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Viva Palestine: UNESCO recognizes Al Aqsa compound as Muslim and Jerusalem as Occupied land

Temple Mount also known as Haram al Sharif throughout the Muslim World or the Al Aqsa Compound. Photo by Getty images.

Al Aqsa Mosque in Occupied Jerusalem is located on the Temple Mount near the golden dome of the Rock. It is less photographed but is still the most important mosque and place of worship in the world alongside the other religious buildings in Jerusalem such as the Wailing Wall and Church of the Holy Spelecture.

UNESCO has done it. Despite the arm twisting and threats from Israel and Israel First supporters (Zionists cheerleaders), UNESCO has declared the Al Aqsa compound or Haram al Sharif aka Temple Mount home to Al Aqsa Mosque, Dome of the Rock and parts of the Wailing Wall  important to Jews as Islamic. Israeli is fuming mad. The UN has never reneged on its commitment to push Israel to follow International Law and end its long 49 year old Occupation of Palestine ie East Jerusalem, Gaza and West Bank. Al Aqsa Mosque is not the famous golden dome mosque that is the icon of Jerusalem and featured in every picture of the city. Al Aqsa mosque is further up from the Dome of the Rock Mosque. It doesn't feature as heavily in pictures of Jerusalem but is just as important as the mosques in Mecca and Medina. As a matter of fact, before Mecca and Medina became the most holy places in Islam, Jerusalem was one of the original directions Muslims prayed towards. Jerusalem has been recognized by both the United Nations and UNESCO as Occupied land aka occupied territory. If it was up to the world's people, Palestine would've been liberated and independent decades ago. It's the politicians that have failed and taken their own time to negotiate a final peace deal. In the Middle East's only democracy. Nothing Israel says or does will change the fact that East Jerusalem is Israeli occupied. The Jewish state has broken every UN resolution and international law to keep its hold on Occupied Palestine. During both Ramadan, Eid al fitr, Christmas and Easter and during Jewish holidays, Israeli soldiers and border police limits Palestinian Christians (one of the oldest Christian communities in the world) and Muslims' freedom of movement and access to the Haram al Sharif and churches. Bethlehem is walled in by the Apartheid wall and its residents face checkpoints just to enter and exit the city. meanwhile Palestinian Christians like their fellow Muslim country people are equally treated as enemy threats inside and outside of Israel no matter their connection to original people of Christianity, early Christians' beginnings in Palestine and across the Middle East. Like their Christian brethren in Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon and Syria have been on the receiving end of Israeli occupation, orientalism, wars, discrimination and racism by Israel and Western countries. Palestine the original champion of the Arab World today has been ignored by the Arab League. 

Former Malian footballer Frederic Kanoute shows his support for Palestine while playing in Spanish La Liga

The Israeli occupation and conflict was never equal

Contrary to lazy historic explanation of Isaac vs Ishmeal, the current Israel-Palestine conflict is less than a hundred years old. Balfour Declaration 1917 declared Palestine to be the homeland of the Jewish people despite, Palestine being home to an ancient society and culture: Palestinians. Since 1948, Israel has reiterated it is a state of the Jewish people and not a state for its own citizens. This is a crisis of Israeli identity. Ordinary Palestinians in Jerusalem and throughout Gaza and West Bank are denied the right to live freely, face closures of school and hospitals, can't visit family in neighbouring cities with the interference of Israeli military. The Israeli military has controlled most if not all of Palestinian life in the occupied territories through 500 checkpoints that divide the West Bank into bantustans, have kept the 25 ft Apartheid Wall that separates occupied East Jerusalem from West Bank and from Jerusalem suburbs. Palestinians inside Israel officially called Israeli Arabs by Israeli government, are discriminated against in housing, schools, health, culture and treated as second class citizens. Palestinian Knesset members do not get any better treatment if they challenge Israeli policy towards Palestinians, Israeli racism or special commemorative memorials on 1948 creation of Israel and the following Nakba. Gaza is still blockaded by Israeli military and air force after 10 years of being punished following the Israeli settlement dismantlement in 2005. Many former Israeli settlers in Gaza ended up moving to occupied West Bank. There are currently over 500,000 illegal Israeli settlers living in illegal settlements or colonies across the West Bank while Palestinians have seen their towns and villages turned into near open air prisons by Israeli military control and government indifferences. The Palestinian Authority has done little, continues to build up corruption claims and have often been hampered by Israel's constant demands to recognize Israel as Jewish before any negotiations. All this Israel does to separate Palestinians from one another. By extension, keep the Palestinian economy dependant on Israel.

The War on Terrorism is used to explain away the Brutal Israeli treatment towards Palestinians. 


South Africans are familiar with the colonial occupation tactics that were used by the former Apartheid South African government and military in the same manner to keep Africans separated from one another. Everything that Israel does in the occupied territory is illegal. Israel, Israeli Lobby and Christian Zionists have used the holocaust, screamed Anti-Semetism, painted Iran and Palestinian leaders as new Hitlers, relied on Orientalist stereoypes of Palestinians and the wider Arab world and anxiety of terrorism as methods of silencing anyone who rightfully and justifiably criticizes, protest and brings attention of Palestinians' plight and oppression to the world's attention. The fear tactic worked to keep the politicians silent in United States, South Africa parts of Europe. Even ordinary people were kept muted on issues of Palestine. However, following the different IDF operations in Gaza in the mid 2000s and the beginning of 10 year old blockade on Gaza, ordinary people across the world have equally stood up Israel first supporters and Zionists to bring the world's attention back to Occupied Palestine. This includes many Jewish groups and Israeli human right advocates who stand up for Palestinian rights, real genuine justice and equality between Israel-Palestinians and have joined Israeli-Palestinian protests against military violence towards Palestinian women, men and children and Israelis and international people. The attention continues to the collective punishment and the excessive force Israeli army and government uses against all Palestinians even if they are children, the arrest and torture of Palestinians including children, the destruction and disappearances of Palestinian lands under occupation and continual mushrooming of Israeli settlements on privately owned land, military curfews and denial of basic human rights in the name of fighting terrorism and security state. Many people the world over have experience some of what the Palestinians experience in one form or another on a daily basis as a result of the War on Terrorism. Although Israel doesn't make the news as much as it used to, Israelis are still continuing the occupation, trying to scare the citizens of Europe saying European Muslims are enemies within and warning of massive terror attacks. The people of course are having none of the alarmist fears. Israeli Public Relations machine known as Hasbara is not foolishly scaring the world any more.

Iron Wall 2008: The history and growth of illegal settlemnts in Occupied Palestine and relations to Palestinians


An artistic salute to Palestinians by artists Jasperoua and

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronald show their support for Palestine.

 Zionist claims blown out of the water

Israel has done all it can to convince the world that Palestine and Palestinians are the existenial threat to Israel. By extension, to the world's Jews. From 1948 to present, Israel and its Zionist, Israel first supporters in the United States, UK and Australia have reiterated that Palestinians are the world's ultimate terrorists and that their documented ancient history, culture and heritage in the Holy Land does not matter. Only the Israeli and Jewish voice matters because it is the loudest and has brought sympathy from Western countries as a result of the Holocaust and Zionism's insistence that the Holy Land belonged to the Jewish people as God commanded. The problem Zionism and Israel's claim that historic land of Palestine belonged to no one else but the Jewish people is that its been proven that the Palestinians are the original landowners and still have the old documents to many former houses now inside Israel, Jerusalem, west Bank and Gaza. Historians have known for a century that the Zionist myth that Palestine was a land without a people was a joke.  That God is not a real estate agent and most of the claims to Israeli connection to modern day Israel and Palestine by Zionist and Israel first people are based on biblical stories that may or may not be true. Even the founding leaders of Israel among them Ben Gurion were aware that Palestinians were living in Palestine long before the Zionist movement was even born. It is also worth noting that when Herzel first promoted Zionism most Jews didn't want to live in Palestine or the Holy Land and it was initially oppose by Orthodox Jews on religious basis. Most of the Diaspora Jews didn't want to run to a Zionist state. Many like the French Jews, Iranian Jews (Iran is home to 25, 000 Jews who are doing well and safe in Iran) or Tunisian Jews want to stay in their respective countries. Many Jewish people are thriving around the world without the help of Israel or Israeli first supporters. Many Jewish people are content, get on with their Christian and Muslim neighbours outside of politics. A lot of American and European Jews visit Israel as tourists. Many did not ask Israel to represent them on the world stage or be the official voice for the Jewish people. Nor does Israel always need to justify their actions in the name of the Jewish people either.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Matthew's wrath in Haiti and United States on death and destruction hydropolitics

Hurricane Matthew slams into Les Cayes, Haiti

Haitian children holding hands and examining the extent of the flooding and destruction left by Hurricane Matthew. Photo by CBC Canada.

Hurricane Matthew has died literally after it arched its way from Haiti all the way up to North Carolina in the United States. Matthew disappeared off North Carolina's flooded coast a by Oct 5th. The destruction the hurricane left hasn't been match since Hurricanes Felix, Katrina and before since Ike. As been said before, the Carribean generally absorbs and acts as an unofficial barrier to destructive hurricanes heading towards the United States. This is not by the Caribbean countries' choosing but by water systems and the ocean currents' designs. Haiti has been the hardest hit out of all the countries in the hurricane's path. Cuba has a long history of life saving hurricane evacuation systems going back decades. Unlike the stubborn Florida and Carolina residents, when a nationwide evacuation is called, most Cubans heed the warning and evacuate. As a result, Cuba has been spared the deaths of Hurricane Matthew. Cuba's immediate neighbour Jamaica was spared but not its eastern neighbour Haiti. The deforestation of Haiti and soil erosion, ongoing since French colonial rule in the 18th century, could explain why natural disasters strike Haiti so often. The Dominican Republic lost four people despite not being the eye of the hurricane.

The spirit of the Haitian people as told in art form.

Over 1,000 innocent Haitians have lost their lives following the departure of Hurricane Matthew. When the death toll was first read, most people were shocked by the unbelievable lost. Multiple Haitians are mourning their loved ones and are gradually contemplating what to do and where to go next. There are few places to go on the small island. South west Haiti was submerged under water when the hurricane hit. The cities of Jacmel, Jeremie, Port Salut, Les Cayes and other smaller towns that were in the process of ongoing reconstruction from the 2010 earthquake were again destroyed. As Mother Nature hasn't insulted Haitians enough, now the country has to deal with a possible cholera crisis. Originally brought to Haiti by the UN Nepalese troops in 2010. The UN has since acknowledged its mistake if mutedly. Cholera has resurfaced following the hurricane. Prior to the UN troops "accidentally" spreading cholera into Haiti, Haiti had no history of cholera. Just how West Africa had no history of Ebola anywhere in the last 200+ years.

When the mission becomes an Occupation

Haiti is still occupied by United Nations peacekeepers under the UN Mission MINUSTAH. The UN was brought in to act as both peacekeepers and a non violent police force immediately after the earthquake. For ordinary Haitians, the mission long ago turned into a UN occupation of the country. Most Haitians' patience for MINUSTAH troops have worn thin following the various scandals involving the troops. It is a well known rule that no country no matter how poor or rich wants to be under any foreign rule or unofficial occupation even if it is the United Nations and even if there are well meaning intentions in the beginning.

Clinton Foundation had contracts following the Haiti earthquake that later were unaccounted for

Haiti has bore the burnt of climate change since the 2010 Earthquake. Thousands of Haitians have been resettled and have gone back to somewhat normal lives: children are in school and adults are working. However thousands of Haitians are still homeless and living in camps some seven years after the earthquake. The whole world knows that a huge chunk of the aid money and financing for the reconstruction efforts ended up in the hands and pockets of international NGOs, foundations and corrupt officials. Siphoning aid Disaster money is nothing new nor is it unique to Haiti. The same happened in Nepal more recently. Nevertheless, ordinary Haitians have had to deal with both Mother Nature's unforgiving wrath and the former Martelly government has done little for ordinary Haitians in terms of reviving infrastructure in the hard hit cities, social services such as healthcare and education. Before Hurricane Matthew, there were constant protests against the government and the UN. Ungratefulness has nothing to do with Haitian people's protest. Their grievances against corruption, marginalization, self serving politicians and the insanity of the wealth gap in the Haitian capital Port au Prince and other Haitian towns and the rickety infrastructure after the earthquale drove ordnary Haitians into the streets. Now the hurricane has again displaced thousands of Haitian families in shock and stress over the ongoing affects of nature.

In the United States, 27 people were killed in the five southern states: Florida, North and South Carolina and Georgia. Matthew not only ripped up sand dunes and levels acting as natural barriers against the hurricane and floods, it also exposed rusted and old cannon balls left over from the American Civil War from 1860-1865. The United States hasn't suffered from a civil war since but the current crazy presidential elections and ethnic tensions (yes, in international context the United States has a long stand ethnic conflict that has been boiling for decades) might lead to something destructive if Trump manages to become the next president. Despite being the world's hegemonic power, the United States is not immune to civil wars or ethnic conflict. Politics aside, the destruction is just as devastating. It's been known that the United States' infrastructure has been cracking and literally falling apart for half a century. Every few years, natural disasters makes the situation worst. The water infrastructure can't stand the mammoth smashing of today's bipolar hurricanes, earthquakes and floods. Buildings and houses have been retrofitted with earthquake and flood proof material. Still, Mother Nature is the stronger one. The long praised interstate system has patches, rickety in some states, pot holes and is constantly in construction. still follows the art deco style of the 1950s. There is no equalivent to the Trans Siberian Railway in the United States. Even Amtrak (from San Francisco to Chicago) doesn't cover the distance frm Moscow to Vladivostok. As for bullet trains in the U.S. that has been in debate for decades as well. The state governments have been working to revive and update the freeway and train systems. Compared to infrastructure in Japan, UAE, Singapore or Europe, U.S. infrastructure is 60+ years old and hasn't kept up with more 21st century infrastructure that has passed the interstate by. This is not exaggeration either. As much as Americans are excited about new technologies, ordinary Americans are terrified of it believing that technology will one day develop a conscious of its own. Much like nature, the machines will take over humanity.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Hungary, migration history, referendum results and low voter turn out

Hungary in the world. Hungary or Magyaroraszag is part of the larger Balkan region. It borders Romania and Ukraine to it's East. Serbia and Croatia to it's South and Slovenia, Austria and Slovakia to it's North and West. For most of the 20th century, Hungary bordered Yugoslavia and until 1993, Czechoslovakia.
Budapest, the capital of Hungary is a perfect example of Hungary's unique geography. Once two cities Buda and Pest separated by the Danube River, Budapest today is a unified city. As an odd coincidence, the Danube River literally splits Hungary into West and East halves as it travels from North to South into Serbia. Another lesser known river, the Tiszca splits Hungary's Eastern half into a third segment.

1956 Hungarian Revolution

A crossroads for both East and West, Hungary sits nearly in the centre of the Balkans. It is the ancestral homeland of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy and American billionaire philanthropist George Soros. Attila the Hun was born and died in Hungary and is considered the founder of the modern country.

Most people will remember Hungary in history class for being part of the powerful Austro-Hungarian Empire that once ruled the Balkans and wider parts of Europe. The empire died with the end of World War I in 1918. Leaving in it's death two new countries as part of the Post World War I environment, Hungary and Austria. As karma would have it, Hungary soon saw the tables turned between the inter war years and World War II. From 1920-1946, it was it's own independent kingdom.Yet the Soviet Union first captured and later annexed Hungary for much of the 20th century with the help of the Hungarian Communists. In another historic lesson unlearned in the 1920, it was Hungarian refugees who were running across the border into Austria, Serbia and Germany. These refugees were escaping ongoing protests, a possible war and rising inflation set in motion with the Treaty of Trianon. All of which were blamed on the communist government by extension the larger Soviet government in Moscow. In history class, many students probably heard of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution against the hated Soviet rule and Hungarian Communist Party. It sent more Hungarians towards Western Europe. The revolution's muted success and the Hungarian hatred for communism was so fierce that violence erupted at the 1956 Olympics during a famous water polo match against Hungary and Soviet Union. It was perhaps one of the earliest televised Olympics instances of politics mixing sports. But sport is political as history has shown. There's no question the Hungarian Revolution would go onto inspire the 1968 Prague Spring from where the Arab Spring and all the colour coded revolutions get their names. Younger Hungarians are emigrating out of the country for better economic opportunities to Western Europe. Hungary itself has a long history with migration as ancestors of the Hungarians originally migrated to modern Hungary from the Ural Mountains. The Hungarians today do not seem to reflect much on their past as forced migrants when dealing with today's Syrian and Afghan refugees and migrants.

Hungarian referendum October 2016

Voting on Fear

Around 6,000 migrants have remained in Serbia after Hungary sealed up it's border early this year in March. Some migrants and refugees were separated from their families who were allowed to cross into the EU. They are on their way to the Serbian-Hungarian border to push for Hungary to reopen the border. After 1 million migrants and refugees marched in protest with their feet from Hungarian-Serbian border to Budapest and into Austria and Germany. European Union is freaked out about a possible repeat occurring. Yesterday, Hungary's long awaited no vote to the EU Migration quota referendum was accepted by 98% of the Hungarian people. The referendum was originally called by Viktor Orban, Hungary's Prime Minister who has become the unofficial, no BS anti-migration champion of the far right, racist nationalist Hungarian groups ie Jobbik. The less severe but far right Fidesz, . Arrow Cross Party (that has a connection to ) and other Pan-European groups such as PEGIDA, British National Party, English Defence League, Front National, Golden Dawn. Hungary has been adamant about letting new migrants and refugees into the country again after last years wave of migrants. Historically, Hungary hasn't been able to readily accept or absorbed migrants. Oddly enough, within Hungary some 14% of the Hungarian population is labelled as Other. The Far Right's popularity and Hungarian media's play on negative stereotypes of migrants and refugees as terrorist sleepers, "invaders" or "culturally backward" compared to Europe have further pushed ordinary Hungarians away from the idea of empathizing with migrants who are women and children. However, the referendum has ended up being invalided due to low voter turn out. The required voter turn out for the referendum to past is 50%. The voters were less than it. Nevertheless, the Hungarian government has declared the referendum a victory for the country. No doubt Victor Orban will be damned if he still has to follow Brussel's request to accept a migrant quota or taken in desperate refugees and migrants.

Viktor Orban, the Prime Minister of Hungary has won the hearts and minds of Europe's ultra nationalists and far right organizations for his anti-migration speeches and policies. He is also a self proclaimed defender of a Christian Europe and has reiterated that Europe is for Europeans.

PS: Last time Hungary was at the centre of a massive migration flow into Western Europe it was caused by the infamous Attila the Hun, the Hungarian born barbarian leader indirectly responsible for the Germanic invasions into Western Europe and eventual fall of Rome in the 5th Century.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

After leaving Haiti and Cuba, Hurricane Mathew heading towards Bahamas and Florida

Hurricane Matthew in Haiti

Alerts and weather warnings have been issued for the Caribbean and the United States as Hurricane Matthew makes landfall. Hurricanes on the massive scale as Matthew usually pummel the Caribbean countries of Cuba, Haiti, Bahamas before heading North to either Florida and the Carolinas or to Texas. Despite the stereotype of popular culture, hurricanes are not as frequent in Haiti, Florida and the Carolinas as they are in the Caribbean. Most hurricanes do not turn into a category 4 or 5 when they reach land. Most threatening hurricanes generally reduce their speed and ferocity to a category 3 and 2. Cuba has a hurricane system in place to evacuate ordinary Cubans and prevent the local infrastructure from being entirely crushed by hurricanes. Haiti is still in the process of rebuilding it's own hurricane preventative system. Ordinary Haitians feared a mass loss of life and infrastructure if Matthew transformed into a category 4 or 5. Fortunately for Haiti, the hurricane did not reach a category 5 but did cause the deaths of 19 people. Power lines, a bridge, farmland and resorts and other apartments were destroyed. Most Haitians are cleaning up the mess left by Matthew and are waiting for the high flood levels to drain. Now the Bahamas and Florida is bracing for Matthew is it makes landfall sometime tomorrow morning on Thursday Oct 6th.

Many hurricane waters and meteorologists pointed out Hurricane Matthew's formation resembles a creepy human skull.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Salton Sea earthquakes warning for the Big One in California, hydropolitics

Salton Sea's beautiful shores on a sunny afternoon. Once a popular oasis or beach resort town in 1950s, today it is a surreal ghost town that is rarely visited except by curious travellers. Salton Sea is featured in the epic abandoned travel opus Atlas Oscura.
Recent visitor to Salton Sea. Photo from Mentalfloss. The sea once irrigated adjacent farmlands that have since dried up. The sea itself is polluted with petroleum and its once existing sea life vanished.

The Salton Sea in Southern California, East of San Diego not far from the U.S.-Mexico border has been experiencing several mini earthquakes over the past months. Quakes in Salton Sea are not uncommon. The sea seats on the San Andres Fault as the majority of the state and important cities in California also sit on the fault. California is part of the Pacific Ocean's Ring of Fire. The frequency of the sea's continual quakes are unusual. Seismologists have been warning for years that California is long overdue for the Big One. The Big One being a massive earthquake that could dwarf the 1906 Earthquake and Loma Prieta Earthquake in 1989. As a sign of Mother Nature's dark humour, the current wildfires in Santa Cruz area has occurred in the nearby Loma Prieta Mountains where the 1989 earthquake received its name. If or when the Big One occurs, it is expected to destroy hundreds of lives, lead to environmental contamination and billions of dollars worth of infrastructure. The affected cities would be San Diego, Palm Springs, aftershocks hitting towns as far away as Bakersfield in the Central Valley and San Luis Obisopo not far from Cal Poly Institute near Santa Barbara and smaller towns including Salton Sea's own Bombay Beach. Ignored by the national media but noticed by local media especially in the Los Angeles, Coachella area, the Salton Sea quakes have many residents worried. Earthquakes are still the only natural disasters scientists can not predict. The mini quakes are at least the first time that Mother Nature might be using her own red flag warning to give the state a "heads up" if the San Andres Fault gives way to a 9.5 quake (figuratively speaking) and its equally destructive aftershocks. Generally, the aftershocks are often deadlier than the actual earthquake as been proven in Haiti, Chile, Mexico, Nepal, Italy and Turkey.

Salton Sea in the 1950s with beach goers at a boat launch. Today, the Salton Sea's abandoned landscape hardly resembles its former self.

1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake that struck the Bay Area, San Francisco-Oakland

The Salton Sea in Californian desert is an inland sea that has witnessed the changing climate for half a century. In the 1950s, the shores of the Salton Sea was a desert oasis resort frequented by vacationers from nearby towns and cities in the Coachella Valley and Imperial County. Today, the shores of the Salton Sea are pretty much a ghost town. and many 60 year old +abandoned buildings and vans that can still be seen by curious travellers and extreme thrill seekers.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Aboriginal Australians Oldest people in the World and Global Africans

Aboriginal girl relaxing in the waters in Arnhem, Australia

European scientists have finally admitted what has been known by Aboriginal Australians and other African peoples for decades, that the Aboriginal Australians like the Jarawa, San people and KhoiKhoi in South Africa and Namibia are the oldest people in the world. Humanity, civilizations, the first societies, religions and political systems all began in Africa. This is not simply afrocentrism, it is the truth. The first international migrants who travelled the world voluntarily and out of curiosity were Africans. Aboriginal Australians like their neighbours the Papuans, Karnaky people, Micronesians, Torres Strait Islanders, Tasmanians, Maori and the rest of Melanasian are descendants of the global trekking African migrants. Many of the people are farmers, traders or work in the large cities in their respective countries in tourism or cultural and language preservation. Their African ancestors walked literally halfway across the world to get to Australia. They first left East Africa most likely headed to Arabia (Saudi, Yemen and Oman), India, Malaysia, Indonesia finally reached Australia and New Zealand. Researchers at the University of Hawaii suggested the migration might've been driven by climate change. African migrants also reached China and Japan. Ancient Egypt or Kemet (original name for Egypt) is most likely the origins for Ancient Chinese civilizations according to Chinese geochemist Sun Weidong. Africans headed towards the West to Europe reaching Britain centuries before the Anglo Saxons. The more conservative British historians and pundits are grumbling about Africans reaching Britain first. Not only that. There were Africans in living in Roman Britain as well in London and in the remotest part of Scotland. The ancient migration route bears similarities to today's migration taken by Africans and Syrians coming up through Turkey.

Papuans getting ready for a dance in the highlands of Papua New Guinea a neighbour of Australia

Aeta mum with her child and other parents in Philippines.

The Jarawa people in Andaman Islands in India. Jarawas are some of the oldest people in the world and can trace their DNA back to the first African migrants that left the continent thousands of years ago.

With the exception of the Siddi people in Pakistan and Afro Indians in India, dark skinned peoples in Yemen (cultural and historic connections with Ethiopia), Iran, Turkey (Afro Turks are fighting to reclaim their heritage and identity), Jarwa and Onge people in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Balinese, Banda Acehese (See Acehese independence movement) and large portion of Indonesians, indigenous Orang Asli (Original people) in Malaysia, Mani people or Sakai in Thailand and Malaysia, the Aeta people and other Filipinos in Philippines from Quezon to Mindanao (Moro people) and Lumads, Aboriginal Taiwanese are of African descendant and share surprisingly cultural similarities with mainland Africans including ancestral knowledge on natural medicine, cures, ancestral religions, cultural traditions and ways of life. Many of the indigenous tribes and people live in the countryside: forests, mountains and the most remote parts of the mentioned countries. This has helped the people (like Twa people in D.R. Congo) to preserve their culture, history and language, knowledge of herbal health from colonialism, mainstream nationalism and environmental degradation. Many indigenous people face racism and discrimination, dispossession of their ancestral lands, environmental destruction, forced cultural and religious conversions. They do interact with the modern world and have moved to the cities but many indigenous peoples still live in the villages. They fought til the end to defend themselves and families from encroaching European colonialists and occupation. Not all the black people in Asia ended up there as slaves but some arrived in Australia, Melanesia, Malay archipelago thousands of years ago. Aboriginal Australians also share part of their DNA with Tamil people based on a recent study about a 4,000 year old migrants from India.

Orang Asli people of Malaysia and Thailand

Micronesian woman

Much like Ancient Egyptian civilization served as a blueprint for Mesopotamia, Ancient Persia and Turkey. For several centuries, Egypt was both the world power in Africa and across Asia. There is a reason why Egypt/Kemet even today is called the mother of the world in Arabic: Umm al Dunya. African children are taught that civilization began in Egypt and Ethiopia. Ancient Nubia in Sudan also aided Egypt in its civilizational process and both countries ruled over one another. The pharaonic political system, architecture, clothings in Nubia is identical to Ancient Egypt. It was not a coincidence. Nubia and Egypt were tied together for thousands of years. As a matter of fact, the ancestors of the Ancient Egyptians originally came from Southern Egypt closer to Aswan in Ancient Nubia. There are more pyramids in Sudan than Egypt. Which is true. Egypt was already ancient when Ancient Rome and Greece came into existence and the new kids Greeks and Romans learned from Egyptians on culture, religion, science and arts. Egypt and Nubia traded with neighbouring countries Libya, Mesopotamia, Asia Minor (Turkey) and Ancient Persia. Egypt still keeps these ancient trade links operating with the exception of Palestine that was once Ancient Canaan. 

Afro Iranian children in the city of Bandar Abbas, from a photographic book Afro Iranians by Mahdi Ehsaei. Bandar Abbas has a large Afro-Iranian population.

Afro Iraqi men in Basra, Iraq

Today African migrants are moving across the African continent and out of it to Europe, Asia (interestingly Cambodia)  and Americas. Continental Africans have moved across the world to United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Israel, Australia, China (Guandong is home to a large African expat community from across the continent), India, Japan, Russia, Brazil and Korea as students or migrants in addition to other parts of the Asia, Americas and Europe both West and East. Some Disaporan Africans are returning to the continent to reconnect with their roots, for a life change, cultural and economic reasons. The African Diaspora not only African people or black people in the Americas ie North and South America and the Caribbean.

African martial arts students training at the legendary Shaolin Temple in Denfeng, China. China and Africa have been linking up via trade and investments and infrastructure development. Thousands of Africans have also emigrated to China specifically to Guangdong, China, the economic base and industry hub for China.