Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Yemen's starvation, ongoing war against children Suffer the people

Journeyman Pictures: Yemen's Children are starving

While the United States has been distracted with the rapid fire excutive orders issued by Pres. Donald Trump, and Europe is busy bracing for more refugees and migrants entering Europe via Turkey, Greece, Spain and Libya, Yemen has been ignored by the larger world. Famous for being home to the world's first skyscrapers in Shimbam, Yemen, one of the poorest countries on the Arabian Peninsula and neighbouring Africa, has been bombarded by the world's dying hegemonic superpower United States and one of richest Persian Gulf states: Saudi Arabia. Since 9/11, the United States and United Kingdom have relied on Drone bombings in Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia and Libya to fight terrorism. Many ordinary Yemenis have been killed both directly and indirectly by American drones. The Saudi government has also used the war on terrorism and fighting ISIS and Al Qaeda as an excuse to uses excessive force against Yemen. Saudi also gets a lot of its military weapons and air support from the UK and U.S. The only countries to back Saudi government up on its collective punishment of Yemen is Sudan, UAE, Qatar and United States. By extension United States, one of the kingdom's strongest and oldest allies have been silent on Yemen's destruction. Israel too, hasn't said much on Yemen's suffering despite having unusually friendly relations with the Kingdom. Saudi has created some of its own takfiri Frankensteins in the form of ISIS and Al Qaeda in Yemen by providing the literal and brutal interpretation of wahhabism, wars and psychological terror at all cost. For years Saudi government looked the other way to the spread of wahhabi interpretations of religion and revenge for the ongoing wars in Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, Occupied Palestine, Syria and Libya. Houthis and other militias have been accused of bombing and using child soldiers. Iran has continuously condemned Saudi Arabia for its war on Yemen. To add insult to injury, Saudi Arabia was placed on the UN Human Rights Council much to the outrage and condemnation by Human Rights NGOs.

NGOs want Saudi Arabia off UN Human Rights Council 2016

Now that its uncontrollable creations are constantly threatening to cross the border into the kingdom itself, the Saudi military has launched both an air and ground war using proxy anti Houthi Yemeni militias to fight against the Houthis across the mountainous country. Millions of Yemenis have been internally displaced. The more fortunate have fled to Somalia and Djibouti. Keep in mind that many Yemenis are of African and partial African descendant. Yemen and Ethiopia have historical relations and roots that go back thousands of years. Yemeni and Somali culture are similar in more ways than a lot of people realize. Many Yemenis have been caught up in the three year long Saudi led bombing of the country. From the cities to the mountainside, Yemen has seen untold destruction of cities, villages and even refugee camps. Ports have been bombed purposely to punish the Houthi rebels. In turn, many civilians are equally suffering from water, food and power shortages. Schools have been limited and some cases permanently closed. To add insult to injury, some 2.2 million Yemeni children are facing starvation (both slow and deteriorating at the same time) and non existence medical supplies. Local doctors have done all they can over the years to keep children and their families healthy. The United Nations and Oxfam international have been keeping logs of and reporting on the Yemeni children's starvation. Both have also criticiszed Saudi Arabia's excessive use of force and bombings of civilians and infrastructure. Houthis have also been criticized.

Obama's Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Yemen (pre-war)

Yemen's war originally began after the former Yemeni President Saleh was forced out of office by the Yemeni people as part of the 2011 Arab Revolution that began in North Africa and spread like wildfire to Persian Gulf monarchies and the Middle East. Yemeni people had hoped that ousting Saleh government would bring in a new government that would at last answer to the needs and concerns of ordinary Yemenis and marginalized living in Sanaa' the capital, Aden and Taiz the largest cities in Yemen after Sana'a. The Houthi rebels are popular among Yemenis for standing up against the corrupt and repressive Yemeni government under Salah and the current less popular government based in Taiz. Al Qaeda in Yemen and Houthis have been lumped together as one in the same. Houthi supporters have been collectively punished by Saudi bombings.  are Shia Muslims.

Like Libya, Yemen has to deal with armed militia groups loyal to both the government and anti-government forces who refuse to lay down the arms and fight for peace in Yemen. Saudi Arabia has took it upon itself to bomb the Houthis out of existence. Even if it means bombing civilians who have nothing to do with the Houthis. Sana'a, Taiz and parts of Aden have been bombed over the past 2 years.

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Fortress America? Border Walls and people who rely border trade to live

Parts of the Rio Grande Valley with distant hot air balloons. In Texas, the valley is both a place of beauty and an unofficial natural barrier along the Tex-Mex border. Thanks to Mother Nature and topography, building a wall is far more complicated.

Recent talks and interviews have already stated that President Trump is targeting sanctuary cities and going ahead in building his near 2,000 mile border wall along the Southern United States and Mexico border. The only problem is that there is already an existing border wall made out of iron and as high as 24+ feet. Unless Trump is seeking to build an exact replica of Israel's 24 ft high cement apartheid wall that doesn't even follow the 1967 border with Occupied Palestine, the White House's $5-15 billion wall  will be a logistical mess and is going add on more debt for the country. It will also be environmentally destructive as part of the proposed wall will run through the Rio Grand Valley  including its snaking rivers, protected floodplains, Big Bend National Park and privately owned farmland on Texas-Mexico border. In South Texas, many border cities McAllen, Tx, Brownsville, El Paso and Laredo, TX rely on cross border trade, trucking, tourism and currency flow for their livelihoods. Even if some residents of the mentioned towns and many more cities agree with the security aspect behind a new wall, a physical barrier would harm local businesses' survival and trade not to mention tourism industry. As now there would be additional charges and transportation costs for going through the border. Oh yes, Trump's 20% import tax on goods and products coming from Mexico to the U.S. high border tax will also apply. San Diego is a large border city and metropolis that extends to San Ysidro and Otay Mesa, CA. Both city's southern borders are hemmed in by the existing 18 ft high border wall. Like their Texas counterpart, the small cities are also anxious about a new wall effecting cross border business. Georgraphy and nature itself already serves as natural barrier on parts of the border where there is no wall such as the Sonora Desert that cross both Mexico and the United States. Big Bend is also a rigged and jagged barrier to any brave person attempting to cross the Rio Grande Valley.

Must See: CNN rare report from border wall in South Texas and Big Bend National Park

In response to Prez Trump's recent call for a new border wall construction

Interview with Former Mexican President Vicente Fox: "Wall is stupid and a Wast of taxpayer money" by Anderson Cooper

At certain times it is understandable that countries want to defend their borders be it through the state or armed groups. There is no law forbidding border defenses. However excessive force at border crossings is a cause for legal scrunity. It's worth noting that one of former President Obama's departing acts was ending the Wet Foot/Dry foot policy that has allowed thousands of Cubans who would be illegal immigrants under normal circumstances, to settle in Florida. Some are granted legal status in Florida. There are many who are now in limbo with Trump's new strict, no-nonsense immigration policy. Trump's supporters and pundits exclaim, "he's doing what he promised. A man who keeps his word." While half of the United States is applauding the move as quickly as its occuring, the other half is both reflecting and protesting for some sort of amnesty for illegal immigrants in the country and fighting against deportations that will effect some 11 million people in the U.S. illegally. Even border state governors expressed concerned about massive deportation from the United States. Most of the illegal immigrants coming through Mexico nowasays are from Central America: Honduras, El Salvador, Guatamala. Many times, immigrants have to cross two or three countries to arrive in the U.S. The terrain that the men, women and children is just as brutal ranging from rivers, deserts, vallies, riding freigh trains nicknamed "La Bestia", are sometimes chased by gangs tied to some drug cartels both at home and within Mexico. El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras are still feeling the effects from their brutal civil wars of the 1980s-1990s where the U.S. backed death squads, police and military governments massacred hundreds of people and sent thousands of people fleeing North towards the United States for safety. One consequences of the Salvadereno war are large gangs who take advantage of the war's traumatizing effects and unresolved causes of it to wage war on civilians until today. It's not just Central America. Illegal immigrants also come from Asia: China, South Korea, Phillipines and India. The four countries now lead the large number of illegal immigrants who are entering the countries. Among the most well known of immigrants are prize winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas who speaks out on behalf of immigrants wit and Korean American Adam Casper from Vancouver, Washington state. Casper's story is particulary heart breaking. He was adapted at 3 years old along with the sister by an American couple from Korea. His fairytale future didn't have a happy ending. Casper was abused by his adoptive family, dumped into foster care, arrested and abused again and joined a gang as a form of self protection. He was able to be rehabilitated from his past abusive life and start his own loving family. Just as his life was turning around for the better, he was deported from the U.S. due to his criminal background despite attempts by his friends and neighbors to have him stay. Jose Antonio Vargas has not slowed down and continues to fight for illegal people living under stress and out of the .  Remember, the modern United States' founding was based on illegal white European immigration to North America and Australia. Trump does not see the irony nor pay much attention to the personal stories of Jose Vargas or Adam Casper. He most likely forgotten the story of Elian Gonzales.

Is this what Trump meant by constructing a new border wall? Israeli Apartheid Wall in Occupied Palestine? The wall cuts 10% of the West Bank off to Palestinians living in Occupied Jerusalem and from privately owned Palestinian lands on both sides of the wall. Netanyahu would no doubt be happy to advise the White House on a similar wall.

Border walls have always been breached asked the historians

It has been proven throughout history that contrary to popular sayings, border walls do not and have never truly work. There is only one exception being Israeli wall with Palestine but even that people have found ways around it. China's Great Wall couldn't keep out the Mongol Empire or Ghenghis Khan and his descedants from conquiering China. The Berlin only lasted 30 years but didn't stop people from attempting to criss-cross between two Germanies. The double fenced border wall between Morocco and the Spanish colonial territorities of Cueta and Melila has been scaled by so many migrants in the past and recently that the Spanish border patrol has now used SWAT tactics to deter African migrants away from Cueta and Melila, one of the entry points to the EU. Saudi Arabia is currently building a wall on its northern border between itself and Jordan to keep out its own created ISIS frankstens that will probably work for a short amount of time.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Dow Jones up 20,000 points on Trump's 3rd day

Silhouette of George Washington's statue across from the ornate New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street. The Wall Street bull sits around the corner in a part of a park named Bowling Green.

It looks as though Wall Street is adjusting to the new White House administration. For the first time ever, the Dow Jones hit 20,000 points today, a rarity not only on Wall Street but also in previous presidencies. Even as former President Obama revived the economy following the 2007 Financial Crisis, the Dow Jones has been coasting and at times climbing steadily to 19,000 at the most. This good news will certainly boost the ego of the President and White House. It is Trump's third day in office. Curiously, Trump's recent demands to the large automotive corporations Ford, GM to bring manufacturing jobs back into the U.S. and yesterday's signing of Keystone and Dakota pipelines, the financial markets are responding positively to the executive orders. Normally, the markets would be more skittish over such moves. The positivity could also be due to Trump stocking his White House staff with Wall Street people ie Steven Mnuchian and Steve Bannon (Yes of Breibert Report) both worked at Goldman Sachs and Rex Tillerson, former CEO of Exxon Mobile. The last time the Dow Jones closed high above 10,000 points was in March 1999. The financial markets have been climbing since Election Day 2016 considering that Wall Street was terrified over a Trump Presidency coming to fruition.

The famed Charging Bull aka the Wall Street Bull coloured gold to represent a booming economy ie the Bull economy. The bull is around the corner from Wall Street itself in Manhattan's financial distract. It is a popular tourist stop for many visitors to New York and its not uncommon to see people climbing atop the bull to take pictures.

The new Manchild in Chief, Donald Trump is the epitome of Wall Street. Trump was born into wealth, has long been part of the financial establishment not against it, is even looked down upon by the Manhattan elite and doesn't know what reality is like for the poor and struggling middle class. He is a reality TV host and brilliant marketing millionaire who blames the poor for the own poverty without understanding how U.S. society's upward mobility structure and ubercapitalism thrives off the massive wealth gap. On capitalism, it is well known that financial system has never cared about the poor and makes people jump through hoops and loops to reach the golden top of the abyss.

Friday, 20 January 2017

Inauguration Day and protests

PBS News Hour: Trump signs first official documents as U.S. president

Inauguration Day went off without any problems. The inaugural address was a more polished and less bombastic campaign ode than the usual inaugural speech. A third of the crowd on the national mall wore the famous "Make America Great" red caps and cowboy hats. The former presidents Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, George W. Bush were cordial with one another. Even Bob Dale made a rare public appearance at the inauguration stand sitting near the entrance. Dale was greeted by all the presidents including the new President Trump. For the millions of supporters watching at home and the under 1 million at the National mall, Trump's inauguration is the "ha ha" and "we told ya so" confirmation that Trump will get what he wants in the end. And that an outsider was long overdue to be the White House.

Inauguration Day Live Coverage plus protesters

Now Donald Trump will have a full plate of bills and signing to do on his first and in the next 100 days. Among the bills signed 30 minutes ago was a bill to make a national patriotic day and anothe rbill to waiver a general from serving. Reality is slowly going to hit Trump like a brick wall. Both Barack and Michelle Obama are on their way to Palm Springs, CA to begin their new lives as civilians once again. They won't be leaving DC for good until their daughter Sasha is finished with high school in the next two years. Bidens have gone back home to Delware. The whole Trump family will be bouncing from a fancy lunch at Congress to three different inaugural balls.

ABC News: Trump Inauguration | Protesters Blocking Passage to Celebration

There are ongoing anti-Trump protests in DC and across the country that have been ignored by the mainstream media thus far. Inauguration Day is choreograph carefully and extra care is taken to show the public and world a united country despite the political and social divisions brought on by Trump's win. Remember, the protesters are not Democratic supporters. Most of the protests aren't even about rather or not if the U.S. would be better off if Trump wasn't the final choice. The election debate has long been over. Many protesters are union workers, human rights activists, health care workers, pro education, socialists, Marxist, moderate, anti-capitalist, anti-corporation and most apolitical as far as the two parties are concerned. They are interested in real and genuine justice for all people and want human rights to be protected for all Americans. Environmental protesters tried to block some public attendees' entrance into the inaugural grounds while chanting to protect Mother Earth.


RT News: Protests against Trump’s inauguration in Washington, DC

Inaugural Anxiety on protests and trials

Tomorrow is a big day for Donald and Melanie Trump. The whole country is both nervious and anxious. Trump is now in DC and literally brought his entire family including the grandchildren to the inaugural gala. Inspite of the cries and protests by many anti-facist and anti-racism groups who will be in full force on Inauguration Day and weekend, the U.S. will swallow the bitter reality that Trump will be the 45th President. Trump will soon be facing mountains of stress and anxiety tat comes with being president. He also has the codes to the nuclear codes. He has not entered the White House yet and we already see signs of nepotism, crony-ism and an administrative oligarchy. This is not new. The U.S. presidency has a long history of the later two. The pundits are still pouring on accolades for First Lady Michelle Obama, the Obama Presidency. Mother Nature has so far behaved herself. There will not be a freak storm or blizzard heading to DC tomorrow. It will be cloudy and slightly raining but the rain should clear up by Trump's swearing in. One million people are expected to be at the swearing in ceremony rain or shine. Trump supporters, Fox News analysts, reporters, pundits and rural American have been incredibly excited over the inauguration. They are looking forward to calling Donald Trump president. Andrew Card, the former Chief of Staff for George W. Bush has been visiting the MSNBC and CNN studios to share his experiences on past inauguration while hoping that Trump will not do anything unusual during or after Inauguration Day. On the security front, DC metro police, homeland security and FBI have set up barricades in and around 1600 Pennsylvania Ave from Blair House all the way to Congress. The barricades ranging from metal gates and cement blocks are meant to protect everyone from copycat truck attacks in Berlin and Nice. Some news channel have also indirectly hinted at the hanging fear of a worst case scenario for tomorrow: assassination attempt. It's a legitimate fear that is constantly invoked whenever a president and vice president is in a massive crowd. So far, such a shocking inaugural assassination scenario is the fiction of the hit tv series Designated Survivor. However, the designated survivor position is real but has rarely been used as featured in the show. With the exception of September 11th attacks. The post was originally created during the early days of the Cold War in case of a debilitating attack on U.S. soil. Fears aside, the anticipation is building all around.

Inaugural fear: CNN: Who is 'designated survivor' at inauguration?

ABC News Arizon The Real Designated Survivor and Continuity of Government

Euromaidan dejavu in US? Jan20th Protests ignored by the mainstream media

For the other half of the United States, men, women and children are boycotting Inauguration Day by not watching or attending it. Interestingly, over 30+ Democratic congressmen and women publicly refused to attend Trump's inauguration. They are not obliged to attend. Obama will be attendence. Over a million Americans will be joining various Jan 20th protests across the country and in DC itself. A large kaledescope of diverse groups under the banner of Disrupt Jan20th, are protesting against Trump's Mussolini 2.0 personality and his fascist populism. No, not all the protesters are left wing or liberals as many right wing and neo nazi groups point out. People are marching with their feet for the human rights of African Americans, children, women, Muslims, immigrants and migrants, victims of abuse, etc. Among the groups mentioned are the Woman's March on Saturday Jan 21st, the unions, Answer Coalition once the largest anti-war group will also be present during the protest. Trump isn't the first sworn president to face massive protest. George W. Bush was met with protests and people hurling objects at Bush during his inaugural pride in 2001. The Disrupt Jan 20th protests have been planned weeks ago. The majority of the protests will be peaceful unless disguised saboteurs infiltrate Jan 20th groups and start violently clashing with police. Even the anarchists are not missing their opportunity to join the Trump protests. Russian President Vladmir Putin has compared the building anti Inauguration protests already occurring around the country as the United States' own Euromaidan. It's in reference to the Euromaidan protests in Kiev that overthrew the Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych in November 2013. While the protests won't transform into an American colour revolution, it hasn't stopped right wing news analysts and pundits such as Alex Jones for blaming "Global elite" or "Globalists" for the nationwide protests against Trump.

Cabinet on Trial: Trials of Tillerson, Carson and Devos

Many more news networks are meditating on Trump's cabinet picks, Rex Tillerson, Betsy Devos, Ben Carson, have all gone through the usual Congressional and senate hearings that can last for weeks and sometimes months. Oddly enough, the senators dishing out the harsh trials are Trump's own opponents. Marco Rubio grilled Rex Tillerson. John Lewis grilled Jeff Sessions. Bernie Sanders is currently questioning Betsy Devos, the soon to be Education secretary who can't answer a single question related to mathematics and her own experiences. Tom Price, a healthcare stock trader, whose against government sponsored health system, is also a senator from Georgia and the current Chairman of the House Budget Committee was also questioned by Elizabeth Warren. Price will be heading the Department of Health. As with other political events, the various senators launching the questions at the cabinet picks are not coincidental. The trial will be halted for Inauguration Day.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Fear the boogeyman: Russia's Everywhere

Trump on Inauguration Day. Cartoon drawn by Mike Luckovich

According to the news pundits the last two weeks, the end is nigh. By tomorrow, Donald Trump, the loud, rude, orange haired businessman from New York will finally be in the White House. The news pundits and journalists have been in unofficial mourning period since Trump won the elections with the help of the Electoral College's undemocratic method of picking the loser of the U.S. elections. No other country in the world has an electoral college system. No other local or regional election in America uses the college to confirm their votes.  Even when it comes to international elections, the U.S. government generally has the first and last final say on how Democratic an election or government are ie the War for Democracy. The mourning is for the now once criticized Obama presidency and for what could be last of the relaxed, liberal democratic society aka the U.S.

Vin Armani Show interview James Corbett on Russia as a Boogeyman and geopolitics

Not Russian hacking, it's malfunctioning technology stupid

No one knows what Trump will do further down the line and what kind of craziness he will spew in impromptu interviews and diplomatic meetings with other heads of states. One thing the pundits do know is that Trump is surprisingly comfortable and at peace with Putin and Russia. His Secretary of State pick Rex Tillerson is a little more cautious about Russia's friendship. Trump and Putin have been relatively cordial with one another. The foreign policy analysts, CIA, FBI, Senate Intelligence committee, news casters and neo conservatives (ie Brzezinski, Rumsfeld, ) are nervous about the U.S. getting close to Russia. The only neocon foreign policy head who isn't running for the hills is Henry Kissenger. He is the same former Secretary of state who gave the world RealPolitik foreign policy. Russia has been rebranded in the media stereotype as gulag country and Putin as a second Josef Stalin. By the way, Stalin was paranoid megalomanic who didn't trust anyone including his inner circle. He was regarded as extreme even by Soviet standards. Putin doesn't even come close Stalin if the comparison must be made. President Obama actually said nothing happens in Russia without Putin. Ordinary Russians are getting on with their daily lives without paying any attention to Putin. Trade is still going and for the most part, citizens can get away with critiquing Putin and the Russian government as a whole. Contrary to the pundits' belief, Putin's power is limited to the presidency. It is actually the Russian Prime Minister Mededev who has more power across the country like his PM counterparts around the world. Mededev has to deal with more public and diplomatic backlashes over the smallest mistakes.

MSNBC interview with Kellyanne Conway: "CIA and FBI need to get over themselves about Russian hacking"

So the intelligence agencies particularly CIA, FBI, Homeland Security and NSA insist that Russia is responsible for Trump's recent electoral win to a random electric grid outage in Vermont. Putin has been single-handedly blamed for costing Hillary Clinton. There were reports and complaints from voters and election poll workers about voting machine failure throughout election day in multiple states. It was not caused by Russia. This has been a reoccuring complaint for many years alongside voter disenfranchisement. Investigative reporter Greg Palast has dedicated many years to reporting and speaking up on election malfunctions and voter disenfranchisement. Many electoral commissions across the country has suggested the U.S. scrap the electronic voting machines and stick to paper ballots. Keep in mind, Russia wasn't blame for tempering with election machines in any other electoral race prior to 2016 elections. In any other election, the same pundits and journalists would've dismissed the Russian hacking bandwagon accusers as conspiracy theorists.

It is worth asking why would a president or prime minister of a country personally oversee the hacking of another country's electoral system? Why go to great lengths in the first place? What world leader has that type of hacking skills? Or what country would want to make it known to the entire universe that their office or ministry of defence committed such an egregious act without a sincere apology? Why leave voting machines wide up to sabotage that easily? Where is the evidence and hackers themselves? First rule of any criminal accusation brought to trial emphasises that the accuser have some type of evidence for the alleged crime that took place. It's what students learn in mock trial proceedings at school. Evidence is what can help or kill anyone's chances of getting through a rigorous trial. As fate has it there are no Russian hackers to be seen. Not even names have emerged. The media pundits and journalists still point three fingers at Russia and even try to blame kids with hoodies to show how easy it is to hack into anything. CNN had to apologize for using a screen shot of Fallout4 computer screen to demonstrate what the supposed Russian hacker's screen would look like. Now that the Russian hacker story is falling apart, the pundits have moved to accusing Russia of planting fake news on the internet and even accusing RT News (Russia Today) of spreading "Russian propaganda" to ordinary Americans. RT has been as critical of Russia as any other news channel. Again propaganda is the CIA's area of expertise. The agency actually admitted to spreading propaganda to the American public in 1975. The news outlets themselves have used propaganda from time to time to keep the public quiet or from avoiding massive criticism on topics such as terrorism,health care price gauging, police brutality, racism, unbelivable selfishness of corporate ceos and bosses towards their own employees, wars for democracy and corruption in the electoral system. In previous years, when propaganda is mentioned, most ordinary Americans tend to turn on their heels or want to run for cover not believing that the media and indirectly government could spew propaganda on their TVs and radios. Not any more. Americans don't need the news dumb down for them nor told that American exceptionalism can save them for the horrors of the world. Nor is the USA the centre of the universe. Most Americans don't believe the media or the pundits anyway. Independent and alternative news has been gaining popularity for decades now. Early today, social media exploded when C-SPANs regular live broadcast on Congressional voting was interrupted for ten minutes by RT's live newsfeed. It was an accidental channel routing. Interrupted broadcasts happens on other channel networks sometimes with commercials interrupting live feeds or screen freezes. Technical problems occur many times on CNN, MSNBC, BBC, Al Jazeera, etc. No one accuses Russia of tampering with news feed.

George Galloway comments on the recent CSPAN feed cut and replaced by RT News

Occupation of the American mind: Documentary on how Israeli leaders, media and propaganda want to keep the American people confused and silenced on the Israeli occupation of Palestine and it's illegality.

CIA has three fingers pointing back at it

The CIA too has jumped on the Russian hacking elections accusation. The ironies abound. If one remembers American foreign policy throughout the cold war, the CIA was purposely sabotaging the governments of many countries around the world. Castro and Gaddhaffi were witnesses and survivors to multiple CIA operations that weren't mere coincidences. CIA aided assassinations of popular democratic leaders via military coups, protected dictators and armed factions, bombing countries, demonizing popular liberation movements, pro communist revolutionary and rebel forces, turning half the Global South into an unnecessary tug of war conflict zone. For a time, CIA was also comfortable with Mujahideen fighting the soviets. The agency still does this now. It's common knowledge and known by the media pundits now accusing Russia of hacking.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Australia Uluru National Park closed after rare rain storm

The famed Uluru rock formation (aka Ayers' Rock) in Uluru National Park in Central Australia experienced a painting like waterfall over the otherwise dry rock formation caused by a rare freak rainstorm.

Delayed news story originally written December 21, 2016

Australia is famed for its natural beauty both on the coast and in the plain. Despite being one of the smallest of the 7 continent, Australia has some of the most unique landscapes in the world. Australia is mostly desert except for the large coastal cities and inland towns. AMong Australia's well known national symbols and landmarks is Uluru Rock formation or Ayers Rock. It is located in the Uluru National Park more than 300 kilometers Southwest of the town of Alice Springs in the Northwestern territory where the coastal city of Darwin is located further North. Yesterday, a rare rainstorm in the area flooded the top of Uluru Rock formation transforming the dry sandstone from its usual rust red color to a beautiful waterfall. As beautiful as the waterfall streaking across Uluru was, it led to flash flooding and evacuations of the small town of Kintore, Papunya and Yular. Fortunately no one was killed. 

Ankara Shooting: Andrei Karlov Russian Ambassador to Turkey assassinated

A shooting took place on video on the night of Dec 19th, 2016 in Ankara, Turkey. Ankara is the capital of Turkey not Istanbul. The shooting took place at an art gallery of all places. The shocked world is grieving. Andrey Karlov, the Russian Ambassador to Turkey was giving a speech for a photo exhibition to a small group of visitors. Karlov was shot in the back while his speech was being recorded via camera and live stream on twitter. The recorders were unaware that in a few minutes the gunman would shoot a hail of gunfire at the ambassador and take over the speaker's microphones. Karlov is the only person who was killed in the shocking attack. In sad irony, the gunman was 22 year old Turkish riot police officer Mevlut Mert Altintas which made it easier for him to enter the otherwise heavily guarded speech. The gunman was said to shout Allah Akbar and don't forget Aleppo. Than started screaming about Syria and Turkey in Turkish Not Arabic. His scream was directed towards the camera and the horrified audience huddled in the corner. The shooting had absolutely nothing to do with religion. It appears to be more politically motived as all shootings and assassinations are. The shooting has been deemed an assassination. It is wasn't coincidence. The policeman was aware that the ambassador was at the podium and specifically targeted him without shooting the entire crowd. He also kept abreast of news on Russia's involvement in Syria. The gunman was shot dead by Turkish special forces. Just a week prior in Istanbul, there was protest against Russian involvement in Syria.
 The killings of ambassadors while on duty is still rare despite the deaths of Karlov and U.S. Ambassador Stevens in Libya in 2012. Curiously, the now dead gunman was one of thousands of former police officers who were accused as taking part in the coup and fired en mass from their jobs following the failed July coup against Erdogan.Karlov

Russia and Turkey have been rebuilding their relationship and cooperation back up following the downing of two Russian jets by Turkush pilot in November in 2016.

The former British ambassador to Syria made a crucial point during an interview that the gunman could've targeted the ambassador due to the negative press on Russia and the over exaggerated and false reports about genocide and ethnic cleansing in Aleppo by mainstream news networks (radio and television) both in Turkey and internationally.

Afrisynergy News Russian Ambassador to Turkey Assassinated

Aleppo was liberated from ISIS and the ongoing siege of Aleppo has slowly come to an end. Civilians are cautiously returning home and are thanking the Syrian government for ending the brutal siege and street battles around the city. Contrary to pundits and journalists, Russia has been helping Syria to fight against ISIS, its Takfiri cousins and moderate rebels some of who are no different than Al Qaeda. The Free Syrian Army has all but disappeared from news reports coming from Syria. Among rebel groups fighting in Aleppo was al Nusra Front. Most of Aleppo has transformed literally into skeletal shell of its former self. The same reports of genocide and ethnic cleansing, both terms are used for nearly every massare or killings in Syria was used nonstop to describe the Libyan government's use of force against civilians in Benghazi. When real ethnic cleansing happened in Taraghewa, a black Libyan town south of Misrata, the media and human rights activists who were crying for Benghazi were nowhere to be found. The same terms were used during the Iraq War and Yugoslav wars (legitimately).