Sunday, 26 August 2012

Syria Files

What Could Happen if the Syria and neighboring countries were to become unstable and become succked into Syrian war

What the Middle East, parts of Central Asia and Pakistan could look if more instability from the current wars and United States and allies insistent playing chess with Turkey, Iran, Saudi and other states against one another in a resource war.

The war in Syria is one that becomes more unpredictable by the day. There some media networks such as NPR (National Public Radio) that have attempted to imagine what would occur if Assad was to leave or removed from office. Similar to Libya, Syria is a diverse and multicultural country. Syrian Kurds and Alawites which is a sect of Islam and not all alawites identify with Assad or the Syrian government have been targeted by rebel forces (Free Syrian Army). While the Kurds have been able to reassert their claim to land rights and even autonomy in Kurdish majority areas in Northern Syria following the example of Iraqi Kurdistan when it was granted autonomy and self rule following the 2003 Ango-American invasion. Turkey home to the Middle East's largest Kurdish population rightfully fears the aftermath of Assad's removal from office not only having to fear a possibly unstbale Syria but also the possibly it could loose land if Turkish Kurds mimic their compatriots in Syria and Iraq or join together to create a large Kurdistan.

Syrian Kurds emerge as winners in conflict

If Assad falls...

When Assad falls Kurds will take back land given to Arabs

What happens if and when Assad falls

Turkey Must work with Syria's Kurds


After Assad, Syria could be worse

Conflict hits the House of Assad

Why Syria won't fall

Kurds in Syria

Syrian's Sectarian Echoes in Turkey

Alawites fear they, not Assad are the targets of rebels

Hidden gems of mankind's past in Iraq

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Africa Updates

Some small updates on what has been happening a few African countries the past few weeks. Special focus is on the ongoing protests taking place at Lonmin Platinium mines outside Jo-Burg, South Africa.

South Africa's Unfinished Revolution & the Makana Massacre

Euro American Songs of Racism, War and White Supremacy: An African Perspective

Modernity doesn't belong to the West anymore

Modernity isn't West Centric

ANC rejects nationalization of South African mines

Zuma squashes mining nationalisation talk

Protests spill over to other S. African mines

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Happy Eid from Gaza with Love

A happy and blessed Eid in Gaza for the kids and families

Enjoy the photos and story here

Palestinian boy with candy in Gaza an often forgotten image outside of Gaza

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Eid, Gaza 2012 Photographer Sarah el-khoudary

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Unwanted everywhere

As Ramadan ends, Muslims around the world prepare for Eid al fitr in India to Morocco and Senegal to Bangladesh and Palestine. While Eid is a joyous time, this Eid is being overshadowed in several countries by the recent violence against Muslims in India and Myanmar. And Sikhs in the United States. It would seem as though the images of global protests against government abuses highlighted in the apocalyptic thriller 2012 had came true. As Syria continues to slowly implode on itself from the violence, once again the Rohingya in Myanmar are being forced out of their country, state and towns by their own compatriots who do not consider them as even fellow citizens or human beings in need of protection. In the United States, two near back to back shootings against Christians and Sikhs have brought American terrorists (both Aurora and Wisconsin Shootings would fit the definition of terrorism) to the attention of the government and the public. It also pushes the United States to look itself in the mirror to address a taboo subject among many politicians and mainstream media, white terrorism carried out by white male supremacists, right wing sympathizers or fascists (sometimes connected to the military) euphorically called "Domestic terrorism."

Rohingya: Stateless and Unwanted

Rohingya lives lost in Limbo

No bodies people in No Man's Land

Attacks on US Muslims creates Eid worry

Wisconsin Shooting Reveals connections between US Military and Fascist Groups

What's wrong with white men (white American men) Aurora Shooting

Happy Eid al Fitr

To Break away from the violence and negative events in this world, here is Ignoring Occupation's kaleidoscopic mediation celebrating Eid al Fitr. Enjoy the gallery and find some peace.

Persian Gulf Monarchs Relics of Barbarism

The rickety, crickety monarchs of Persian Gulf and six Gulf Council countries still do not understand the meaning of enough is enough when  a royal family has ruled for over two hundred plus years. Which makes me ask, "Why isn't no one making the same argument for the Queen of England?" Webster Tarpley, an independent analyst on Middle Eastern Affairs dissects the old monarchies staying power and their use of force against their own citizens to maintain self proclaimed power at the expense of building real long lasting systems and political institutions. Read article below

Persian Gulf Monarchs Relics of Barbarism and stubborness