinary Sudanese people in Darfur, Kassala and Gardarif have long protested for better infrastructure in their respective states and cities. Again marginalization and lack of basic social services were one of the many reasons for the ongoing conflict in Abyei, Blue Nile and South Kordofan (known as the Two Areas in Sudan). It is also what fuelled the conflict Darfur in the 1980s that continue today.  Nomadic herders living along the border of South Sudan and Sudan have recently sent a proposal to the Sudanese Parliament requesting that their rights to continue cross border herding be respected. The nomadic herding had existed before South Sudan's 2011 independence. The Sudanese government and local state governors including Kordofan's Governor Ahmed Haroun has done little to resettle or help millions of displaced Darfuri IDPs inside Darfur region and Khartoum and millions of refugee families back home. Darfuri students and civilians in cities such as El Genina in Western Darfur and Khartoum continue to protest. Families and students across South Kordofan and Dispora Sudanese in United States, UK and Slovenia have also brought the ongoing war against South Kordofan and Blue Nile to their respective governments and wider public's attention.

A village in the Nuba Mountains in more quieter times

Al Hurra News Documentary on Nuba Wrestling in Khartoum

Along the border with South Sudan in Nuba Mountains in South Kordofan, millions of Nuba and Ingessina people especially families, elderly and school children have been displaced by the 5 year old war. Many Nuba are farmers who rely on agriculture and communal farming for their daily bread. Few are traders. For the Nuba people land is important and crucial to the Nuba identity and culture. Being displaced from their lands and homes for the Nuba is equivalent to loosing a part of their unique identity. The Nubians in Northern Sudan and Southern Egypt understand indigenous people's connection to land as well. They are also one of many indigenous African, non Arab/Afro Arab peoples living along the border and Blue Nile. Also, the Nuba people are equally split between Christian and Muslim who coexist side by side. This peaceful coexistence between Islam and Christianity is common in many African countries. Both Christian and Muslim Nuba are targeted by Sudanese government. The war like in Darfur and Blue Nile is aimed at an ethnic group and not simply religion. The eyewitness accounts of Nuba children and adults via the group Nuba Reports, human rights and religious organizations on the ground and Diaspora have all reiterated ethnic cleansing and genocide by Sudanese military and government. The excessive military attacks do not differentiated between civilians or rebels. To add insult to the victims, humanitarian aid has also been denied entry to Nuba Mountains while international NGOs and reporters are blocked from entering the region.The blockade much like the one in Gaza is done by the Sudanese government to no only punish the rebel groups resisting the ongoing ethnic cleansing but to excessively punish ordinary people. With the exception of the SPLM North, Nuba people do not have an army or weapons to fight against the Sudanese government. No one sees the irony in the Nuba having to fight against their own government just to demand their right to live and stay on their land or homes.

The Nuba Mountains is one of the most fertile land in Sudan along with the neighbouring Blue Nile State to it's immediate East. It is beautifully green. Most of families try to carrying on with their normal lives ie going to school, marketplaces, keeping up with Nuba wrestling, celebrating cultural and harvest festivals, farming their land, work and visiting friends. The normal routine helps to calm nerves and acts as a release from the ongoing psychological and physical trauma that children, women and men face on a near daily bases. They are all Sudanese have been displaced from their homes across Nuba Mountains. The rainy season usually allows most of Nuba families to live in a tense peace. Each year during the dry season the Sudanese Armed Forces or the SAF (with the aid of drone surveillance) excessively bombs the towns of Kauda, Dillig and smaller villages with hundreds of cluster bombs. Most of the bombs fall on and near schools, hospitals, houses, farm land and grain storages. Keep in mind that the Sudanese Army pilots of Antonovs (Russian made) know that they are bombings civilians and civilian infrastructure. To prevent their conscious from permitting them to say no to bombing civilians or outright refuse, the Sudanese Army goes to great lengths to dehumanize and demonize the SPLM, Sudanese Revolutionary Front (Blue Nile) and Nuba civilians. The justification the SAF uses is the same excuse "we are fighting rebels" or "terrorists" referring to the SPLM-North. It is the same reasoning other national armies ie Syrian and Israel use to explain away large civilian deaths. The SPLM-N rebels try to keep the frontline separate from civilian areas and closer to army occupied areas. The SPLM-North wants a New Sudan based on the original vision of the late John Garang. The New Sudan vision calls for a Democratic, multi ethnic and multi religious Sudan where everyone regardless of ethnicity and home town is respected as citizens first and foremost. South Kordofan's capital of Kadugli, is the headquarters of United Nations Mission in Sudan or UNMIS.  but the peacekeepers have been limited in reaching Nuba Mountains by the Sudanese government. The African Union Mission in Sudan (AMIS) operates in Darfur but have in the past brokered a peace plan among Sudanese rebels and have condemned attacks in the Korodofan region. However, there is no AU peacekeeping force in South Korodan.

Sudan's Lost Generation: Art as Therapy

Most of Blue Nile State has been depopulated of civilians while the SPLM-N fights the Sudanese government across the state. The civilians have fled to Upper Nile state and Yida Refugee in neighbouring South Sudan and Ethiopia for safety.  Since late 2015, the 100, 000+ have been relocated to a new refugee camp Ajoung Thok near the town of South Sudan. While both countries have opened their doors for their neighbours, many Sudanese Nuba refugees would prefer to go back home to the Blue Nile and South Kordofan. Again, the civilians in the Blue Nile are also farmers, school children as well as elderly who are tramutized and exhausted by the war. Many school children have physiological trauma from hearing constant bombs not only late at night but even in school which is supposed to be safe places for most children. Nuba children can't even concentrate on their school work even outside of class. Occasional playtime in between school and the next day tends to be interrupted by the adult war. Many times, they have to take cover when an Antonov plane flies over head. When the planes do fly over school children and their families at homes or farmers, many people have to take immediate cover in hundreds of caves in the villages and towns. If there are no caves, often time many kids and their parents have to hide in self made fox holes to avoid the cluster bombs. Depending on targeted area, farmers will till the land on their own without the help of their immediate families.

Yida Refugee Camp: Inside the markets and restaurants of S. Sudan's largest refugee camp

and at least return to their lives as they were before the current war broke out following South Sudan's 2011 independence. .

6 children killed in Heiban Market bombing October 2014

Repeat attack on Heiban earlier this year 2016 killed another 6 children in Heiban

Monday, 19 September 2016

French official: Calais migrants should be allowed into UK

Xavier Betrand, a President for the Calais region in France said that the current 9,000 migrants still stranded in Calais' infamous jungle should be allowed into the UK under a new border policy agreement that re shifts border control back to UK soil. Last year, Britain moved its border from Calais Port to the Port of Dover, England to avoid the large influx of migrants that died down once Fortress Europe began erecting and reinforcing it's internal borders in Hungary, Austria, Germany, Macedonia and UK/France. There was even talk to get rid of the Schengen Zone that allows free movement across 27 EU member states. This year, the flow of migrants and refugees is a fraction compared to last year.

Last year's influx of a 1 million+ migrants and refugees into the EU particularly the Western countries shocked and surprised the world. The migrants and refugees were as diverse as the countries they were heading toward. Families and men majority from Syria, but also from Iraq, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Somalia, Eritrea, Libya, Sudan and long time migrants from Senegal and Gambia. The people were protesting with their feet in search of safe havens and refuges coming to Fortress Europe by way of the Mediterranean Sea to Italy, Malta, overland through Turkey, Greece and up through Macedonia, Serbia and Hungary. A few refugees and migrants came by bicycle through Russia into Norway. Many did not pay any attention the rules of EU migration policy that usually requires migrants and refugees to settle in the first EU country they land in. Millions keep going North towards France, Germany, Austria, Scandinavian countries and UK. Some Syrian refugees were aware of the economic crisis in places like Italy and Greece. However, many refugees and migrants were mostly grateful to be in a region where they could at least relax for the time being while they planned their next journey or reconnected with missing or lost family members and friends.

From the Middle East & Africa: Millennia old migration and geopolitics into Europe

Migrants from Asia and Africa coming to Europe is NOT new to Europe or Europeans no matter what the pundits and right wing would have society believe. European countries and city states have interacted, traded and intermingled with Middle East and Arabian Peninsula for thousands of years even before the rise of Arabic language and Islamic empires in North Africa. DNA researchers have discovered to their surprised that the ancestors of modern day Irish people originally came from the Middle East and Russia/Ukraine some 10,000 years ago. The ancient Middle Eastern migrants' contribution to Ireland and England was farming. Remember, farming and agriculture was first developed in Africa and spread to the Fertile Crescent than to the rest of Asia and Europe via Arabia. It is well known that the Iberian Peninsula and Sicily were part of Moorish rule (coming from North Africa) and the wider Almorovid Empire during Europe's Dark Age but Islam's Golden Age.

Britain suggest building an Israeli styled border wall around Calais Jungle Camp

Melange of Video clips from a Video titled the "disturbing Islamic Invasion of Europe"
Since the video was posted last November 2015, its earned over 2 million views

Fear of Atilla the Hun invasion drives Europeans' fear of more migrants 

Artwork of the most feared warrior and barbarian in European history: Atilla the Hun

 The Right Wing in France, Germany, Hungary and Austria, even Slovakia and Czech Republic saw the mass migration of people as an apocalyptic nightmare come true. Many right wing bloggers, reporters and pundits refer to the ongoing African and Mideast migrations as an "Islamic invasion" of innocent Europe, Western Civilization and nodded their heads to the Clash of Civilizations. Most of the right wing fears are both alarmist and over exaggerated. Remember that not all the migrants are Muslims, there are also Christians and even non religious migrants and refugees. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Obran has criticized the EU's request for migrant quotas across Europe including the Balkans and Eastern Europe. Obran also reiterated from his earlier anti-migration stance that migrants and asylum seekers are a "poison to Europe" and are "not needed." Hungarian government has called for a referendum on October 2nd on rather or not Hungary shall accept the EU migration policy of migrant quotas in the country. The Hungarian Right Wing members have been working along the Hungarian border to hunt, search and arrest migrants and refugees as part of Hungary's reinforced border policy. Bulgaria, who hasn't even received any migrants have vigilante right wing border patrol groups hunting, arresting and beating migrants along the border. Bulgarian government has since investigated the migrant hunter groups after receiving criticism for turning a blind eye to the vigilantes.

The Right Wing's panicking reaction to African and Syrian migrants is similar to the terror Europeans felt hearing the horrors committed by Atilla the Hun during the Fall of Rome. Ironically, Atilla the Hun was born in Hungary but his family had migrated from Central Asia. He was the ruler of the Hunnic Empire that invaded both East and Western Europe. This was some 800 years before the Mongol Empire, Genghis Khan, Kublai Khan and Timur the lame or Tamerlane. The English name for Hungary might have been named after the Huns.  The Mongols attempted to invade the rest of Europe from Hungary but found the continent with nothing to gain or plunder so made a U turned back to the Middle East and Asia. In another historical parallel, the Mongols destroyed Baghdad known as the Siege of Baghdad and Iraq mirroring the current destruction of Iraq by the ongoing war from the Anglo-American invasion, and ISIS. The Huns charged towards Rome indirectly led to the Barbarian Invasions. Fearing the Huns, Germanic Barbarians and Slavs ran towards Germania, Rome and further West to Gaul (France) and UK for safety. Sound familiar? Fast forward to 1453 A.D., modern day Istanbul then known as Constantinople was finally conquered by the Ottoman Turks who also came up out of Central Asia. The ancestors of Ottoman were originally were part of the Seljuk Turkish Empire. Unlike Atilla and the Hunnic Empire or Mongol Empire, the Ottoman Empire managed to conquer Eastern Europe and control the region for nearly 500 years. The Ottoman Army twice reached the Gates of Vienna but was stopped by the Hapsburg, Polish-Lithuanian and Holy Roman Empire based in Germany. Not exactly NATO but a Pan European army. Oh yes, the Battle or Siege of Vienna began on September 11th 1638. The Ottomans didn't massacre civilians en mass and completely destroyed entire cities to the extent that the Mongols and Huns had before them. The Ottoman Empire transformed in the early 20th Century to Modern day Turkey. The new Turkish Republic beginning in 1923, heavily Westernised society, promoted and emphasized secularism. Turkey has been trying for over 30+ years to join the European Union to no avail. Some of the xenophobic fears of migrants, lack of human rights for the Kurds and other minorities in Turkey, the seesaw politics of Turkey following the recent failed coup and Turkey's questionable involvement in Syria against ISIS are some of many reasons the EU has been weary of letting Turkey become a full member.

Monday, 12 September 2016

Trump actually went to Mexico

On August 31st, R Wednesday, Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump wrapped up his brief and last minute visit to Mexico. He was invited by the current Mexican President Enrique Pena Neto on Tuesday. He'd told the media and wider public on Tuesday he would visit Mexico and most people dismissed it as a bluff or joke since Trump regularly says grandiose things that don't come to fruition. Considering all the insults, epitaphs, stereotypical and racist commentaries he made about Mexico, Mexicans, Mexican-Americans and tried to link the entire drug and immigration issues in the United States to Mexico solely, many people on both sides of the borders are scratching their heads wondering why President Neto would want to even meet or entertain Trump on a visit.

He met with President Neto to discuss among other things the border wall, perhaps trade and future relations if Trump does become the next U.S. president. Former President Vincente Fox was against the visit. Trump's press conference speech with President Neto in Mexico City was not as impressive and was lacking gumption since Trump read directly from the paper instead of being more upbeat. There is no rule against presidential candidates visiting other nations or even meeting with foreign leaders during the presidential elections. Many other presidential candidates across the world have done it. Depending on the candidate's personality and diplomatic style, it may be a boost for the candidate. However, Trump's brieft stop in Mexico City was a bust from the ground up. He was met unsurprisingly by thousands protesters holding signs saying, "Trump no eres bienevendo" and "Go home Trump!" The last minute timing is unique since it generally takes months of planning and coordination with both the politician's security detail and entourage and the host country's security cooperation. Not to mention ongoing scheduling, meeting points, further location security preparations and logisitics alone is a nightmare, gathering up the press on both sides of the borders and more miniscule detail that goes into diplomatic visits.

Ironically, both Donald Trump and Enrique Pena Neto are extremely unpopular in Mexico with ordinary people. Neto's current approval rating is only 27% compared to Trump's 2% among the Mexican public. Many Mexican citizens have been following the U.S. elections like the rest of the people of the world from the beginning. Many have no love or empathy for Trump. Most see Trump as a Joker and Clown. Among Mexican Americans and larger Latin American population in U.S., Trump's approval is 51%.

Yes, Trump is a media man by profession. The recent Republican National Convention was the Donald Trump show in everything but name. Despite the recent resignation of his campaign advisor and Hispanic outreach director, Trump is not backing down from the media and public outrage against him. He feeds off of controversy and knows how to play the media against itself to a point. He drives the pundits nuts yet, he still gets all the free publicity both local and international more so than his rival Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton

PS not every illegal immigrant to the U.S. is Mexican, there are also Central Americans, Caribbean, Asian and Europeans

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Mother Nature as a national threat: Horrific Louisiana flooding and USA climate change

95,000 made homeless, Deja vu for Louisiana?

Baton Rogue, Capital of U.S. state of Louisiana. It is West of New Orleans
 at a slightly higher elevation and it sits right on the Mississippi River.

Baton Rogue residents hauling an inner tube while evacuating to safer areas. Many families have been heavily affected by the rising waters and have literally lost everything. For many families the flood came on short notice and many had to improvised rescuing themselves via inner tubes, boats for families had them and seeking help from neighbors.

Once again Louisiana and Gulf of Mexico is dealing with another horrific flood this time in Baton Rogue, Louisiana. The city is the capital of Louisiana and is East of Cajun Country but borders the Cajun cultural heartland. Just a few months ago, Baton Rogue was in the news as the home town of Alton Sterling, the African American father who was brutally murdered by local police outside of a store. On August 18th, one of the worst floods to hit Baton Rogue and other parts of Louisiana struck that submerged half the capital and left many residents stranded in their homes or on rooftops. The local fire and rescue services, police, volunteers, Red Cross volunteers, national guard and FEMA have been able to rescue thousands of people despite the death of 7 people. The flooding is not a karmic turn of events brought by Mother Nature in the aftermath of Sterling's passing. It's neither a coincidence either, although the flooding's shocking infrastructural destruction, collapse of levies and lost of human life parallels Hurricane Katrina and Sandy. Over 95,000 innocent people have lost their homes and family members following one of the largest floods in recent years. The Earth has been warming by 1.5% that is small but has butterfly effect across the world. It's not only Louisiana that has been dealing with rising sea levels and high level floods.

The third largest city in the United States, Houston, Texas is prone to massive flooding. It doesn't matter to climate change that the city is 50 miles inland from the coast ie Galveston Bay Area. Home to NASA Johnson Center, international city and one of the largest cities in Texas with over 2 million residents, Houston has often played roulette with hurricanes and flash floods throughout the decades. It is not uncommon for the weather affecting next door Louisiana to have an aftershock like effect on Houston. Houston's northern neighbors Dallas and FortWorth sit in Tornado Alley, the part of Southwest and Midwest states where tornodes are not only constant but do untold amounts of infrastructural damage and scattered lives across the area. It was Houston that took in a large number of New Orleans residents during Hurricane Katrina Tragedy 11 years ago. Some survivors still remain in Houston while others have long returned to a completely changed New Orleans. Baton Rogue continues to receiving assistance and help from New Orleans as waters receeds and slow post flooding recovery begins.

Gulf of Mexico's pollution


This recent flood emerged from Gulf of Mexico's decade long pollution and coastal erosion. Oil spills and explosions from British Petroleum, the Deep Horizon's offshore oil rigs, Southeast Louisiana's disappearing coastline, permanent lost of natural vegetation and hotter weather with help from the Gulf stream have all contributed to raging water. All have contributed to eating up natural barriers against rising sea, destroying parts of the local ecosystem, injuring local residents and displacing hundreds of thousands Louisianan from New Orleans to Baton Rogue and further East to Mississipi Delta and Alabama. Residents across Lousiana have protested for genuine justice and jailing the figureheads and CEOs of the local BP branches, Deep Horizons for the environmental crime that is also being pushed by climate change.  Keep in mind that every year the United States, Canada and Mexico experience heat-waves. The heat-waves also come on the heel of out of season floods, tornadoes and wildfires. Also remember that the Southern Louisiana is a low lying area much like New Orleans is designed like a bowl located below sea level.

President Obama is currently touring Baton Rogue and neighboring towns following the end of his vacations. The president has been heavily criticized for not cutting the presiential vacation short to see the damage from the beginning. Presidential candidate Donald Trump was said to be one of the earlier political pundits at the scene of flooding aftermath to donate supplies and funds.