Monday, 21 January 2013

Mali's cultural history struggling to be preserved by Malian musuem

Malis' cultural history which features hundreds if not thousands of Arabic manuscripts based in Timbuktu dating back to Medieval Malian empires of Songhai and Islamic rule are now under threat of destruction and possibly being lost due to the war and rebel forces (Anser al Dine, MUJAO)' destruction of priceless books, statutes, monuments and Sufi shrines dedicated to the ancestors and builders of Mali's rich and ancient culture and history.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Short films on Palestine and Israel

Short films on Palestine-Israel
A collection of short films on Palestine-Israel some humorous, drama or mundane on the occupation, war, violence and peace and how it affects people in the most personal of ways. Sometimes short films can say a lot about society and challenge the status quo than full length features.

The Passenger

Noor (Short Film) Rania Kurdi - نور (فلم قصير) رانيا كردي 1/3

The State of Israel and Palestine

A comedic film charting the real life intersection of two streets named Palestina and Israel in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires.

Either Me or Haifa

"War-Torn" directed by Brian Charles Lehrer

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Palestine an official recognition and chair

In this photo taken Sunday Aug. 28, 2011 Palestinian workers put the finishing touches on a chair covered with embroidered blue upholstery featuring a Palestinian flag and the word "Palestine" at a workshop in the West Bank city of Jenin. Palestinian activists said Monday they would take the chair on an international tour to dramatize the Palestinian Authority's quest for U.N. recognition of a Palestinian state.(AP Photo/Mohammed Ballas)

The UN has voted overwhelming in favor and rightly so to upgrade Palestine to non member UN observer with a symbolic and internationally recognized vote by the majority of the world who had long ago recognized Palestinians right to self determination. Now Palestine has been officially recognized at an international organization as an entity. The question is now when will Palestine be allowed to breath and come into its own as a state considering Israel is stubbornly building and constructing more illegal settlements/colonies for illegal settlers while the right wing government of Netanyahoo insists that Palestinians must renounce violence and that Jerusalem must not or never be divided though the majority of the world for decades of supported international law which recognize's Palestine's right to Occupied East Jerusalem. Some are advocating for a return to early proposals and calls for a single Democratic or bi-national state in Palestine and Israel that respects the equality, humanity and rights of both Israelis and Palestinians. This is not re inviting the wheel nor a new idea. In lay man's term One Land for Two peoples.

Power of Balance shifting in favor of Palestinians

From Soweto 1976 to Gaza 2012: What we need is People Power!

Settlers take over East Jerusalem apartments

One State for Two Peoples

Alex Jones vs. Piers Morgan

An example and visualization of how some Americans (not all) will defend the 2nd amendment to their grave and at the top of their lungs despite the decades of violence and recent violent attacks by right wing extremists who have long advocated their near God given right to own guns. No other country in the world puts the right to bear arms in their constitutions nor allows their citizens to unlimited access to guns or assault weapons as used in Aurora and Newtown shootings. Violence in America.