Monday, 23 July 2012

The Migration South

With increasing bank scandals including the latest LIBOR scandal (a major that they do not teach students in schools and universities) and the continual recession many Europeans and other Westerners and African migrants are looking South for economic opportunities. The new industralizing BRICS Countries are experiencing steady economic growth (despite some estimates that China and other countries might experience a housing bubble in the near future) and an unusual migration flow. Some Westerners are finding coincidentally better economic opportunities and push and pull factors in Africa, Latin America and Asia! Some of the countries receiving European migrants include Angola, Mozambique, Brazil, China, United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Liberia, Kenya, among other countries.  The last time European immigration to the Global South occurred a much massive scale was in the 19th to 20th centuries. Perhaps history is repeating itself. Now the question is what will this mean for migration policy in these countries? As a side note South to South migration and Cooperation will still continue. There will always be migrants moving across borders and regions. Its been part of human history for centuries. 

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Africa Paradise and the double standards of European expatriates as migrants

Africa Paradise or Africa Paradis

A film that imagines if and when a United States of Africa emerges and becomes the new economic powerhouse of the world in the year 2033! In addition European migrants are desperately trying to reach Africa particulary the country of Benin for greater economic opportunities as Europe and the United States are no longer feasible top economic destinations. It is not a far fetch idea given the current economic situation. It is already happening in China, UAE, Brazil, Mexico, etc so why not Benin or other African countries? :)  

Friday, 13 July 2012

Migrant workers face racism and segregation at Lebanese pools

From Jadaliyya...Migrant workers in Lebanon hailing from Sri Lanka, Phillipines, Indonesia work as domestic workers for Lebanese families in Beirut from cooks to charges caring for children. The majority of the workers are women who were employed to work in Lebanon through local organizations in their home countries. Despite their many years in Lebanon, fluency in Arabic and providing for their families back home, many migrant workers face discrimination within Lebanese society. Ranging from feelings of alienation in a new country to insults and abuses by their employers to indifference by the state if they are injured or mistreated. Now there is a new movement by Lebanese human rights watch volunteers to confront discrimination against migrant workers not only to protect their human rights but to also challenge discrimination at private clubs and swimming pools. Migrant workers are not allowed and are even turned away from entering private pools to swim although they often accompany their employers' families to the private pools they are forbidden to swim. Lebanon is not the only country with strict access to swimming pools. Not too long ago private swimming pools in the United States and European countries were banned and off limits to certain ethnic groups. Videos below are from the Anti Racism Movement in Lebanon.

Read article from Jadaliyya here

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Days of summer & The Ocean of tanners

Some articles on why, for what reasons and the historical connections to white people (mostly Americans but some Western Europeans) tanning during the summer. Is it to look more exotic for a short amount of time? Or is it hipster fad or fetish? What makes millions of Americans run to the nearest or sometimes furthers beach and lie out in the sun? Irony is while tanning may be relief who consider their skin too atrocious (a harsh critique for ones own natural body) without a nice tan (no matter if its spray on, a tanning bed or lotion) it is well known that too much exposure to the ultra voilet rays the UVRs of the sun or tanning beds' rays lead to damage skin and if it eventually skin cancer. Let's also be clear, some people of color depending on the person tan too at the beach but it is more of a fad.

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Americans on a beach somewhere 

Women on a beach in Venezuela

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Soaking up the sun in Tunisia